welcome everybody to our green acres if you are new to my channel my name is teresa today's video is going to be a compilation in an abbreviated version of over 20 of my best fall decor projects from 2021 in this video today i'm going to bring you lots of wreath pumpkin and fall.

Decor ideas that you can use in your home so i hope you enjoy the video and as always i hope you get lots of inspiration for your home as we go into the fall season we're going to start off making a really pretty and easy coffee filter wreath all you're going to need is a pack of coffee filters about 100 to 150 and a coat.

Hanger now i've got a white one but you can use any color you want just make sure it's kind of flexible to where you can bend it we basically want to take this coat hanger we want to bend it in the shape of a circle as best you can and it's not hard to do it's very easy and i have made a heart wreath like this and i'm going to link it down below but.

I made it the same way but i made it in the shape of a heart so i'm just going to take it and you want to clip it in an area where you won't have as much weight on it when you get done because we're going to have to tape that section back up so i just went across the top and clipped a section so now i'm going to.

Take my coffee filters i'm going to start coffee staining them in some leftover coffee you just want to dunk in a few at a time you want to wring them out and you just kind of want to spread them and i'm just spreading them on a plastic garbage bag you know later on that way i can pick that garbage back up with them laying on it i took them.

Outside um on a day where i could let them dry outside because that way you know just once that air hits them and if you've got a sunny day they should dry really quick so you don't have to really unscrunch them a whole lot like i say just kind of spread them out enough to where they can air dry but we want them to be scrunched up.

So after they kind of i've got them all dunked in the coffee now i went back and had to stain some more because i didn't have enough to fill my wreath so i would probably go on and stain the whole pack of your 150 coffee filters just to be on the safe side now we're going to want to start putting them on the hanger now i.

Just bunch up about four or five you don't want to get them too thick because if you do then they're a little bit harder to push onto the coat hanger because basically we're not going to punch a hole in them we're just going to punch a hole in them when we get them on that we're going to let the coat hanger punch the hole so here we go we just.

Want to work it through you don't want to tear the coffee filters but you just want to get a little bit of a hole to where you can slide them on and that's all you do just bunch up you know your your next few just take like i say four or five just bunch them up and put them on your coat hanger and just you know work them around until you get the whole.

Coat hanger finished i love making these type wreaths they're very easy to make they're very i don't know they are so pretty when you get them finished and like i say if you have not watched my video on the one that i made in the shape of a heart you i'm going to link it below so when.

You have time and you want to go out and see how i made it i'm still using it to this day and i it's one of my favorite pieces so you know i always worked it around and you want it to be full because if not you know you're going to probably see the gaps in it once you get it all taped back up your coffee filters will.

Kind of fall and hang and then you don't want any gaps so make it as full as you can and then you can embellish this wreath any way you want you could add bows to it you know and i think this is a great fall piece because to me it resembles one of those corn husk rays and um so anyway for for possibly one dollar we have just made a very large.

Wreath that we can use pretty much throughout the year you can use this for any season but i'm planning to put this in my home for for some fall decor now you want to take some really good high quality duct tape and this i think is actually duct tape but you want it to stick really good because what we're going to want to do now is we're going.

To want to tape that section back down that we cut because we're done putting on our filters so now we just want to secure that down really good wrap that tape around it and then you want to go back over it spread your coffee filters back over that little area kind of scrunch them up and shape them and we have got a.

Beautiful wreath y'all i saw this last year and was dying to make it so this year i'm making it so all we're going to need for this is we're going to need some scrap wood and this scrap wood is perfect because it's already aged i don't have to put any.

Kind of you know stain or anything on it it already looks good so i'm going to go over it with my candle wax and a lot of people ask me what the green wax is it's just a dollar tree candle and y'all i have been using this candle ever since i've been using this method and this candle has gone a long way this may be the best dollar i've ever spent.

My life so anyway and you can see i i've found a better piece of wood that wood and is big ben was working on a project that day and he had a scrap bucket and i went out there and i was like i think i like that piece better so i downsized my size of my wood but i did the same process so i just went over it.

With my plastic scraper i distressed it and now i'm going to use some totally dazzled blank just to go with our inspiration and i just picked out some that i have and if you're not familiar with totally dazzled i'm going to have a link to their website down below make sure to click on the link go out their website and shop because y'all they have.

Some awesome deals and they always have little monthly specials you won't be disappointed in their products great quality and they come out and work out so good on your diy projects and now i'm just adding that little loop this is just a little flower sack scrap i think that was the hem and that's going to be the stem and i.

Just added a little flower sac bowl i thought this was a cute little pumpkin and something else we can make out of scrap wood because y'all i have a ton of scrap wood laying around and you know it's free product but i love also i love working with it so i'm just taking some of that really pretty waverly pumpkin uh.

It's called pumpkin and it's chalk paint i just went over my scrap wood but of course again i'm gonna use my little plastic scraper i'm going to put some distressing on it because we wanted this to look you know rustic and worn looking now i'm giving you two ideas here i'm going to make this two-sided i'm showing you a couple of different stencils that.

I have this is not like the inspiration but it's just another idea you can use you know if you've got some more of your shabby chic stencils you can do that and you just kind of want to put it down in that little corner and just put part of the stencil on it now this little stencil i found at walmart for 97 cents it's by waverly and i'm going to use it.

But i'm also showing you some leaves you could also put a leaf down there in that corner you know because everybody has different tastes not everybody likes shabby chic or you know loves that filigree detail so if you like leaves and that's more fall to you you know if you've got some leaf stencils i think a leaf would.

Be really pretty on it we took it outside and we drilled a hole in the top and then i'm just adding a glass i guess this is a drawer pool i got this hobby lobby on half price day and then i'm just going to add a bow to it and this little pumpkin was so easy to make and i think it's turned out so cute.

yet for all y'all i love making pumpkins and i'm trying to give y'all ideas of things we can do a little bit different because i know we've all transformed those little orange dollar tree pumpkins and don't.

