Okay the mob is coming up the driveway now they've got their pitch board ultimately what we really want out of all this content honestly is it will help you to create your ultimate dream home hey guys welcome to the house of .

Valentina i'm valentina and my husband jack and i were just having a discussion because we've been doing a lot of shopping for our house and we've noticed that there are a lot of things that are trending in the stores right now and we were trying to decide do we want to take advantage of this trend do we think it's going to be .

Around for very long so we're trying to decide if something's going to be around long enough to actually invest in it so we're just going to take you through today the ones that we think you should be avoiding and we'll give you a few little tips and tricks if it's a trend that you really like how you can include it in your home in a way that will be .

More lasting so that it's not here today and gone next week so if you like videos like this and you want to know what trends to be following make sure you hit subscribe and check out all of our playlists where you can binge watch our videos on design steelers stylist we have our friday vlogs there's so much that you can truly camp out and binge .

The house of valentina yes so without further ado let's jump into trends for 2021 2022 that you should totally be avoiding all right so number one okay so we actually we're we're actually kind of nerds this is the kind of stuff .

That we actually sit around and think about we really do so we make lists because that's just how we are so the one that we came up with number one is sculptural furniture oh lots of that out there yes well okay so the thing is it's called i'm not against sculptural furniture i actually .

Think that it's really cool to include a sculptural piece in your home that really gives it that sort of sophistication it feels a little bit worldly it feels unique and artistic so i think that you should still include artisanal sculptural pieces in your home think about maybe adding something like a sculptural vase to your home maybe you .

Might want to add a sculptural piece with the sofa that you already have that maybe has a square arm and you can really just kind of play with the trend without investing all of your money into it yeah all right our trend number two is subway tile yeah that was his okay so i was .

Like what okay yeah i mean i get what you're saying except that i just ordered subway tile samples for our own kitchen because i'm thinking about putting tile up in the kitchen and i was like well isn't that ironic it's not that subway tile is out because subway tile is just like a basic thing it's like saying that couches are out i .

Don't know oxygen is out like how can you say that's out but my go-to is to instead look at a subway tile style that maybe has something special going on with it so we've got one that's marble they have them that are faceted you can have an elongated style yeah there's a lot of different ways that you can still .

Bring subway into your house but it's important with trends to always remember some trends are classic subway towel will always be around but on the back end of a trend it's going to feel stale for a while before it feels fresh again so that's what's the shame of it is that once it hits the mass market we just get .

Visual fatigue from from seeing something so much and that's why something comes and goes so strongly but if you're really thinking about what kind of a backsplash am i going to do right now what's really trending is doing the entire wall in one material so that's another thing that you could do just completely skip the subway tile all .

Together and just do one material all the way up the wall number three you're not talking about my zika i have a richie pants are you no you can keep those if you can still fit in them you are more than welcome to have them .

No i was talking about blonde wood i know it's thrown down like this i know i'm so evil you guys are some of you are like no she didn't she's coming for the blonde wood oh my gosh oh my gosh i don't have anything against blondes or blonde wood i think it's actually really beautiful and even when we did our own home .

You can attest to this i was in turmoil because i love the blonde wood i think a lot of it is about your area that you live in and what wood is native to your area but a lot of people are just getting tired of it again because so many people are doing it and i think the problem is is that when you've done your floors and .

You've done all your chairs and you've done reacts in your house and everything is in that one color tone it just starts to feel a little bit boring because there's really not enough contrast in the space for things to really have something to play off of and so i know that you guys are literally coming from all different parts of the world so i .

Would really suggest on this one to really look around you and decide if if it's what you want and you don't care about resale and you're not worried about whether it's trendy or not like who cares it's what you love then just do it yeah but if you're doing it because you think it's on trend i think it's gonna go out .

I i think that these warm middle tones they're eternal they they literally never go out they've always been around i think they always will be and that's what i always recommend because ultimately this is all about you building your dream home that you love and especially if you just moved into it and you're renovating it to live in it .

Which is what we've done we didn't renovate our home to sell it we renovated it for us to live in we made choices for ourselves and we tried to make good wise decisions that would help us stay in this house and in this style for a really long time yeah definitely .

When you laugh before you say something that makes me wonder what's coming i know it sounds so good all right what's coming next okay wicker or return furniture oh my gosh okay the mob is coming up the driveway now they've got their pitch board oh my god .

