Best Backyard (BUDGET) Ideas

Backyard budget ideas we're going to talk to you a lot about how to save money in your backyard this season we have lots of ideas for you right now enjoy so what comes first the chicken or the egg classic question but i want you to think about that as you start thinking about your budget ideas for your.

Backyard so what comes first the structure it's a hard surface we're going to talk to you a lot about both of those and budget ideas at all different budget levels but especially from the lowest point and up to some medium price point ranges on both of those items here we go.

The biggest thing you're probably wanting to do is expand your patio surface now there's lots of different ways that we can do this the most budget-friendly way is with gravel so gravel and it's amazing it looks really good you can compact it here's some examples of the way those look but compacted gravel does a great job at a.

Very cost effective budget i also want to let you know that there is decomposed granite depending on where you live in the world you can do decomposed granite pretty much the exact same thing as gravel but it's just granite go ahead and put that in compact that and it's beautiful now a lot of people think concrete's the best now concrete in my.

Opinion cracks and it becomes something where it's not very attractive but you could do a mix of the two you could do some gravel and you could do some concrete mixed in the gravel and here's some examples of that so going up that budget ladder we have synthetic lawn or turf now this is a great alternative synthetic lawn they're.

Very strong they've come a long ways these days and they give you a beautiful hard surface look at how nice these look this is a very budget friendly cost alternative for a hard surface so think about synthetic lawn i love the way it looks and you can do a lot of you can get really creative with the way this is installed and it looks in your backyard.

And then of course the upper echelon of budget is pavers i love pavers because they're segmented they're individual they have a lot of different stylistic looks i have a ton of examples here on pavers now remember if you can do it yourself this is a budget friendly alternative remember an individual paver is not that.

Expensive but it is a lot of work to install it so you definitely want to do some education before you try to pull off pavers by yourself so now we're talking about covers so with the cover it's important many of us either need shade relief or we need just rain relief or even snow relief so the.

Lowest budget level that i would recommend because everybody wants an outdoor room is a pergola now that you can do some shade sale options but really you really want to think about a pergola because they're inexpensive you can do it yourself four posts build a very simple or a very elaborate pergola yourself and all of a.

Sudden you have a gorgeous outdoor room now the next level of a pergola if you're talking up the budget level now there's what we call shade effect these are not the least expensive but they are a nice option because you're not putting a solid surface you're given the ability to close it and open it so think about these they're very nice and here's the.

Next budget level if we're going up that budget level ring is a lean-to structure now of course that's going to be at the higher end of things but it is a solid surface you you could do a corrugated roof which is very inexpensive by the way get it at home deep or lows and really you have a beautiful outdoor room so there you go chicken or the egg what.

Comes first to you is it the cover is it the hard surface i'll let you decide on that but we're gonna have a lot more budget friendly ideas right now okay now we get to get into the fun stuff of your backyard low budget ideas and it's either a grill station a grill island or a backyard bar now you can do these at a budget level and they're.

Going to just change your backyard life i truly mean that all right so grill stations what you do around that that really matters you can do a little cart you can have a little built-in area to the side now part of a grill station could even be some of the tabletop versions that you see out there they're everywhere.

Here's an example of a little pizza oven that we did on top of a grill station that's just all store-bought and it's really at a budget-friendly price in a very nice little small backyard just perfect it's very convenient right outside of your door you have this beautiful grill station now the next budget from the idea is to go ahead and.

Build a grill island now these are usually built-in units so you have to think about that but really again if you can do it yourself these are not very expensive really i build mine out of cmu block so you can go to home depot i think they're a dollar fifty a piece and you can build you know mix up the mortar and you can build this kitchen yourself.

Put some stone on it or even a lot of these have their own stone these days and you can have a beautiful outdoor kitchen at a very budget friendly price next item we want to talk about is an outdoor bar now you don't have to do a built-in bar like we have tons of those built-in bars they're really pretty but really you can do a budget bar at a very.

Economical price and you can just buy one buy a bar a couple of bar stools we're not talking much do a bar because people are magnets to bars they're gonna love that outdoor bar add the grill island grab you know do the grill station whichever one you choose add the bar for sure and that backyard bar gives you more places to sit gives you two to.

Four extra spots at a bar very low price it's going to give you another destination in the backyard space even in a small area because they take up such a small amount of space so a bar for your budget backyard is a must all right now we're talking about an absolute must we just talked about the.

Bar but a true absolute must for your budget backyard is a fire pit please please please do a fire pit you have so many different budget levels for a fire pit you can do the fire tables here's a couple examples of a fire table it's a fire pit but it's a fire table so let's start with a fire pit just a traditional.

Fire pit you can either do propane you can do wood burning or you could do natural gas of course the the wood burning is going to be the least expensive or you can do a propane fire pit this is what i'd probably recommend just because it's so convenient and you know.