Get me wrong i'll probably do some more of those this year when they when my store gets them because they're so much fun and they're easy to use that little form well i'm going to show you some things that you may already have at home you won't have to go out and buy anything take some scrap fabric this was an old top and a lot of times if you can.

Find tops at the goodwill or at yard sales pick those up because if the colors and the textures are pretty and the patterns you can get them a lot of times really cheap for 50 cents or a dollar that was a no top i saved it because i thought that has beautiful fall colors take a little plastic bag you can even take a walmart bag put some.

Filler in it you have to work just to kind of see and kind of gauge to see how much filler you need and i had to take a little bit out but you're just going to put it in that little plastic bag you know work your fabric around it and see if it's going to be the right size and that'll be our form and once i get it the right.

Size and enough filler in it i'm just going to tie it around in a knot and i'll clip that off now you can also people add rice to the bag and you can also add beans with the filler half and half and that way it gives you a little weight if you want to do that and i may try that in some in some further pro in some future.

Projects too and you just want to gather around the top the best you can you know and like i say we're making a pumpkin so you know the best you can make it look like a pumpkin and i'm just going to tie it off at the top really tight with some twine and that'll give it that little rustic look now you can trim down the top if you want to.

I love that little roost little i don't know i like that top because pumpkins always have like leaves and stuff at the top so i'm gonna leave mine like it is now i'm showing you how you can make one out of stained flowers that cloth and y'all know i stain it with leftover coffee and i just let it let it dry and then i'm just to do the same thing.

I'm going to make my bag and you can poke a hole in it just get a little bit of the air out of it and work it down to the size that you need now i used a pizza pan as my pattern to cut out a circle and you can use you know different sizes of pizza pans just depending on how how big you want yours and that i think that was a dollar tree.

Pizza pan that i had used in a diy project so now again i'm going to take my twine just tie it around and you just want to tie it off really tight and then i'm going to show y'all some cute ways of how we can embellish these little pumpkins these are so easy to make this is a very fun and easy project and like i say hopefully it won't cost you.

Anything to make these you should have a lot of these supplies already on hand now that we got the little pumpkins made i'm about to go out on that i'm about to try something that makes me really nervous because i'm going to try to stamp on this like you know rounded object that has filler in it i don't know how this is going to turn out but i.

Was like you know what i want to try it and if not i can turn it around i've got two sides now this is another little stencil set that i have in my amazon store and it's it's a whole little page and i just cut this little stamp off and just cut it out and it's kind of like little script handwriting and you can see i ink down my um my ink pad i put.

Some ink on my stamp and then i just work my stamp over you know the center of my pumpkin and i'm holding it down in place the best i can because you don't want to move it and just work it down so you know your stamp will get imprinted on you know on the whole area of your little pumpkin and there you go y'all it worked so i'm going to take another.

Little stamp and this is on the same page of that little stamp that i got from amazon it's got is it's just like a sheet but it has different little small stamps on it and i just cut them out and this one it will turn out really cute too and um and like i say i didn't know how these.

Stamps were going to work on these pumpkins and you could always stamp your fabric before you make your pumpkin but i was afraid i wouldn't be able to gauge of where it would you know be in the center of my pumpkin so now i'm just going to show you some different options of pumpkin stamps this to me is the fun part i i love pumpkin stamps and this.

One i'm just using a little glass um this this with some little cabinet door knobs um that i got for my when i updated my um my craft room and i had a bunch of those left over and they make grab great craft projects and if you ever see the little one dollar pumpkins at dollar tree that have the really pretty stamps or even at the target.

Dollar spot grab the pumpkin even though you don't like the pumpkin use the stem those little decorative pumpkin stamps they're expensive on amazon and those are just some that i took from other pumpkins now i'm taking some little hobby lobby tags you get three on a card and all of their fall decor right now is 40 off so i'm going to take this one.

That says fall and i'm going to put this on my little gold pumpkin and i just added a stick for my yard on this one and like i say i'm just trying to give you lots of inspiration and ideas of how you can embellish and make it little easy inexpensive pumpkins.

Now let's take some dollar tree trays and make a really cute pumpkin these make such great little diy projects so i'm gonna take three of these and this was i think pinterest inspired last year but the season ran out and i never got to make my pumpkin so this year i'm pulling these little metal trays back out and we're going to.

Make a pumpkin out of them now i'm reusing some that i used in previous projects so the first thing i had to do was coat over them with some white paint to cover up a couple of graphics that i had on couple of them but if you don't if you're just using the the metal trays as is you won't probably.

Won't have to do this stay up now i'm using some textured paint and i will put the recipe the textured paint down in my description box but it's basically whatever paint you want to use chalk paint or craft paint and some baking soda so i'm taking some pumpkin waverly pumpkin orange chopped paint and i mixed it up with some baking soda now.

Here i have i'm going to put two coats on it the first coat you can just brush it on the second coat you just kind of want to take your brush you kind of want to dab it on that's going to start giving it more of that textured look and now i'm using a brush and here is a tea up if you need an inexpensive brush sometimes you can find.

Basting brushes like at dollar tree or dollar general very inexpensive you can get two to a pack for like a dollar they work really well because they've got those really i don't know the little bristles are just perfect for doing this textured paint now i'm using my blow dryer but if.

You have a heat gun i think the heat just really brings that textured look out so i'm just using my blow dryer i'm going around it really good and i'm painting it up and you'll see how what a pretty color this made now if you don't have pumpkin waverly top paint i mixed some together because i was.

Running low and i just used some white some brown some yellow and some orange craft paint and i made the pumpkin waverly i got close to it because i was afraid i wouldn't have enough so now i'm just going to go around the ornate design of the edges with some white um wax and then i'm just going to dab it on with my brush and then i'm just going to.

Take a rag and i'm just going to go around and lightly just kind of wipe it off you basically just want it to stick down in those little crevices and then i'm going to do this to all three of them you can also if you want to you can go out and use a matte clear sealer and spray these i have not sealed these yet but i'm going to add a stem to.