Okay so i am not against wicker immortan it's a material that is beautiful and it is lasting i think what is trendy is this open sort of design you know what i'm talking about like it's got like the urban outfitters kind of look yeah and i've seen it go a little bit to the luxury level .

But i don't think it's gonna stick around like that i think it's it has this sort of disposable feeling to it you feel and the scale feels kind of small so when you see bed frames made out of it and stuff like that it just feels like smaller it feels like yeah the scale isn't necessarily there don't be upset if it's something that .

You really like because especially if you have a home that's got a little bit of a coastal vibe i would look at places like serena and lily they really nail that style so well they give you something that you could really take those pieces and use them in so many different style homes .

I think that there are so many of us that are coming out on the other side not that we're past it but we're getting there of the pandemic and i think that we've all been inside of our homes an awful lot and i'm seeing it in fashion and a lot of times when you see it hitting fashion it's going to hit interiors as well i was listening to .

Some of the videos on the youtube channel for vogue nedaporte and they're all talking about how enough with the laundry the enough with the loungewear everybody's yeah several brands are actually discontinuing their loungewear line yeah because they're i mean they're still gonna be lululemons and brands like that that do it yeah but some of .

The other big brands are actually moving out of that yeah i think we're going to see that happening in our homes as well i just love to get dressed up i understand that not everybody in the world is like this you know that's fine you don't have to want to be dressy or wear a heel every day right you know some of you that aren't five foot one .

But maybe don't need the heel of the day to feel like the air is readable but um i just i just think that we're going to start seeing things move to a little bit more not super formal but it's an approachable uh sophistication i think that we're going to start seeing a lot more of i've talked about this in recent videos about how you're gonna see the .

Finishes be a little less raw wood a little less casual little like the cloud sofa like that's the dream is just to like sink back and can't get out of it like i think we're just moving to where it's like okay like i would really like for things to have a little bit more tailoring and yeah .

So this next one is boho being replaced by my personal favorite nomad so if you're trying to figure out what the difference is between boho and nomad it's not like a big leap honestly but it does have a little bit more of a worldly idea to it bohemian is almost like a lifestyle whereas it doesn't necessarily mean that .

You're actually traveling it's like you just like the mentality of bohemia that you're wanting to be more free and open and nomad actually has travel in it and i think that's what big differentiator is so you would have like um maybe some some wallpaper and some fabrics that feel inspired by the places that you've been or places that you want to go .

And you're open to new styles of furniture and things it's it's less about like a certain color wood it's more about moving into this other place where now we have access to the world so i don't want to just be a bohemian i actually want to be a bohemian that travels and to bring new ideas home and to .

Incorporate them into my house yeah boho has like a color palette that goes with it yeah whereas nomadic is really driven by where you've been it's kind of bringing the essence of that back so whether it's a paint color or a piece of art it's it's not necessarily like this clean-cut style it's more of a way of viewing things and doing things yeah i .

Think it's really fun it's a lot of fun yeah the next one is overly open spaces and we've been talking about this for a while i've been saying for a couple years the open space is about to go out and it seems like they just keep getting more .

And more open to where you're just the bathroom door is you don't even have a bathroom door anymore you're sleeping in the kitchen good night jim bob good night paul we've gone to such an extreme where you can literally sit in the center of your house and see every single thing that you own yeah i think that we're moving .

Away from that the pandemic just accelerated that tremendously lots of people calling saying i need to put walls up yes lots of people saying i have a basement i need to chop it up because i need an office and a gym and you know blah blah blah all these different rooms so i think we're definitely moving back towards that .

Definitely it's ruled the roost for a long time for a good reason it was all about bringing us together and that's beautiful yeah but i really think we want as we as we've come through the pandemic and as we are rethinking homes i'm with you a thousand percent i think we're gonna see people putting back up some walls yeah and sometimes when we've .

Talked about this in the past some of you will write in and you'll say but i have an itty-bitty tiny kitchen and i understand if you want to open up your kitchen and like ours is open up to the breakfast room and then to the sun room like we have some openness in our home we're not talking about literally like walling up your entire house we .

Don't think that we're going to go that direction but we do think that it's going to be more segmented again to where you have spaces that have different roles just like you were saying and so if you're thinking about taking down a wall because you're like 20 21 woo hoo we're like opening everything up this may be a .

Good time to rethink that and ask yourself if that's really your dream space and that's what you really want then open the wall up and you know don't worry about it but just realize like in about two to three years you're gonna be like okay everyone's putting their walls back up i still like my i don't care you just have to kind of decide where you .

