Quick quick quick yeah doing much better today running around this is just the cutest welcome back to our Channel yeah I think we should have like a tool a tool belt or something yeah team the toolman Taylor so you guys you thought you were coming on vacation to see me.

So you might notice here a long strand of patio furniture patio furniture I I did I carried out this thing right where is it where is it that one I've never known him to take so long it was a hard video I had to really make sure Finn was okay you guys are also sending him well.

Wishes he's doing much better today they're not bleeding they're healing really good we just kept these on just to protect them a little bit this has a precaution yeah we put more of that bomb on there and whatnot conditioner on there to help moisturize his little pie yeah yeah he's doing it he's such a Floridian.

See dude quack quack our little rubber ducky yeah yeah it's gonna be awesome and Jared well I don't think he knew this about Jared he had a car it's a really nice car but Jared decided he can spray paint the car am I right yes yes buy your car the entire idea.

What is it yeah it's called Plasti Dip yeah so it's spray paint you could peel it off it was like a rubberized spray paint and you could peel off please we were as his friends you did because he wanted it I wanted to be matte black pulled up in it we were dating at the.

Time and I was like okay wait a minute let's just let's just say it was about as bad as you can imagine it's probably it's probably worse than you were imagining right now it was so bad I don't know if I have a photo it was so bad killing it off I think I burned every evidence of that.

Didn't even existing it was so bad now I feel like I don't want you to do this because he told me the skill that he has yeah it's just not just paid we will show you you start here and you go yeah you gotta start off the I'll show you yeah we'll demonstrate it shows on a few more here it needs a new paint can right there.

Buddy okay you guys Daniel anyways so should we have confidence in right here the sprayer does not go into it and then that goes on it like that right that little tool is Nifty okay over that way.

All right the wind's blowing let's do the table oh the table you want him to do the table first not maybe start with one of these little stools I can do the table so you start away from it and then okay like that okay okay finny come over here honey over here yeah there we go there you go I'll stand this one okay I'll do this section okay.

Here I'm blocking them in oh that's free yeah maybe you are going to we're gonna be here forever okay that looks really good you guys so she has this beautiful patio furniture look at all of the stuff she has oh my gosh so many chairs and you might recognize the couch and chairs.

Down there right mana and this fire pit because sweet Brandon and Mindy gave this to you the fire pit and the the furniture down there and this end table I know it's so nice honestly painted the one at back so the Humana is throwing a big vegan barbecue this Sunday with all of us I can't wait out on her patio so we are.

Getting it already it's gonna be beautiful okay the patio might be the patio I will just tell you that the party favor will be a hard hat for everybody because the yard is in town I have to have an excuse to have her cook something here so she's gonna make one of her yummy salads oh it's gonna be so fun.

Activity that's how you earn your keep here you know you want to stay you gotta do some chores I'm kidding I'm doing good babe yeah you like that yeah I think it turned out great though I know.

It's such a pretty color okay I came with everything you told me I think you just keep going in on errands because he doesn't want my help so he tells me one thing at a time go get trash bags I'm trying to cover up my shoddy work no no yeah Jared this is not peel yeah we need to cover up the big seats of.

This while we spray so Jared had he had me holding it did you think that was safe I mean really guys yeah me right here right here he's gonna spray right here oh my gosh now we got a little system going on here hey hey here where's the towel you guys.

But look at the difference so this one had quite a bit of weather damage on it so before this before after and after that's just one coat hey when you're done with that you can do my car no I got the camera I got the camera oh yeah no I did not although I did spray my arm accidentally.

I don't think it comes off my nails it'll come off I'm worried about it it'll come off so pretty though it's like cheaper it will come off yeah do you know what we're going to try hazy scrub she made a homemade lemon scrub ooh I'm looking for it okay deal well so far so good we got all these sprayed ready to go Britney's.

Rinsing off this last one over here and we're gonna spray that and then we'll move this stuff into the backyard good work ladies really put your back into it I really wish I could help you guys wish we had a strong man around here I know we could probably call it Justin Daniel Sean Brandon anybody any neighbors next door yeah ten but I cannot you know did.

You finish your lemonade yeah on the front porch let's compare Jared let me see your hands honey oh wow you were tired you must be exhausted now I did just wash my nail yeah but really Jared you need to come off the nose hey you guys saw it like beforehand I clean mine uh if only I hurt my foot from six.

Months ago or a year and a half ago hey but Jerry did tell us something he got a little Whiplash doing this I think her carpal tunnel can we just zoom in on my mistake over there and I'll own it I'll totally own it so Jared told me not to do the like this yeah but I didn't believe it now maybe it won't show it exactly it might.