It and then i'm just going to add some embellishments and i thought this little pumpkin turned out so cute now the fun thing about these pumpkins is you can create and make these any color you want to if you want to do cream or white you know if you want to go more with the mineral look i think any of those colors would be so pretty for this pumpkin now.

I'm using hot glue to attach my trays to the back and this is how you want them to look you want them to look kind of 3d but i'm going to be honest with you i even use popsicle sticks to secure it down with the hot glue this did not stick when it come to me staging it they had already come and glued so i'm going to recommend that you use a glue.

Not not hot glue but use something else more like super glue or maybe some gorilla some kind of gorilla glue that might adhere better now i just set mine up on a shelf and i didn't even have them attached so when it comes to this staging i'll show you how you can just kind of set them up together you really don't even have to glue them now i'm.

Using a really big stick that i got from my yard i love going out this time of the year and picking out my pumpkin stems because it's so much fun to find sticks that are in the shape of a pumpkin stem and you can get so creative but i'm just going to hot glue it on now this secured really well the stem did now i'm just.

Going to embellish it really rustic looking i'm going to take one of those burlap bag bows that i've made in a previous video basically you just take a piece of unraveled burlap you cinch it in the center with some twine tied off and then i'm just going to take some raffia and into some little sprigs from some.

From some greenery that i had days of our lives i love to go out and shop etsy and purchase little downloads because you can make your own artwork very inexpensive and i'm going to take some frames i already have on hand i'm always.

Giving y'all ideas for frames if you ever see them at thrift stores or yard sales i always pick up frames they are multi-purpose and you can just use them over and over again trace around your graphic get it the size of your frame and then you just cut it out and then you know depending on if your frame has glass in it or not some of mine do and.

Some of them don't but you know just get a backing you can cut out a piece of cardboard or sometimes the frame has a back to it just take it outside spray it with your you know glue adhesive or you could take probably some school um elmer's glue and adhere it to your your back and put it in your frame.

Right there um food um.

i if you ever had a project you thought it up in your head you could visualize what you wanted to make but you couldn't really decide how you wanted to make it happen well.

This is that project i don't know i made some little twine wire twine pumpkins and i just uploaded a video last week and i'll link it below of how i made some smaller ones well i wanted to make a larger version of that little pumpkin so this wired twine is listed in my amazon store what i used you get it on a very large.

Spool and it will last you a long time i've made several projects out of this so i couldn't figure out i needed something to wrap my twine around you want to go around about 50 times so i went outside and i got ben's vegetable bucket this is what he puts our garden vegetables in when he picks things out of our garden i washed up really good.

And i brought it in because you basically want something big and round that's kind of solid to give you you know kind of a form so when you wrap your twine around it'll be enough it'll all be in a circle so i just kind of attached it to the bucket i kind of twisted it and then i just started going around and like i say i went around 50.

Times when you get to your little tail where you started you want to just tie it off again with another piece of wire and clip that off now that's going to be one section when i started building this pumpkin i didn't realize how big it was going to turn out i thought i was going to do one section no i ended up doing four of these so you.

Just do the same thing you do it four times so you just wrap it around your bucket and you know you tie it off when you get to the end and then you've got there is my second section and you just keep building onto your pumpkin now when i had the two sections together i just went on and i'm just going to take some of that wire twine and i'm going to.

Start attaching them together in the center and you just want to wrap your little wire twine around you know and twist it and just get a secure bond and then you can just wrap it as many times as you want to if you want to make this look kind of decorative in the center you can you can also if you wanted to you could go over it with some twine but.

I think it looks good like this and at the end when i get it all attached with all four sections i'm going to go in with a little hot glue and i'm going to glue down my little tails now that's what it looks like when i've got two sections now this is my third section and when you get your sections made you just want to take them you just.

Kind of want to fluff them out a little bit and just get them going and i think this turned out i was so proud of this when i got it made and it turned out so big i was like wow anyway i went running outside with and i was trying to find being like look what i made look how big this pumpkin is and then we just kind of went outside we.

Found the perfect stem for it and i'll show you that in just a minute when i get this all all fixed and this is the four section and i'm just tying it off really good just securing it so it won't come apart and then i'm gonna attach it to my next three sections and then the pumpkin will pretty much be complete it took about four sections now if you want.

A fuller pumpkin you can make you know more sections you can make as many sections as you want just you know depending on how full of a pumpkin you want i kind of like to be able to see through mine a little bit because you can always add little fairy lights to the center and i have added those in the little ones that i made that's in the.

Previous video and you know you could also put greenery in it this would make a great centerpiece for your like your fall table you could leave this out for thanksgiving even now here i am i'm just kind of adding a little bit of hot glue to my tails just so they'll lay down really good and they won't be sticking out and here it is and.

Now you just basically you've got your pumpkin made you just want to go around now you just want to form it with your fingers and just get it you know where it looks like a pumpkin and you're just kind of going around and getting it in a circular shape and then like i say we went outside found a perfect stem for it and add the stem and add a little bow.

For an embellishment i watch you as you drive do you know i'm looking and i can't help but smile do you know how much i love you you put my favorite song on i put my feet up and we just sing along.

And i can't help but feeling just loving this moment can we stay here forever can we stay here together if i could stop the time don't you know i don't know if y'all follow ben's channel but you remember he branched off of our.

This was our channel at one time he branched off the first of the year and opened up his own channel so mine would just be home decor related and but he does a lot of outdoor type stuff over on his channel i have a link to his channel down below if you want to go out you know support his channel and subscribe it doesn't cost anything and it really.

Helps him out but anyway i don't know if y'all know but he is he has retired so you will be seeing ben in a lot more of my videos and me and his because he is now helping me you know with my channel so he um is going to make some scrap rustic pumpkins out of some scrap pallets that he has he does a lot of work with his firewood business using.

Pallets that's what he stores a lot of his firewood inventory on to keep it up off the ground so he decided to tear up some of the extra pallets he has and he is showing y'all how he's going to make some rustic pumpkins after he gets them made that i'm going to show y'all how we can paint them up really good and how we can really embellish them and really.