Are on that dripping the soul out of your home i've been thinking a lot about this since we made a little list and i think where this came from was that we saw scandinavian design hit the us about about seven years ago like it got really really really big and everything went to .

White walls everything went to really super clean design yeah minimal minimal everything all the details just just everything went out yeah i think a lot of this came from the demo days and we're watching it on hdtv and we're redoing homes and all this stuff and we just start tearing walls down and we get sledgehammer happy and we're like take .

It all down and everything yeah and a lot of people will tell you when you're renovating it's easier just to rip everything out and start over but it's like oh but there should be balance because if you need to take out a wall if there is a space that's just too tight and you need to change the way something is configured and something .

Just needs to come out i think there's a difference between that and just literally taking out all the detail out of your home that actually makes it interesting okay next up is everything white which i know you guys are gonna be like okay this woman literally has white walls .

She's selling us on white paint we painted our house white because she told us to paint with white i'm not saying that white is going completely out although i have seen that there's a lot of color on its way which we'll talk about in just a second but i'm talking about white on white on white on white on white on white on white and then .

Blonde blood and some ratan thrown in for fun it's too much there's no contrast and those interiors photograph really well they look really good on social media but what i'm finding is that when people have those homes they feel like they're a little bit cold yeah and so you can really warm things up with maybe .

Bringing in a rich wood tone bringing in some deeper colors you don't even you don't have to paint your walls black we understand that's not everybody's thing but you can definitely warm up your space last but not least is too much color and you're contradicting yourself i know you .

Said not all white but also not all color well that's the thing is if you use anything too much then it stops having the impact that you're probably going to want in your space having contrast like look at look at jack on the dark wall you don't see such a contrast steadily all right move over .

Now look at me on this dark wall there's contrast here and so i think that you can play with it maybe some areas you might do tone on tone so you'd have color on color and then other places you might give your eye a place to rest so you might have a white sofa with blue cushions or if you have a blue sofa blue walls and then maybe you have white .

Cushions you really just i think you can really play with it if you start down this train right you're like i'm going to add color to everything then it just gets to where it's like i don't i'm not seeing things anymore yeah you're at your eye literally can't land anywhere because then it's like shooting all over the .

Room trying to find everything it can be very stressful and i think that that's why i think this trend is it's not going to die this trend is going to be around for quite some time we're just now starting to really see it come forth in especially in the u.s um but i do think that just as you go forward making your decisions .

We've been talking about this ourselves do we want a colored chair instead of a white controversy am i gonna be happy with the color yeah does the wall need to be colored how much color do i need it these aren't meant to really tell you what to do or what not to do but just to give you some food for thought so that .

You know ultimately what we really want out of all this content honestly is it will help you to create your ultimate dream home and if we can we talk so often on this channel about how to get a high-end look on a budget and we know you guys are working on a budget just like us yeah so making wise decisions when you purchase big ticket items when .

You are painting your walls and doing your floors these are really important decisions so if we can help you make a decision that will last you for 10 15 maybe even 20 years that we'd rather to do that than to just say we'll just go buy the newest trend yeah yeah because you just can't do that we want to help you make sense of all of it there's a .

Lot of noise out there and a lot of as the internet's got more and more and we're all all these different feeds coming into our lives it's so easy to be overwhelmed by it and these are just some trends that we think be just be careful how much you dive in yeah and think about what is going to work for you because this is all about .

You this is your one moment in life where everything gets to be about you and what you want it doesn't matter about anybody else so yeah i hope this will just encourage you guys and it'll it'll be a little bit of fun and we always have fun so we hope you did too and let us know down below in the comments you agree with it yes yes let's .

Do it let's just say it let us know if you agree or disagree with us no i don't want to know i don't want to know i want to know we'll talk back and forth yeah jack's always like oh i got on the comments i do try to get on there too so yes leave us comments let us know give the video a thumbs up if you like at that at .

The very least you like having trend videos we can have this good conversation and don't forget to hit subscribe because we hope you'll want to come back see us even after this after we've insulted some of you yeah we still like you we still do yes yes we're just teasing we really do love you .

Guys and we're so appreciative of this amazing community that we have where we get to talk but we really get to chat with all of our friends about the things that we just really geek out over so thank you again for stopping by and we will see you guys in the next one bye i love mustard but i'm not getting a .

Bowl of it what does that have to do with white it's not even white hold on i was thinking of like a flavor that i would love but i don't need a plate of it why would you you know what i'm saying

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