You'll have to do a little tube you're going to probably have to conceal that over a carpet or a rug or something but really these are great turn them on and you have a fire pit instantly puts out great amount of heat here's the other option is obviously the natural gas that just hooks right to your home gas these are great but they're more expensive.

These are more of a diy project too for the most part you're going to have to build this i want to just say this is not an expensive thing to do it yourself again you can get the cmu block buy a burner they're like 80 bucks i think and then you can build this whole item you might need to get some help from a gas contractor but other than that this.

Could be done at a very budget friendly price here's some examples of us building these to let you see how to do that and then some of the finished projects of what it looks like built in so i want to say if you're thinking about a backyard and a budget you probably aren't going to want to hire.

Somebody for a good backyard design but i do want to say that if you do i would recommend hiring us it's going to save you money that might sound weird but you're not going to make mistakes so hire us we'd be happy to design the space for you and if you don't want to do a whole 3d design with us you can still buy our design course so the.

Design course will walk you through all of the principles of backyard design and that's going to be very budget friendly for you you a little bit of effort on your part but that's going to give you the education you need to design the space for yourself or of course you can meet with me and that link will be below that's also at a more budget friendly.

Rate than the 3d design so lots of different options but think through the space design the space prior to doing anything and it will save you a lot of money all right now we're talking water features water features to me has a spot in my heart when i first started work i.

Did water features that was my specialty was water features and i love a water feature i've had one in every backyard i've ever had so i would strongly recommend a backyard water feature now you can do these at lots of different budget levels you can do a fountain or a bubbler now you can either buy these fountains they're pre-made they're.

Pre-assembled and just buy it and you put it in your backyard plug it in and it's makes that sound and it's decent or you can start to build these a little bit to do it yourself you can turn a flower pot very inexpensive flower pot and you can turn this very easily into a beautiful bubbler now.

They fill up and then that just has this wonderful gurgle that comes out of these flower pot water features now part of those you can actually do a little spigot where it goes in again this is very easy very simple mechanisms behind that really have a pump at the bottom and it's just pumping it up to that fountain and it goes into.

The the same water feature or that same flower pot and does the same thing in addition to these flower pot water features you could do the same thing with a boulder grab a boulder you see a lot of them with more of a column or you can just grab a boulder and i like the boulders because they just have these like gnarls.

And they just kind of look nice as the water is kind of cascading down these boulders but these again are very inexpensive go to your local rock quarry place a lot of times they can core any boulder you decide and then all of a sudden that becomes a really nice very natural looking bubbler in your backyard by the way i just want to add.

This to a bubbler as they're great for just giving you the peace in your backyard space and they take up a very small footprint and if you live in the city it's going to do a great job of kind of drowning out that city noise so a water feature is going to be great in a lot of different levels.

So going up that budget level you could do a water feature was more of a cascading waterfall or creek and you can mimic these what you see in nature and it looks very nice this is starting to get a little bit more technical but i think it's something you can still do it yourself you're going to need to get a rubber liner for this and.

Then you're going to basically make sure that no water can get out so go ahead and fold that up and put the rocks in around that but just a little bit of education can give you a beautiful backyard water feature or creek style water feature like you're seeing here and then another water feature that we recommend is a pond water feature now a.

Pond water feature is great because again it's just not hard dig a hole in your backyard but you could then put in fish little goldfish you could even do a koi pond i know this sounds like it's expensive but it's just not you can dig the hole yourself get rid of the soil put a liner in fill it with water do all the proper balancing of that water and.

You can put fish in there and it's not expensive and it's going to really attract nature to your backyard now our next backyard budget item is a comfort item and it's a hot tub or a sauna remember thinking what budget level but yes you can get some good priced hot tubs out there of course you.

Might need to make some concessions on some other of the items that we've talked about but if you want a hot tub by the way i loved my hot tub and it's something i craved when i was very young and i had to have it it was another must must-haves in my backyard so you might have that in your own backyard you might just need to have that backyard hot tub.

And they're wonderful and there's a lot of different budget friendly choices okay and now we're talking about saunas and you're thinking what are you even talking about micah why are you saying this is a budget and it is an absolute budget item trust me i looked at it on amazon i was shocked about the how low the prices were for saunas little.

Personal saunas are very inexpensive of course you can go and grow from there to really elegant backyard saunas but really a sonic can be at every budget level and i want you to know that it's a fact but i love my backyard sauna you might know from watching my channel it's my little sanctuary of space for me and i really do spend a lot of time.

So again a sauna is my sanctuary i love my sauna it's where i go for my space of course i have a whole family and none of them take us on that with me so you can do a sonic if it's something you personally like it's just your area it could be a one man it could be a small two man very budget friendly and it could be a backyard destination.

Like you will not believe you'll love it peeping neighbors are in everybody's backyard so we need some privacy protection from that lots of different ways for privacy at a lot of different budget-friendly costs you can do a simple wood screen here's some examples of that again it's a little bit of dui.