Make them unique and shabby chic style so this is just the frame of the palette he's using just really getting down to the scraps here but i think this one turned out really good in the end and he's just add wood glue to each section he's going to clamp it down till the glue dries and then like i say this made a really cute pumpkin.

Now once the glue dried i brought it in and y'all look how it turned out i love this little pumpkin now i'm going to paint this one with linen white now my sweet friend jackie over at ruth and ruby and i'm going to tell y'all a little bit more about her throughout my video but she sent me these beautiful transfers she sent me a couple of colors.

Of diy paint and that awesome paint brush i'm going to leave a link below so if you want any kind of the od design stamps transfers y'all she has a whole storefront now she's going to offer all of my viewers 10 off and i'm going to have a code down below so make sure to go out and check her out she also has a youtube channel of where she.

Teaches you how to use all of her products she started a business in her home and her garage and she she used her garage and worked out of that for 10 years and now she has you know opened up her own storefront how exciting for her i know you will love watching her videos she's got two she's actually got three little girls i.

Think and she they appear in a lot of her videos and they are cute as can be so i'm just taking after i got it chalk painted and it all dried i'm taking a transfer and the transfers y'all are so much fun to work with you just cut out the design that you want if you don't want the whole design and you can take bits and pieces you can over.

Lay them you can you know and you just take your little scraper once you peel that little paper off you lay your design down and then just go over that little laminated paper that's on the top of it go over it with your scraper and the paper will start lifting up from the transfer y'all it is so easy i had so much fun this day working on.

All these little projects thank you so much jackie so now i'm taking a new little script stencil that i purchased from amazon this will be in my amazon store and this will be under stencils and then i'm just taking some black ink waverly chalk paint you all know that's one of my favorites i'm going over it with a stencil brush you know these.

Stencil brushes are awesome too these are also linked to my amazon store and i went over it and then peeled it off and y'all look how gorgeous this turned out i'm going to put a pretty pumpkin stem on it i'm going to hot glue it on and then i'm going to add a little embellishment i i got this i think at a yard sale you know yard sales a lot of.

Times has is a great source to pick up little craft supplies people may have given up scrapbooking or things that they were banking and they'll throw it in a yard sale so i got two of these so this one fit perfect on this little you know project much i love you i put.

Your favorite song on just to wake you up when i dance around i can't help but feeling now project number three is gonna be another little scrap pallet wood um project we're gonna make four of these and ben made them in different sizes.

He's just showing you here kind of how he measured off his scrap pallet wood this is very rustic we kept it you know we didn't sand it a whole lot we just kind of left it the rough wood and later on when we go to paint it that rough wood it paints up really good because you can just kind of go over it with your paint and you can still see the.

Wood grain between you know under it which it makes it look really rustic and worn now he is going to apply weekly to this and y'all his little wood glue bottle it finally just busted and blew up he's trying to work with it as best he can so anyway he's got it taped up but that is like elmer's wood glue and then.

I love i had to keep this footage in because i i i give him instructions on what to go out and make to help me and he kind of goes out on his own and does his own little crafting and then every now and then i'll go out and i'll check on him to see how things are going and on this day he he was making his little prototypes and working on his pumpkins.

Outside and he gets them all laid out and when i went out there y'all i had to keep the footage in of how he clamps his his clamping down system and it's funny because this just goes to show everybody crafts everybody does things differently and i just had to keep this in there because i think this is so cute of how he uses.

Uh he got very innovative with his clamping system but it worked so once this one is dry i'm going to take it and again i'm going to use some of the diy paint i don't know if y'all have ever used the diy paint yet i'm kind of late to the party jackie sent me this this is the color apothecary she really got me to go out of my comfort zone and paint.

Something different than wide and jaggy thank you for making me do this because i absolutely love this color this paint was i was very impressed with it it goes on with a very smooth good texture to it it was easy to paint on it layers very well and i think i only did.

One layer of this and i think the brush makes a huge difference too i think good quality brushes make all the difference in the world so i will definitely be using that brush in lots of my projects i think it's going to be my new favorite brush and remember go over and check out jackie she sells all of these products in her store and this is the stencil.

That's now my favorite it's in my amazon store and i just added it with some burnt umber craft paint and now i'm going to tie this off with some natural and some brown colored raffia with a little bit of twine mixed in i'm just going to tie it a knot and then i'm going to add a really cute solo flower.

To it using some hot glue and this little piece is finished now you can use this as a pumpkin or you can just use this you know just as like you know a decor piece in your home for up to me i think it really screams fall because of the grains and right now living in the south you know a lot of the cotton and everything is coming to.

Harvest time and that just i don't know grains and stuff reminds me of fall so this is like a larger size now i'm going to paint it also with a diy paint but i'm going to use i think this color right here is kind of a darker khaki color it's a beautiful color and i think it's called something burlap but i'll have it i'll make sure to have.

The products that i use link down below and again i'm using my awesome brush love this brush and then i just go over it with one coat i'm going to add the same stencil to it i'm going to use waverly black ink chalk paint and y'all i think this one turned out so great and i'm going to embellish this one.

With a bow and i think i put some cotton stems on this but when you get these made you can embellish these any way you want we're going to do something a little bit different to this one instead of putting a stencil on this one i'm going to use some more of those transfers like i say i was having so much fun this day with all the things.

That jackie sent me and these transfers once you get to using them you just become obsessed with them and here it is i'm just cutting out a little random pieces she in her video she teaches you you cut out what you want and you can always go through and layer them and just you know put them wherever you want them now this one i'm going to add.

Several to it i liked all these little um you know fall looking little i think one of them looks more like a cotton stem and one of them looks kind of like a fall looking daisy and i just took the ones to me that kind of look like fall and that's the ones that i'm going to apply to this little this little pumpkin and you just peel the backs and you.

Place it down where you want it and then you just take your little plastic scraper you know and like i say you can layer them and i layered these two little flowers together and you just go over it with your scraper and it's very easy it doesn't take a lot of scraping and you just scrape it until you see it kind of lift.

