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Do you have a small kitchen and dream of making it look organized elegant and comfortable well this video is for you today i'll share easy to implement ideas to make a small kitchen look stylish and functional if you are new to my channel i'm sairakuri architect interior and lighting designer welcome to our design community don't forget to subscribe and.

Turn on the notifications well because you can't miss the upcoming design lessons with all that said let's get started with today's video go for light colors in small spaces it's essential to opt for light colors because these stones reflect more light making the room feel more bright and spacious.

If you have very dark and old wood cabinets paint them in light tones to give light to the space and make them look modern and stylish cover your walls with tiles in soft light tones and paint the ceiling white to emphasize the height of the space make it appear fresher and amplify the natural light this feeling of height makes the room.

Look more spacious and airy if you love color use it but opt for soft tones to create uniformity in the room and pick one that has a high light reflective value this scale goes from zero which will absorb all the light to 100 which will reflect all the light so the higher the number the more light your walls will reflect helping you maximize.

Natural light in your kitchen when choosing your kitchen color consider this value to pick the brighter version of the color you like you can find this information on the paint swatch have a kitchen island that you can move versatility and multifunctional elements are essential in small spaces a kitchen.

Needs enough surfaces for food preparation a mobile island you can position according to your needs is a handy element especially in kitchens with minimal counter space a mobile island not only provides additional surface area but also provides storage for kitchen utensils you can use it as an informal dining table or in tiny.

Spaces also it can be used as a serving table when you have guests at home for example look at this mobile island and how they have stylized it you can attach it to the wall to free up space and it has will so you can position it in such a way that it makes it easier to work in the kitchen i love how they have used functional elements to decorate the.

Island such as cutting boards pots books or baskets choose an adequate size that allows you to move the island and circulate through the space measure your kitchen and where you plan to position the island to buy the right size without overcrowding the space cabinets with minimalist or invisible.

Handles modern handles are gorgeous accessories however in a small kitchen the best option is not to use handles handles take up space and can be annoying to bump into if you're remodeling your kitchen opt for handles integrated in the cabinet eat in pools or push open the kitchen will look modern clean uniform and light.

if you already have your kitchen and you can have these systems you can change old large handles to a more minimalist design this instantly beautifies your kitchen and makes it look lighter and modern don't overdo it with upper cabinets try.

Open shelvings avoid cluttering the area with too many upper cabinets if your kitchen is too small think about freeing up some areas by putting open shelves which give a much lighter look and feeling of spaciousness this trend is popular in interior design especially when the kitchen is integrated with the dining room or living room however.

Remember that you must love order and simplicity if you consider this idea look at this kitchen integrated into the space the open shelving looks modern it doesn't look like a traditional kitchen and blends perfectly with the room decoration the idea of illuminating the shelves is good because it attracts attention and.

Lights up the workspace the best part is that this configuration can be much more economical than having upper cabinets in the entire kitchen if you have upper cabinets and cannot change them an excellent visual trick is to paint them white this lightens the space significantly since the upper cabinets are unified with the ceiling.

use vertical space in small kitchens we must use vertical surfaces to organize and have accessibility to kitchen utensils odd for accessories you can mount on the wall to free up space on the work surface for example use a magnetic wall knife holder a magnetic set of spices a paper towel holder or.

Any other space-saving accessory it is important not to clutter each of your walls with these accessories because the kitchen can look disorganized and cluttered illuminate your space and one issue we can't overlook is proper kitchen lighting light is the best friend of any small space in a kitchen it's essential.

To have different lighting layers to assure functionality and a comfortable and safe experience while cooking here are some ideas to live up your small kitchen correctly incorporate functional and task lighting under cabinets to facilitate food preparation such as individual under cabinet lights or you can use a led.

Strip to get a uniform lighting effect on a budget if your kitchen is integrated into the living room or dining room and you have an island take a barrage of this area to place one or more hanging lamps according to your style make sure you hang the lamp so it doesn't interrupt visuals and movement.

You can place simple decorative lamps over the sink or food preparation area that way you can use your walls to maximize the space and make your small kitchen look stylish if you need more light you can replace the ceiling light with a lamp with multiple bulbs or track lighting the lighting effect is modern and sophisticated because there is more.

Contrast in the space this is a great and economical option if you can't invest in a fall ceiling if you have open shelving or cabinets with glass doors you can illuminate them this gives a modern effect and makes it the focal point functional and decorative pieces another essential trick in small kitchens is.

Decorative pieces that are also functional for example invest in wooden cutting boards so you can decorate the countertop if you need a basket to put fruits and vegetables choose pieces that are functional but also contribute to the aesthetics of the kitchen if you have.

Liquid soap try incorporating dispensers that provide visual order and beauty in small spaces we must be much more careful with the details it is better to have few elements but of better quality and aesthetics organized inside the cabinets when we talk about kitchens order and.

Organization are critical especially in small ones take advantage of your cabinets by using organizational pieces such as pot and lead organizers shelf risers class and drawers organizers etc when it comes to these types of accessories an ideal place to get them is ikea there you can find many.

Accessories and details that can radically change the function of your kitchen while decluttering the visible areas also on amazon you can find useful things like these trash bins that you can hide under the sink i have one of these at home and i find it quite functional i'll leave you the link to.

This and some of my other favorite products in the description box below cabinets to the ceiling bringing the upper cabinets up to the ceiling is an excellent visual trick in small spaces because it emphasizes the room's vertical lines additionally this avoids having a useless area that accumulates dust between the top of the.

Cabinets and the ceiling bringing the cabinets up to the ceiling make the kitchen look integrated and part of the architecture so if you are building your home or planning a major kitchen renovation you may consider this design tip if you already have this space above the.

Cabinets do your best to make the most of it an alternative is to use baskets or boxes with which you can decorate and draw attention this storage area can be used to put things you don't use daily by the way guys if you want to explore kitchen trends and must-have items i recommend watching these two videos.

You'll find other ideas to plan your kitchen design like a pro and i leave both links in the description box below reflective surfaces mirrors and reflective surfaces give a feeling of spaciousness because they reflect the space and amplify natural light if your kitchen is tiny you can use this trick by hanging a mirror over the sink to.

Create the effect of a window or use it as a backsplash it's an out of the ordinary idea but it can work very well to give the feeling that your kitchen is more spacious than it is and can provide a sophisticated and formal look look at this example here there use mirrors as a backsplash notice how it reflects the outside space and natural light it.

Looks as if the room has a window in that area it also gives a sense of depth best of all mirrors are inexpensive and easy to clean and they come in various finishes and colors even antique mirrors can give any small kitchen a romantic and chic look if you are going to opt for this idea don't overdo it choose a specific area perfectly where.

There is more natural light and make it the focal point it should be noted that like mirrors glossy surfaces reflect light helping to create a visual sensation of more space so in small kitchens it can be convenient to use liquid polished or metallic finishes.

this video has a second part where i'll be sharing 10 more ideas to maximize your small kitchen design so don't forget to subscribe and turn on the notifications well so you don't miss it also if you want to learn about other small areas such as bedrooms bathrooms or other general tips i leave the links.

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