But really just go to home depot grab the two by fours grab the one by sixes and you can build a very nice privacy screen for very low price you can buy some metal privacy screens here's some examples of some metal privacy screens very budget friendly very nice or of course then you can do just the classic planting now when you.

Think of planting for privacy you don't have to think about a wall of privacy it's amazing what a plant one plant one properly placed plant will do to give you just that little block from your neighbor now these plants can also go in flower pots and you can just put a flower pot put a tree in strategically placed and all of a sudden you have a.

Little bit of privacy some people do bamboo even bamboo in a raised garden bed might be a good idea so you don't have to mess with the rhizomes too and you can think about a small hedge those are all the different ways that you can do privacy at a very budget friendly level.

Speaking of trending items it would be backyard gardens and you can definitely do this in a very small space but a lot of people are just buying flower pots these days you can even do elongated 10 bins and you can turn that into a beautiful garden space of yourself you know the price of these you probably shopped for them they're very.

Inexpensive and you can have a very nice backyard garden or patio garden and now of course you can also do vertical gardens now these are trending like crazy just go ahead and grab that flower pot and then of course you can just put a trellis up very inexpensive and just let that garden grow so to speak at a very budget friendly price.

budget friendly outdoor theater yes you can will be shocked and i want you to explore this because it's inexpensive and it's so much fun for the summer time so yeah do a little outdoor theater you can get a screen they're so inexpensive i did this one and you can see it here for like 30 dollars and then of course.

You can get a projector very inexpensive these days and you can have a beautiful backyard movie theater invite the family invite the friends over so here's the screen this is what you just saw me building you can obviously see it does a great job 22 bucks i believe on amazon i just.

Framed it with pvc as you saw and then right below that is my little rig station there this is an epson uh projector and try to let you see that and it's a home cinema 760 hd does a great job simple hd cable.

Over to my ps3 and obviously this is extremely rigged up with the extension cord and everything but you just that's you don't need a ton and then we have the sono sound bar that is connected with the optical cable to the sonos playstation and now that allows me to have speakers all around so.

We have one two three speakers and we can have more on the back side if we need to because you can actually see that screen on both sides and i'll show you that real quick so you get to see it on both sides and have a very nice.

Movie set up and not have the killer damage to the pocketbook backyard theaters are the craze and you're gonna love it okay talking about budget and lighting i really want you to include lighting in your backyard and you can do this at a lot of different budget levels in fact.

The modern bistro light is inexpensive and beautiful i include it in even the highest end landscape and they're very inexpensive or you can just do lanterns grab a couple of lanterns look i have a lantern here with a candle how inexpensive is that how budget friendly is that so think about lighting now of course you can go a little bit more.

Grand you can grab some of the solar items that are on the market they're not my favorite i'd prefer some of the stringed in plugged in lighting options that we're talking about but you could do true landscape lighting home depot and those also offer those.

All right budget friendly decor you just look for the cells throughout the seasons they will be there and you'll definitely see a cell come up you know what do i mean by decor you got your outdoor chairs you got your outdoor couches you have your outdoor dining areas which you definitely need got rugs i would strongly recommend a rug you got.

Umbrellas please get some umbrellas they just add a lot of character a lot of color to the landscape and they're also going to give you some shade area and then of course you can do it because i told you you need a fire pit grab some fire pit stools for around that fire pit all right so we got some bonus content in this budget video and it's a backyard.

Budget friendly hammock or swing take a look at what we were able to do here a very simple hammock very inexpensive you can buy it on the internet but again it gives you a destination your kids are going to be out there your families are going to want to go out there and just lay or maybe you will but you could also do some swings check out these swings.

Attach them to a beam underneath the deck or underneath even your home eaves and now you have another beautiful destination at a very budget friendly price all right so we're talking about budget friendly backyards but we also need to remember backyard is for living in we're.

Talking about backyard living and we're talking about budget now here's some different ways you can do that i love games and i love being with my friends and family in the backyard and you can do this at a budget level so think about the games that you can buy i really enjoy throwing cornhole you can get some very inexpensive cornhole sets all right.

Some other budget friendly ideas would be bocce ball you can do horseshoes very inexpensive if you have the space you can do badminton you can do darts i like throwing darts and you can have a dart board set up in the backyard and it's very budget friendly and gives you a lot of entertaining it takes up a very small footprint in your backyard as well i.

Also just love playing cards in the backyard so just a little table on your decor table and then you have the kids areas you build custom ones in fact here's a custom one that we built we did some tunnels in there we did a little platform a little climbing wall so backyard kid areas can be a diy project very easily or you can buy some of the.

Swing sets that are the prices of those are obviously coming down all the time think about those kid areas in your backyard so many different backyard budget items in fact a lot of times when you have a backyard budget you have a smaller backyard space so watch this video over here it's all about small backyard.

Design ideas and we have lots of different ideas for you there enjoy

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