Up and then you just peel it off now if some of your transfer gets left on your transparency just lay it back down get your scraper and just go back over that little area and that should help lift it up like i say these are so easy to work with and to me they add such a great detail to your projects i was so impressed now once i got it got all my.

Transfers on now i'm going to show you how you can stencil over your transfers i took that same script stencil that i purchased at amazon i'm going over this one with some white paint and just add a little bit of wording to it and and that is just how cute that turned out now i'm going to make a little x um crossbow a little messy bow.

We've made these and tons of videos but you just basically get scrap ribbons and you just form them in an x alternate your colors and patterns tie it off really tight in the center with some twine and you've got a great little rustic embellishment for your project now i just always like to pull mine up and just clip off all my tails just so.

They're all even and that kind of just makes it kind of give it that little poofy effect too and you just kind of fluff it out with your fingers and i'm going to attach it with some hot glue and i love the way this one turned out and like i say i love this apothecary color.

if i could stop the time don't you know that i would cause i'm just loving this moment can only stay here forever can we stay here forever i'm loving this moment can we stay here forever.

I'm loving this moment can we stay here forever hobby lobby one day and i get so tickled with him because he loves going around looking at things in prices and he is in awe sometimes at the price of some of these things so he picked this up and he was like take this picture he said.

Because i'm going to go home and try to make this this was 34.99 of course they have 40 off of their fall decor so it would have been a little bit cheaper than 34.99 so he's going to take some scrap pallet wood and i don't know if you saw my video last week i'll link it down below but he made some really cute fall decor out of some scrap pallet wood.

And so he's using this little vegetable basket that we have you know just stuck around in our in our supplies he just took it yet and he kind of used that as this pattern to make like his little um his little curves on his in his palate and he even um is gonna free form his own stem so i was very impressed of how he came home.

He wanted to create it and i think he did very well using the inspiration picture it looks a lot like it so now he's just going to use some um this is elmer i'm sorry this is gorilla with glue and a lot of times i say elmer's you can use elmer's wood glue we have both but this is gorilla wood glue and he's just going to glue those little.

Scrap pieces of wood on the back to hold his slats you know and he spaces little slats on the front just to have some spaces between them and then now he's gonna freehand his stem and this was very impressive and then he's gonna take one of his little saws and he's going to cut it out and then he's going to give it over to me and then i'm going to.

Paint it now with some linen top paint and my new brush that my friend jackie over at ruth and ruby sent me i love this brush y'all and she said she sent me a message the other day and told me how much she appreciates all of y'all reaching out to her she said her business has just been booming and she really appreciates all.

The love and support y'all have shown her so i'm gonna leave a link to her shop down below because she sells so many of the diy paints the paint brushes and a lot of the iron orchid products so make sure to go over and visit her her shop you know and shop for things that you may need for your projects.

And i just went over the stand with a little bit of watered down antique wax just to make it a little bit darker and here it is i think it turned out great now i'm gonna embellish it with a little bit of raffia some little wooden leaves and i got a dollar tree and i made some little wire tendrils.

This moment can we stay here forever forever now i have not purchased any a lot of fall decor at dollar tree this year because my dollar tree hadn't put a lot out but i've had this from previous years and i think you can also find these at dollar general too.

And i'm going to take my solar wood flowers y'all i have made a solar wood heart in several projects with their solar wood flowers and i'm going to leave a link down to their website down below so if you don't have any of these wood flowers for your projects you know i i can't tell you enough how much i have enjoyed using these and i.

Have even ordered more so we're going to make a pumpkin with some and i am just going around and i'm alternating the natural color with the coffee stained and i show in previous videos how i used some some old coffee just left over from the morning and i stained some just to give them more of that vintage look and then i kind of mix them in with the ones.

That have the natural look and i'm going to use different sizes i'm going to vary them as i go there's really no rhyme or reason of how you place them on your pumpkin you just basically want to go around and cover up the pumpkin as much as you can and you could also probably paint your pumpkin white if you wanted to or cream color.

But i think the brown background is okay so i didn't paint mine but you could if you wanted to and so like i say i just kind of go around and kind of play some i kind of eyeball them you know kind of alternating the natural with the with the um coffee stained and then you know and sometimes you'll get one you want to.

Flatten them out really good on the back so if you get one that's kind of got you know more stamp on the back of it just kind of clip it off and they clip off really easy and that way they'll lay really flat can we stay here forever.

cause i'm just loving this moment can only stay here forever now this is a pumpkin that i have repurposed in a previous video i think i put this out last year i'll try to link it down below now i just went in kind of.

Made my hole a little bit bigger with a screwdriver and then i'm going to take some stained flowers that cloth and i just kind of cut it around in a circle um about the size of my pumpkin and then we're just going to go around and we're going to stick it down in the hole and we're just going to gather it around and pull it as tight as we can just to get.

Those grooves of the pumpkin now once you've got all your fabric secured down in the hole really good you can either go in with some hot glue to secure it even more or you can just leave it in my case i'm just going to leave it in that way if i want to repurpose the pumpkin for another year i can all i have to do is take the fabric.

Off and now that it's ready you can do so many things to it now i'm going to go in with one of my favorite little shabby chic french stencils and i have all my stencils that i use in my amazon store and i'm just using some waverly uh ink chalk paint and i'm just going to go over it and when you.

Stencil on something that's circular it's a little bit more complicated so you want to work in sections and you just want to kind of go be patient with it but just kind of go in the sections that you can hold down really good on your surface and then once that dries then just go over with your next section and i i got it all on there and i think.

It looks really good so now i'm just going to embellish it i'm going to stick a bow down in that hole i'm going to take a stick from my yard and just add a little bit more rustic detail to it i'm just going to add a little bit of hot glue and i'm going to wrap a little twine around it i think to me pumpkins are one of the funnest.

Things to make it's one of my i don't know it's one of my most favorite seasonal items because once you make your pumpkins and you can make them out of just about anything you know then the fun comes where you can embellish them so many ways and just get real creative with your stems and your bows and now i'm.

