8 Winter Backyard Ideas

So we're talking about wintertime use for an outdoor living space and what do you do when it's winter time a lot of times all over the world people are having family members over to see them especially during the holidays but a lot of times people worry that they don't have the space on the inside of their home for all the guests so what do we.

Want to do let's just put in an outdoor living space put it in a beautiful extension of your interior and make it an exterior space i guarantee you're going to be out there and this whole video is going to be about the different ways that we can use our outdoor space even in those cold wintery months so that intro is just all about an extended.

Outdoor living space and i'm pointing up because it's a covered space so in the winter time i can almost guarantee you're going to want to enjoy a covered area so some things to think about when you're adding a covered area is you're definitely going to want to add heaters to the space or a fireplace this space and really heat up that outdoor.

Structure or that outdoor area now you can do it where it's attached to the house like we're under right now and this is a deck so on top of this space the deck is a very nice summertime use but this would definitely be winter time use or you can do a freestanding structure as you're seeing here now the.

Beautiful thing about a freestanding structure and i talk about this a lot in my videos is it's a destination or it's a journey out further past your house so you're going to really use the space in between now you can even do this in the winter time with the use of heaters in that fireplace and another nice thing i like about a.

Freestanding structure is you can do a hot tub which we're going to talk more about but you can do a hot tub in close proximity to that freestanding structure and all of a sudden you really do have a dual in use environment even in the dead of winter even in the snow you can use both of those spaces very easily if you put them if you design it right.

So i just mentioned hot tubs and how attractive those are for the winter time use but really imagine it imagine snow outside imagine you know a cold clear day beautiful perfect night sky and you have a beautifully warm hot tub 104 degrees waiting for you out there you can have this and use this no matter what time of year it is and i especially.

Love my hot tub in the winter time so really think about that get creative with your design of this space but try to fit a hot tub it could be an in-ground hot tub like you're seeing here and the beautiful thing about an in-ground hot tub is you can really fit it in with nature do a little water.

Feature around it and it looks beautiful all season or you can do a store-bought hot tub you can even do a store-bought hot tub that's really close to the structure like we've already talked about and really that's going to attract you and have a dual use of that space or you could even do a hot tub that is.

Underneath a structure now the thing i want to say about that is if you do this please make the space large enough i usually call these two room structures because you you have to make sure that that hot tub has its own area and then you want to have plenty of room for outdoor living space as an extension so something that i personally use every.

Winter in fact i look forward to it every winter so much is my sauna you can use your outdoor sauna and you are going to be able to use that in the dead of winter it's my favorite time of year to use my outdoor sauna so really think about that it's my little sanctuary but it's also a great great place to have friends over and that might sound funny.

But it's a great area for hanging out talking catching up with friends you're outside in the sauna hanging out sweating out the day so to speak and just it is totally warm and you're in the dead of winter so think about a sauna as a great thing for winter use.

Next idea for winter use of your outdoor space is a fireplace now a fireplace is a magnet for people it comes from the roots it comes from who we are we love that fire sitting around a fire a fire pit telling stories but we can have that in the dead of winter it doesn't have to just be summer use in fact in the winter time a lot of times the wife wants to.

Kick the husband out when they're watching football right what a better place to go be outside around your fireplace and watch the game so really think about that but of course a fireplace could also be a kind of a magnet for a couple like a little intimate time you're sharing some conversation maybe sharing a glass of.

Wine talking about the day catching up with your significant other so think about a fireplace even in the dead of winter it's going to be a very nice thing especially if you have it under a cover so you're protected from the elements.

All right of course i always say it and i always will say it is you need a design for your winter use of your outdoor space it's just very very important to get a design you can hire us we'd love to design the space we'll think through all the seasons not just the winter but all the seasons that you're going to use the.

Space we're going to ask you the questions that you need to think about to be able to design the space correctly or you can do our design course which is below that's a very that'll basically educate you on everything you need to make sure you're not making mistakes.

Okay so another idea for a winter use of your backyard space is a pathway now you might think why a pathway well a pathway is important because you don't want to walk from point a to point b in the mud or you know in the snow i guess the snow's going to be there regardless but.

It won't be if you do a heated pathway and so those are kind of popular surprisingly you could do an outdoor heated pathway that will get rid of that snow even in the dead of winter but a pathway is going to be great even if it's not snowing you just want to kind of not have to trek through mud a nice step stone pathway or you can do a solid.

Pathway on the side of your house or over to a destination so one of my favorite wintertime ideas to get out into your outdoor space is surprisingly a simple blanket i love kind of getting cozy and talking or getting cozy and watching a movie getting cozy and watching a football game one of my favorite memories is when.

We went to iceland we rented one of those bubbles for the night we did a kind of an outdoor bubble night and we were underneath the stars looking up and enjoying that winter time amazingness but we were so warm because we had electric blankets in the in the dead of winter outside so you can really be outside and extend it and enjoy it.

With a blanket or an electric blanket depending on what you're doing or how cold it is all the time people are asking me what they can do to be able to grill outside even in the dead of winter and there's a lot of ideas first of all we want to choose our cook space what do you want do you want a grill do you want.

A smoker do you want a green egg lots of different ways you can even do a griddle or a pizza oven lots of different ways to cook even in the dead of winter but you're going to want to think about how to cover that space you're probably going to want to do a solid cover so here's some ideas on that you can definitely think about a heater to make.

Sure that that outdoor kitchen is well warmed so when you go out to grill you're not freezing you don't want to freeze and another little another thing about an outdoor kitchen is if you have a sink right there even in the dead of winter you're going to be able to turn the water on wash your hands and stay outside and not have.

To go inside and outside and kind of make all that cold air go on the inside so add what you need to add for your outdoor space to be able to really enjoy that space even in the dead of winter and not have to go inside and outside from the inside of the house.

Another idea for your outdoor use for the wintertime is lighting now of course lighting is lighting and lighting can be used even in like the summertime nighttime use but obviously it's going to get darker a lot sooner in the winter you're going to want to use that space like we talked about getting out for your hot tub and getting out for your.

Structure your outdoor kitchen and another cool thing about lighting i just want to mention is you can really change the colors so you can you can actually kind of tune these to be uh you know like a sporting team you can make it and you can make them so they're themed and if your team's out and they're doing good you can put it out in.

Your outdoor lighting it'll be the front yard in the backyard and light up the space in your favorite sport sporting team's colors now of course you can also do this for the different festive events that you want to do in your life no matter what you want you can put those different colors up and it's going to really show.

Off the space in a different way so think about lighting it's really a nice highlight of any outdoor space but it's definitely something to think about for your winter time use now here's a fun one in the dead of winter you can still use your pool your swimming pool what i love to do is the polar plunge so i have buddies over.

We're watching football we have the you know the the fireplace on we have the heaters on and the pool is basically freezing but you can do this and you can enjoy it with the plunge take the the plunge pretend you're taking the polar plunge so to speak and jump in of course after that you're going to jump in the hot tub.

It's a fun winter time use of your outdoor space take a polar plunge so we've talked a lot about winter time use of your outdoor space my favorite of that would be the hot tubs you're going to love it so much underneath the stars in the cold of winter and we're going to have a whole video right here all about the right hot tub to choose so take a.

Look at that video and enjoy

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