10 minute porcelain patio guide

This is the tile we're using we're using a khaki colored tile supplied by london stone so a good friend stuart williams he sorted me out for that nice one stew around the side area here this has all been tiled as well so yeah the base is actually here at the moment is.

Um relatively good so we're basically just going to thicken it up and add to it and in effect it'll strengthen it and keep the cost down as well for the customer not actually i'm to dig everything out so this base has been here about 20 odd years already hasn't sunk at all.

So that tells me there's a good hardcore base underneath so us tying on top of it we're actually just making what's already there stronger okay right let's show you the levels i'll show you what we're doing well first of all just give a quick low down on exactly the plan then i'll show you.

What we're doing with the levels so this step area here we're gonna start our tiles off flush with this edge so at least when it's all finished all the tiles will just be one nice long straight line so that's our starting off point i've got a string line down the end.

There to the height needed and i've put a coin block up against the wall because the tile's going to go to this point there and then i need to tile to there so i need a little bit of a gap so that's the gap there so i got a string line running across here to where that needs to go.

That's my start point there then i've got another string line here running across up against the wall and i've got another string line down the bottom there running across the wall so i know my levels to go to then i got the one string line there which is going to be my first course.

Which is going to go all the way down that end so um right fall i have to explain fall as well so from the house here coming away from the house every one meter i come this way i need to drop down 10 millimeters down to allow the water to run away from the house.

Across the end of the patio here and onto the grass so this is gonna be my start point i'm going to start it here coming to this edge as i explained earlier plus i want to keep this edge straight with the rest of the house there so it'll be hole tiles hole tiles hole tiles.

And halves in between so we're all prepped ready to go got two barrows of muck there gonna lay the first one down start priming it i'll use the clips as well from tyler's tools to um lock everything in place i do have a bit more stone dust to come.

Here i got another 210s coming today and i got to get some here around the back as well so we're gonna do just enough paving to allow us to come around this way not a wheelbarrow over the top and because they're such a light colored tile as well.

As soon as i've laid them tomorrow there no walking on it at all it's gonna have to be um damp proof membrane over the top of it just to keep um foot marks and stuff like that because they are gonna be hard to clean so testing tests and testicles tests and.

Testicles so we've got a couple of tiles down already for um i'm going to show you how to install one just in case you haven't seen any of my videos all right sharp sand mix four and one most important shout outs and get yourself a good nice little dollop.

The last couple of jobs i've been on the slabs have been much bigger so it's nice to actually have a smaller file for once so push this in around about where i gotta go this is the trickiest part where you want to get it just slightly higher than the tile so when you bang it down.

It levels out nicely so almost there yeah we should be able to um get all this section done today i'm open so that'd be nice nice there's a little bit of sweat there so funny in that round now so pretty much got the levels i'm looking for maybe.

Just another okay that looks good so primer now it's not the marshall's primer this time this primers from um london stone but yeah it's pretty much all the same stuff that's what it says on the tin there's no need to get it right to the.

edge and this will really help bond it together right i've got to get two little sticks to these clips from tyler's tools they are really good i like them i like them a lot.

I will always use them from now on right so on each end i haven't put any on that edge there because that's what i done yesterday and has already gone off so we can't do that so i'll just start on the sides spin that round nice and gently on the top keeping the joint sizes nice and equal.

Tap it around a little tap there a couple little taps there this end's slightly low so what i can do i can just lift it up push a little bit underneath it i'm a good size there now bend these caps on spin the caps on i'll have to put all.

The caps on here today then i'm going to come past then in the morning and kick them all off give them a clean and then the customers got something to look at over the weekend well that's pretty much it and um smaller tiles are so much easier to use but yeah i'm gonna crack on here now and um.

I found crunchy it's friday so we've got the pub then after work and have a couple of points right cool catch in a bit right okay so we've made a bit of a start now going up here as you can see i've got a lot of string lines going on the first one we done i got string line.

Going down here i've had to put a tingle on the line sometimes you have to put a tingle on the line to keep it like a 20-pound note my tingle don't mess around on this job so for the top i've actually let me show you the top so i got at the top there where i'm aiming for for a nice.

Height for the shed so that comes down here down to this end i've got a couple of bricks there balanced to keep that in position so they run parallel down here and then my other string line runs across nicely across that angle so yeah a little bit um a little bit of faffing around with.

The string lines but this bit's actually quite awkward to do because i'm back myself into a corner so i'm going to try and work that way otherwise i'm going to end up coming this way and trampling over everything i'm doing so yeah gonna slightly awkward way doing it but it's the only way to do it.

Right this is what she looks like still needs to clean still needs to clean yeah nice-sized patio actually isn't it because originally there was two tiles extra we've done on that bit so that really has opened up the garden area this little curved area here this was uh.

This was hard work just didn't know exactly what was the best way of doing it but to follow the contour of what i had was pretty much the only way steps look good as well might as well look from the bottom so that's what the steps look like so yeah i'm going to grout it all today.

Then i'm going to come back tomorrow and cement the edges i can't do that today because there's going to be so much water on the job when we're priming when we're uh grouting so i'll have to come back separately for that one but yeah it looks nice looks nice.

So lee's just cleaning out the trough for the zoe out the front he goes into that does need a bit of pressure washing down there because we're up and down up and down it's easy to get foot mark so clean that bit at the end.

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