5 Interior Design Trends to stop in 2023!| You may be shocked

foreign welcome back to my channel I hope you're doing well yes I cannot believe again that it's 2023 but actually you know what I was when I was in 2022 I remember I kept writing the date down as 2023 quite a lot of times so I was already in this year I was here before you guys but.

Yeah we're here welcome back to my channel my name is Abby Kilby I do all things interior designing and Home Decor I also do lifestyle content as well so if you love those things you're going to love this Channel please do not forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram because I do a lot more up-to-date.

Content on there showing you tips and tricks and giving you advice on how you can really Elevate and optimize your space to reach its full potential so today we are going to be talking about interior trends that we want to stop in 2023 now disclaimer this is just my verdict also I have done my research on certain things as well but it's just my.

Opinion you may not agree with me so don't come for me if you don't agree with me it's fine write in the comments below and we will have a discussion and a lot of the things there are some things that I am doing myself that I need to change we are all evolving we're all changing we we're never going to get things right and that's what we're here.

To learn so yeah so the first thing to stop in 2023 are you ready are you ready for this Gallery walls now you might be thinking really Abigail because you're doing it yeah you've got a gallery wall I'm talking about these Gallery rules I will insert a picture these are the guys.

Rules I'm talking about that I don't think are going to move forward with us in 2023 and I personally feel maybe we should just stop doing it because it just looks like a jigsaw puzzle is is just too much for me it's yeah I think if we're gonna put some artwork go big Go Large you know fill up a space fill up the wall that you're trying to put.

This artwork on and most importantly I think that we should start moving on to original art pieces if you can afford it or DIY it and make your own so I have one that's above me I will insert a picture um it's just a canvas and I've used very simple um I've just used filler and I just pull.

It on made it correct because art doesn't have to be perfect art isn't perfect it's an expression of whatever you're feeling and thinking at the time and you can interpret it in your own way so yeah just make your own or if you can afford get some original art pieces on canvas and let's stop with the prints okay.

And I am very guilt of it because I have quite quite a few prints in my home but we're changing we're moving on okay next thing I think we should stop um in 2023 in terms of Trends is white and gray who still has white and gray that was like I think I feel like we most of us stopped that in 2019.

But if if you're still doing it and you love great you have a passion for gray do you like don't don't listen to me in everything that I say if it suits you it's fine but I'm just saying if you want to be up of the trend or you want to build this kind of luxurious space that I always try and um promotes then the plain white and.

Gray theme I'm just letting you know it stopped quite a while ago and definitely I feel that in 2023 we're all going to get in we're gonna just move on from it my personal opinion but yeah that's what I think I'm so sorry with this better okay the next is an interior Trend that we're not moving to in 2023 and I'm actually shocked and as I said I.

Have done researchly and it's worn out and it's old and we should just stop and that is boho can you believe that he said let me read that what it says it says the experts say this design style has reached its peak one thing we won't miss the excuse it gave everyone to have an excuse to be cluttered.

How do you feel about that if you're someone who likes boho how do you feel about that do you know what let me tell you what I think I think boho does have a very tired kind of relaxed feel to it um it does give the sense of I can't be bothered but that's the style like even.

When they're doing like the bedding and stuff you just throw your linen stuff and you just all scrunched up and it's meant to look like untouched and unbothered and that's part of the boho style but apparently we're not doing that this year we want things to be intentional and to put together well and.

Look aesthetically pleasing as I always say so this style is not following us this year it needs to stop and it needs to go another interior design Trend which is not funny when else next year and I personally I'm all for it in terms of being minimalism we just took it a little bit too far and I'll show you a.

Picture but these are some of the rooms that people were doing all right trying to be very minimal and have been nothing to me it looks very clinical it doesn't bring character it doesn't bring life it looks yeah it looks completely lifeless it looks boring there's no interest in the eye and yeah if you want to go minimal I feel just be minimal in.

Terms of the furniture pieces that you have in the room but the surrounding your walls your carpet your flooring bring character and color and depth to it um just be minimal in the items that you're bringing into the room another one which I'm sure well I'm hoping some of you don't do this but if you are.

Let's not um is matching Furniture so matching your wardrobe with your bed yeah Machi Machi Machi was stopping the matching actually because it's just boring again and it's just it doesn't look very high-end um so yeah if it's even if it's like your nursery and you're buying a.

Wardrobe to match the cot and a dresser I would say maybe try and mix them mix and match it there's nothing wrong with that if you have the same type of material so if it's like if you're going for wood then yeah you can have a wooden cupboard with the the cot but it doesn't all have to be the same it doesn't um try it try something else this year.

Try and um mix it up a little bit and yeah you might you might actually like it if you do it properly now there's plenty more trends that we need to stop this year um and I will be exploring them I'll be doing more research and yes and I'll be sharing them with you if there's things in your room that you've looked around.

And you're you're not really sure you want to revive it you want to change it you just don't know how to execute it properly please drop me an email or comment below if it's just a quick little ask I am very happy to answer some questions or follow me on Instagram DM me I'm very open for discussion we can talk there however I do offer.

Interior Design Services so I give one-to-one support and I do e-designs as well and I probably will talk about that a bit more in future videos but yeah if you need that you can really visualize your space well and see how your new design is going to look by my help um yeah so please let me know in the.

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