Not show it yeah I think you can see it this is what it should look like so Jerry that's what it does look like come on I'm the firm believer it's going to be it's good Mom it just needs another coat and it'll be fine quit complaining let's uh have you pick up other chair and get back there Brit oh good all right wait what were.

You doing back there are you just relaxing you had to run to the bathroom where'd you go Jerry grabs this chair and not the one with the heavy face I'll grab that oh I'll grab oh there's no more for me to grab oh wait there's one okay tell Derek why don't you help grab the table and he grabs these yeah I got these.

Tables tables yeah perfect yeah we got it Derek he's taking one little table I'm taking two big ones and finished all right guys I carried it all in I did all of it I think it looks pretty good don't you think guys it looks so good because they've worked so hard they can.

Get anything they want off the dollar menu at Arby's oh yeah this is incredible look at all this stuff this is all out in the street earlier we spray painted it cleaned it not in that order pretty flowers back here this is incredible this is quite the transformation holy cow yeah you walk out right here.

Boom that is beautiful mama honestly it looks honestly it looks incredible the grill will go there we store clean it up a little bit but man look at this I love it so obviously she will get grass in here this wall is going to be fixed don't look at that right now but as of.

Right now all of this looks amazing well you could have done it with you could have done it without me for sure I just need it I need a cold drink I'm sorry here here would you like it on ice yeah actually quit relaxing this is really nice though because from this perspective you can actually see a view of the mountains and you know what Papa.

Loved it yep he could say that we could see Tim we can see it from our bedroom window as well it's very cool and it's perfect positioning for with this like couch right here underneath the shade there's always shade right here it rains perfect yeah okay but we're trying to figure out what color umbrella yeah what color umbrella should we do I kind of.

Think white yeah if you can find one too so that's like the decor color that we got going on yeah all in the center of the table right yeah why we'll get dirty though did anyone ask you your opinion yeah so there's a few more items that we need to still go get I'm so tired well Brett.

And before you leave though we just make sure to put some ice in my lemonade oh you're so bad this is honest it's gonna be fun I will say that Jared discovered the placement of that table thank you thank you no that's the only thing that's still a question in life.

For your shower dress in different clothes now and we are off running some errands to complete the back patio we're currently at a place called Hobby Lobby where my mom is looking for not this I can't remember I don't need I think you're looking for a rug oh yeah that's right yeah that's right yeah and some pots maybe okay cool so we actually just.

Barely left oh my gosh and that was a ton of fun seeing the kids all again they wanted them to stay forever yeah yeah show me all of her back handsprings and all of her things were actually going to dance recital on Saturdays yeah and we're hanging out with him that night too yes you can do their side by side yeah oh yeah.

So far so good next up on the list is the old Home Depot I got the list right here now I know most of you would put it in your phone but no not me it looks like they might have found the one on just kidding that was the first one we've looked at Finn and I are just hanging out right now.

Please be the one yeah you're gonna fence upon you let it be the one well we did not get an rug we may have to check another store for that but the other thing was like these grille insert plates things yeah and she found this super fast yeah yeah we just had our first ever home-cooked meal oh.

Sorry let's not let's get rid of those bags you guys we were gonna oh we were so hungry like literally starving but it looks so good look at that looks amazing Miss Florida over here needed a code.

Let's just for the record mom just said like two seconds ago it just got really cold yeah it's a little chilly yeah bought us dinner oh please Grill we had some oh I had a noodle bowl yeah it was good not bad.

Let's get really stacked up on that look at this though that looks amazing we're not done yet you guys we went to Home Depot so good speaking of Home Depot we actually ran into one of you guys which was awesome we gotta hang out talk with you for a little bit that's fine yeah very very kind so thank you I absolutely love when you guys say hi to us if you.

Ever see us out and about come say hi unless I look really bad so for dessert we're gonna go and load the car oh all the things that we just got at the store we're gonna kind of try things out here you guys it doesn't get dark for another four hours.

Well that was a hurricane coming in well we decided to bring it in from a nice summer night outside hey quick update on Finn he's doing great by the way yeah yeah he's doing fine no more bleeding no more Cuts they healed up steaks for dinner yeah I'm sorry just dropped on the ground.

From my hand but you guys think after hanging out with us today go ahead end our night I think we're gonna probably just oh yeah definitely it's a popcorn movie night watching yes and I don't think I'll even make it through the opening credits hey we had quite the amazing makeover though on that patio no seriously seriously.

From washing the painting to decorating it looks incredible it looks amazing okay to shopping to find more things yeah yeah maybe you guys and come back Sunday's gonna be a fun day yeah big barbecue wait plus yeah before then yeah I know tomorrow and Saturday yeah and Sunday yeah Friday and Saturday are gonna be huge.

All right guys well we'll see yeah I'm doing a wet project I have Jared working on tonight love you guys bye thank you

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