10 Secrets to Maximizing Your Social Security

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If you were retiring tomorrow, which monthly income would you rather receive: $1,543 or $3,895?

The $1,543 figure is the average monthly Social Security retirement benefit in 2021, while $3,895 is the maximum possible monthly benefit.

While the amount of your final Social Security benefit will depend on how much you earn over the course of your working career, it’s not the only factor. The simple things you do and don’t do while working can have a huge impact on your lifetime benefits.

It is important to understand how Social Security works as soon as possible. It’s why it’s so important to try different strategies as you get closer to retirement. There are many myths that you should dispel, and some tips you must understand.

This is the topic of this week’s episode of “Money!”. We’ll cover the basics of Social Security, and how to get the most out of it.

As usual, Miranda Marquit, a financial journalist, will be my co-host. Aaron Freeman, a novice investor and producer, will be listening in and occasionally contributing.

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