Just going to take a little twine because i want to add a little bit more rustic a detail to it and and there we go and i'm also going to show you i'm going to add a little chopstick bow to it too just to give you a little bit more ideas and inspiration of how you can decorate this little shabby sheep pumpkin.

okay in the next project we're going to make a rag wreath and we're going to use one of those very large pumpkin wreath forms from dollar tree now they have these this year at my dollar tree my dollar tree hasn't stocked up a lot on fall decor but i did manage to get two more of these and i've gotten these in.

Past years but i've never done anything with it there's a lot of ideas out there on pinterest and other youtube channels of things that you can do with these but i'm just going to make a rag wreath you all know i love making them and you just basically want to cut strips of various fabrics i'm going to use two different kinds i'm going to use stain flower sack.

Cloth and then i'm also going to use some strips from this is a dust ruffle that i purchased at a yard sale for 75 cents so it's got a lot of fabric and i just went in i made my strips about half inch wide and about six inches long and you just go in and start ripping your fabric and you just want to make up a bunch of strips this will take a lot of.

Strips i think one bar on this it took me a little less than 30 minutes to complete one bar on it and it took about 75 to 80 strands of strips of fabric so just to give you an idea of how many strips you'll need but you will need a lot of straps and you basically just go around loop them on time on in a loop and that's all you do and just kind of.

Scrunch them down together until you have the whole form you know totally covered and then i'll go back when i get them all on and if i have any that i think looks like they're a little bit too long i'll just kind of go in with my scissors and i'll give it a little haircut and trim and shape it up.

we're going to work on another dollar tree pumpkin and these are those orange carvable pumpkins that were so popular right now i don't know what it's like in your area but here in the south there is not a lot of fall decor out in.

Any of the stores the stores are just the shelves are just empty and there's not a lot of pumpkins anywhere to choose from for us to get and repurpose or really decorate our homes with so i'm just repurposing pumpkins that i've already had and i've repurposed these pumpkins several times but that's the fun of those but you want to take it.

Just cut it in half i used a butter knife it wasn't hard at all they're hollow on the inside as you can see but we're going to take half that pumpkin and now we're going to take the the scraps and the strips of that stained flower sac cloth that i did not use on my rag wreath as i ripped my fabric i kept the little hems and you know of the.

Of the flower sac cloth and i always tell y'all keep the hems of your drop cloth and your flower sack cloth because you can always use them so i'm just using some hot glue and i'm just starting to go around it now when you the corners are rounded so you can't really wrap the corners because it's going to slide off but if.

You can figure a way to wrap it um but this is the best way that i come up with to do the corners i just kind of wrapped my pumpkin in the center as best i could and you want that those strips if it's got like frayed where you didn't cut straight you know lay that on there because it really adds to the texture of the pumpkin so here i am i'm just.

Showing you how i did my corners where it curved i mean the sides where it curved and it was kind of you know harder for the fabric to stay on it i just put more glue on it and then i just kind of took two or three strips however much it takes for you to get it covered and that's what i use and you just kind of have to add a little bit more glue to.

Those so that's how i did the the sides and then once it's fully covered then i'm just going to show you a great way of how we can make a really cute fall decor piece with it and you can see how you know kind of you know frayed and rustic it looks now i'm going to take a piece of glass out.

Of i think this is 11 by 14 frame and i just covered it with some drop cloth i used hot glue to cover it i've done this in several of my videos and showed y'all how you can make projects covering your glass with drop cloth and it's real easy to do and then i'm just going to put it back in my frame and i'm just using a frame that i.

Purchased at a yard sale and i've chopped painted it and distressed it and i think i've used this in previous projects too and i'm taking my favorite stencil this is grains um that i've ordered off my amazon store and it is i don't know i've done it in several projects now it's one of my favorites but like i told y'all in previous.

Project grains and harvest time that just kind of to me it just kind of shouts out fall to me so i'm going to take pieces of this stencil and i'm just kind of working in sections again i'm kind of lining it up and i'm just going to put parts of it on this and i'm going to actually put the.

Pumpkin on the center of this so i'm kind of lining up my wording to where i can place my pumpkin in the center and i've got some wording at the bottom and also at the top once you get the wording done then all you have to do is just take your pumpkin nail apply some hot glue to it and then we're just going to place it in the.

Center now i'm going to embellish this one i'm just going to take a stick for my yard and i'm also going to add some solid wood flowers and a little chopstick bow and i'm going to have it finished now this project right here is really easy i went out to etsy and i purchased.

This little printable now i love to get little downloads and stuff from etsy because one they're pretty inexpensive and once they email them to you and you've purchased it you can go and print it as many times you want and you're also helping out a small business now i just took a dollar tree frame i cut it down to size i put it in my frame and it.

Makes some really cute little fall decor that we can set out in our vignettes i saw these on pinterest and i i don't know i save a lot of things my camera roll that i want to make and i had saved these a while back and it just one day i.

Go out to the workbench where ben does a lot of our work and i do too but he had been working you know our past couple of videos we've been making a lot of stuff out of scrap pallet wood because he he does firewood over on his channel at oga outdoors and i'm going to leave a link to his channel down below if you.

Want to go over and subscribe you know send him some support we would highly appreciate it but to store his firewood he sets a lot of it on pallets so anytime we can get free ones he brings them home so we have a supply pallets well i went out to his workbench that day and i saw these blogs that already had writing on them and everything and.

He said some pallets come with you know some some pieces of the pallet that have like these stamps on it not all pallets do but some of them that he had did so i'm like that is perfect to make those candle holders so he just you know this is the size that they were that he used from the.

Previous project we didn't do anything to cut them down anymore on the size we just took these random scrap pieces that he cut off for a previous project and he is now just drilling some holes in them for us to put the candles in he used a one and a half inch drill bit and as you can see it was that easy and we made a.

Set of three of these and then when he got them made i just brought them in i'll just go over with a little bit of coarse sandpaper go around them really good just to smooth them out and just to make sure they're not splintery and too rough and look how cute these turned out i got this little pumpkin last year at.

