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Hey guys! It’s Bea. What do colored pencils and a can of butternut squash have in common? What do you get when you combine a dollar store trashcan and some rope? Does this teacup look boring to you? This is dollar store hacks. And today we’ll be making a pencil holder,.

A side table, and a teacup fit for a queen. It’s kind of a DIY. Here goes nothing. Grab a can and take off the label. It doesn’t really matter what kind of can you use. This one is butternut squash. I’m using a sharp edge to take off excess glue so I have a relatively clean and flat.

Surface to work with. Once the can is emptied, use a screwdriver to smooth any sharp edges. Okay, time for colored pencils. One by one, hot glue the pencils to the can. I already set up my pencils in ombré order so there’s no guess work. Every so often I sit the can upright to make sure all the pencils are leveled.

Pretty snazzy for a dollar store pencil holder. Okay, are you ready for this one? We’re making a side table out of a dollar store trashcan and some rope. Oh and a glue gun. This is really simple. Start with a rope at the base of the can and just start gluing it down, making your way up the can. And make sure you keep the rope taut the whole way.

So you don’t get any gaps. What’s great about this is you can choose any kind of rope. I picked this natural fiber one because I love the texture. So we’ve reached the top. And guess what? You just keep on gluing. When you get to the middle,.

Trim off the excess rope but leave yourself a little tail that you can fit perfectly in the hole. And voilà! You’re done. Not bad for a dollar store hack. Next we’re transforming these dollar store ceramics into something a little more fun. Take your clean teacup.

And using a clean paintbrush, apply rubbing alcohol where you want to add color. I’m applying the ink straight from the bottle but you could use a paintbrush if you want more control of the design. It’s important to work quickly because the alcohol will start to dry. Take your straw and begin to blow the ink dry. You’ll see it creates a really cool watercolor effect.

Once you’re happy with your design, let it dry and lock it in with dishwasher-safe sealant. Now you’re ready for some tea. And there you have it an affordable way to take a teacup and saucer from the dollar store and turn it into a set worthy of high tea. Thanks so much for watching and see you next time.

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