The end of the season at a thrift store and i think i paid maybe 50 cents for it a lot of times this little thrift store you get things and they would just bundle uh and just give you a price i'm not real sure what i paid for it but it wasn't a lot so um it's orange it it looks pretty the way it is if you if you use those colors.

In your home you know i go with a lot of whites a lot of neutrals so i'm gonna paint it a couple of layers with linen chalk paint and then i distressed it with my plastic scraper y'all saw me put my candle wax on the base at first and if you do that that just helps lift that paint off really good with the plastic scraper now these are some little.

Waverly stencils i just purchased at walmart and i'm gonna take that little grains number seven and if y'all watched any of my videos y'all know i love like you know french saiyans and i love the grains and i love numbers so this one is perfect and it's the perfect size and i thought it would fit down in that little bowl really well and just because it.

Needed something so i'm going over it with some burnt umber craft paint and i just go over it stencil it and all you do is just pull it off and so far i love this little stencil this is a pumpkin that i purchased at walmart a couple years ago i think i've.

Already painted it for another season but this year i'm going to paint it white and i'm going to show you how to make a little rustic pumpkin stem for it because like i told y'all i love to repurpose and recreate my pumpkins season to season that's just what's so much fun to me now here is a pumpkin stem idea this is.

Going to make like a little rustic stem i'm taking a wine cork i'm taking a looped piece of wire and it's just a piece of flexible wire that i had and then with a screwdriver i'm punching a hole just kind of made a hole in my my corkscrew add a little hot glue stick your loop wire down in there.

Then you're going to want to take whatever kind of ribbon you have on hand you can take wired burlap ribbon from dollar tree i went with a bandana that i had from walmart this is left over from a previous project that i had abandoned bandana challenge to do so i'm going to take it because i like the colors in it and i just ripped.

Strips there's no rhyme of reason or size to it and you're just going to add some hot glue and you're going to want to secure that fabric on your corkscrew and just start wrapping it i kind of wrapped and i twisted you just do it however you want basically what what you want to do is we're shaping a pumpkin stem we're going to go through it go.

Around that little looped wire you glue in places that you need to just to keep your fabric secure and just keep adding it on i went back and i kind of added another layer you know just depending on how big or small you want your pumpkin stem to be and then when you get to the end you'll just want to secure it off with.

Some hot glue and then i just kind of frayed the edges on my end just so i you know it just kind of looked like it was kind of more rustic and frayed y'all you know i'm not very good at making like floral wreaths i just can't wrap my my brain around how to arrange.

Flowers very well that's not where my talent is but a lot of people can make gorgeous rays out of florals but i can't so i have to go with more of a messy style raise when i create but i love like fluffy things at fall and this ray screamed out to me as being fluffy so i took a bag a large bag of raffia it.

Would take one large bag and i purchased mine at walmart it was less than six dollars you'll want some of those floral pans and i purchased a hundred at a little local store and i paid 25 cents for 50 so 50 cents for a hundred i do run out at the end and i'll show you what i use but at least get a hundred floral pans you may want to get.

A few extra now you i'm using a 10 inch straw wreath form you leave the plastic on it but you just want to take about five to seven strands of raffia you want to loop them on each side and make about seven inch loops and then you want the first one to go straight across pin it into your strawberry straight across and then the second one you want to nudge it.

Up really close to it but you want to kind of pin it in at a diagonal and you're just going to want to repeat that process throughout the rest of your wreath until you cover your whole wreath now the one on pinterest she used a 12 inch straw wreath i couldn't find that size i purchased mine at hobby lobby and it was.

Less than three dollars so um so any size wreath anywhere from a 10 to 12 inch will work now you can see it takes a lot of raffia and but as you go you'll get quicker at it and you won't be as precise when i first got started i was trying to measure my loops make sure they were all seven inches and then toward the end i'm.

Just kind of looping and i'm kind of going because it's going to be so messy and fluffy you're not going to be able to tell you know if you don't have five to seven strands maybe in a loop you maybe have more you may have less it's not going to matter in the end and you know and every now and then i would just cut some of the if i had some really.

Long strands just kind of going to clip those off or you can trim them up at the end but y'all this wraith turned out so pretty i'm so um excited about how it turned out when when i was making it i was thinking is this going to work because it looked like a really hot mess at first but in the end like i say it really turned out um just like my.

My pinterest you know picture so um you can add a bow to this you could probably hang this outside this could probably be hung indoors you know if you hung it outside i would hang it somewhere probably where it wouldn't get wet but it made a really um nice size wreath now there i ran out of my little floral.

Pans so i just used a straight pan i just tied off my loops with some raffia and then i used a straight pin to stick it in and that worked fine for me to finish it up because i almost had enough little floral hooks but um but anyway i probably needed about five more now i'm just going around now i'm giving a little quick haircut you just kind of.

Shape it and this is what we got and like i say y'all i think this turned out beautiful gonna stay in this moment gonna lay here on the grass i don't need to feel lonely i am finally.

i bought these a couple fall seasons ago and now i kind of want to change them up so you can see they've got some really pretty fall embossed design around the edges and these are just kind of like a really hard plastic but i think i paid a dollar or two for these now i've got three of them and i'm going to paint all.

Three of them in this video today but i'm only going to finish one the other two i'm going to finish up and show you some other options for them in an upcoming video but the one i'm going to show you today that i'm going to get finishes i'm going to paint it a couple of coats with the diy paint in the color for this is apothecary and i love this.

Little muted green it is so pretty so this one i'm just going to take a little bit of sandpaper and i'm going to go around the edges and sand it and i'm going to take one of my favorite stencils that i have linked to my amazon store and i'm going to go around the center of the plate and i'm going to stencil it now i'm going to have to.

Stencil this in sections because the way the stencil is it would run off so i want to get it all in that little center as much as i can so i put the grains on it and then i let it dry a little bit and then i'm going to go around now and put the rest of the stencil on the inside and i just took a sanding block i went around the edges a little bit just.

To bring a little bit of that dark color back out and add an embellishment is everybody's making these pillows out of place mats but the thing about this one is i haven't made one yet but i found this really pretty placemat with this.

Little rustic truck at dollar general and it was only two dollars i picked up three of them because i thought you know what this would make a really great pillow and these little pillows make great fillers for like if you have baskets you put a throw in it you can add these little pillows to it and it just adds so much little rustic touch to.

It you know and for two dollars you know you can't go wrong making your own little pillows because i had everything else on hand i'm using drop cloth for the backing for mine and i just cut it to size to my placemat then i put my placemat i put the outside to the inside because that way we're gonna and we're gonna sew it inside out and when we get.

Done sewing then we're gonna reverse it and bring it back out but i left a slit in the center on the bottom of mine and that way i can go in i don't have a big area to sew back or glue back and i can add my stuffing to my pillow now you can also hot glue this pillow together if you don't want to sew it i just always have my sewing machine out.

Now and it was ready to go but if you don't have a sewing machine or you don't enjoy sewing you can absolutely hot glue this pillow together and it would still look great now i found when once i got my corners out and got them shaved i felt like they were a little stiff with that hem so i went back i pulled them back out and i trimmed around those.

Those hemmed edges and to me that made the corners lay down better so i just you know got my corners out as best i could then i'm going to go in with some old pillow stuffing that i have i'm going to stuff it make it really firm and then i'm going to cheat at the end here because i'm not a very good seamstress but you could also take a.

Needle and thread here and you could do like an end seam and sew that little slit up i'm going to take my hot glue gun and i'm going to just run some hot glue across this you know i pull it together and bond it with my hot glue now you never know it's hot glued because once you do this it's on the inside of the pillow and you never see.

It to me this was easier but like i say if you're good with a needle and thread and you're good with doing like an inseam you know that that will work good too now depending on the size of your placemat because you know you can find little cute placemats all over the place you know i know dollar general has some.

Um very pretty seasonal ones too but you know it just depend on how big your pillow would be but this one to me made a good size little pillow and i can't wait to decorate with it been walking down the street so many times my feet know every brick and stone could wear a.

here's another easy project just using some of the scrap pieces of wood from the pre previous projects this is just some scrap pallet wood we took some wood glue and glued them together and now we've got a great project paste we can use this now as a primitive pumpkin or a.

Cutting board now i'm going to choose to use this as more of a primitive rustic style cutting board i'm going to leave it the natural wood color but i am going to add one of my favorite stencils and this will be linked in my amazon store i'm just using some black chalk paint i'm going to apply the stencil and now we've got a great piece that i can.

Embellish and set out for the fall season or any season throughout my home so many times my feet know every brick and stone could wear a blindfold no matter what i do i'm coming home and this is a paper sack pumpkin i got the inspiration for this actually off my.

Facebook home decor page and somebody had seen it on the shabby tree and i will link the shabby tree facebook page down below but that's where they got the inspiration for this but you want to make take one of those dollar tree pumpkin wire forms you want to take some brown.

Paper bags and i had a pack of a hundred i didn't use all of them but it's going to take quite a few you want to glue them in the end one on top of the other and then you want to twist them and you want to cover the bars of your wire form first and i found this easier but basically i just went out i saw a picture of it and just kind.

Of went from there and kind of made up my own um technique of how to do it so i'm not real sure if the shabby tree if she did hers exactly like this because like i say i'm the type person i create i kind of just have to i just look at pictures and then i just kind of take it from there and and create it you know in my.

Own way a lot of times so you just want to apply your hot glue down get your paper sacks on there as best you can you know and keep forming it as you go kind of keep twisting it and kind of you know folding them over to where they will stay and i'm using a low temp glue hot glue gun but i want you to know to be very careful because we are using.

Hot glue here we are mashing down this paper i don't want anybody to get burned because you know you could so make sure you're you're protecting your hands or be very careful not to get your hands in the hot glue when you're when you're putting down your paper and you know and just go around you want to cover your whole form and.

When you have strips that are too long you just want to clip those off and then just get your hot glue and just kind of you know attach it in the places that you need to and like i say we want to go over the whole pumpkin form and we want to cover all those forms first once you've got all the wire forms covered then.

We're going to go in between all of those we're going to twist up more paper and we're just going to go in we're going to start hot gluing and we're just going to fill in all those gaps now if you have like gaps left in it to where you can kind of see through it don't worry about it you can go in the end when you get it all covered.

You can go back and you can fill in those spots with some smaller strips of paper but y'all i think this turned out incredible and it looks good in its natural state brown but there's so many options to this because some of the ones that i saw they spray painted them with like a pumpkin orange spray paint but my walmart today was really low on spray.

Paint so they definitely didn't have any orange but if you can find the um the orange spray paint you can spray paint white i've seen some people that dry brush these white and kind of left some of the brown and did a little bit of dry brushing with you know white chalk paint you.

Could also spray paint it white or cream color whatever colors fit your home decor for the fall season you know that that's what you could paint it and you don't even have to paint it like i say if you just leave it in the natural state i think it'd be gorgeous now i'm going to make a stem i just cut the bottom off of two of the bags i put one.

Of the bags and the other one just to add some thickness put that over the wire form stem and just just shape it and make your own stem and i just kind of attached it i put a little bit of hot glue on the bottom of it to secure it onto my stem and it's as simple as that now how cute is this you can add a bow and i think this is.

Just you know very easy project to do and it's very inexpensive been walking down the street so many times my feet know every breaking stone could wear a blindfold no matter what i do i'm okay y'all we are coming towards the end.

Of the video and if y'all are still here thank you so much i hope y'all enjoyed the video today and seeing you know over 20 items that i made last year and i hope you get some ideas and inspiration for your home for the fall season don't forget to go out and follow me over on my facebook page our green acres i put out content over.

There daily i put out little mini tutorials and a lot of times i take y'all shopping with me so make sure to go over and follow me there make sure to go over and join my home decor page and you can inspire others by posting your beautiful projects that you make and as always i love each and every one of y'all i.

Appreciate y'all coming over and supporting my channel i will plan to see y'all next week in my upcoming video as always i love y'all and i will see you next week bye y'all

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