BUDGET BACKYARD PATIO MAKEOVER: 11 Cheap and Easy DIY Decorating Ideas and Projects

hi it's sheri welcome back to canterbury cottage today's video is full of ideas for ways to make your outdoor living space a warm and welcoming place where you want to hang out.

Because i know we all want to spend time with our family and friends this summer it doesn't matter whether you have a patio a deck a porch a balcony or just a little patch of grass i have lots of ideas for you so let's get started creating a welcoming outdoor space is.

Really not that much different than creating a welcoming indoor space so just like indoors you'll want to start with a little house cleaning i began by sweeping up my patio in my stylish dollar tree sandals which by the way are pretty comfy we leave our patio.

Furniture out during the winter and i never know what i'm going to find when i take the covers off these arbor vitae trees can be messy so i trimmed them back a bit well i guess i trimmed them back a lot then i power washed the patio floor the brick walls and all of the furniture.

The metal parts of these dining chairs were getting rusty and so i touched them up a bit with black spray paint with rust protection i avoided spraying the woven seat as much as possible i really liked this krylon spray paint and i think.

My chairs look as good as new if you want your patio or deck to be cozy you really must add some textiles a large area rug will have the biggest impact i bought this one for five dollars at a garage sale for durability choose a synthetic rug such as this polypropylene one.

To wash your pillows and cushions use about a half a cup of borax and a big squirt of dawn dishwashing liquid fill your bucket with water and use a scrub brush hose it off afterwards i let my cushions dry in the sun for a while before returning them to the.

Furniture i ordered these pillow covers from amazon last year and i just fill them with an old indoor pillow just make sure it's filled with polyfill and not feathers these pillow covers cost less than four dollars each.

I also bought some outdoor fabric that hobby lobby carries i bought a yard which was exactly enough to make three 18 inch pillows i sewed all four edges leaving just one opening large enough for my hand to fit in once i turned the fabric right side out i stuffed it using the poly fill.

From an old faded outdoor pillow i have a very neutral color scheme on my patio which makes it easy to replace or refresh one or two pillows each year if possible try to create both sunny areas and shady areas on your patio eventually i would like to.

Have a gazebo but until then i'll just have to make do with the patio umbrella i wanted to buy a new umbrella but there really was nothing wrong with the one i had so i decided to spice it up a bit i measured around the outer edge of the umbrella.

And purchased eight and a half yards of fringe at hobby lobby which i hot glued along the edge without the 40 off coupon the fringe cost me 20 but that's still a lot cheaper than a new umbrella i mentioned that i have fairly neutral patio decor.

But you guys know i love color and i bring in a lot of color with plants i bought this large chandelier at the habitat restore for 35 dollars and i'm going to turn it into a planter i took off the top part by unscrewing several nuts this allowed me to remove.

The inner portion that held the light bulbs i reassembled the top section and on the underside instead of returning the nut i used the finial from the ceiling cover so that i would have a circle on which to hang a basket i took it outside and gave it a.

Couple coats of the black spray paint with the rust protection and then it was ready for a giant fern i think it makes a very interesting planter i like planters that are a little different so after adding a geranium to this large pot i added an old outdoor.

Lantern that i had gutted a solar light and a small plant in a pot it's like creating a tablescape or a vignette only outside i added this statue i purchased at goodwill to this large pot i like to use perennials like this spirea as much as.

Possible i found both the iron basket and cocoa liner at a thrift store i just needed to cut down the liner to fit the basket i divided a fern i already had to fit inside and then i added a little flower too for some extra color lastly i popped.

In a dollar tree solar light although i love the look of string lights on the patio i decided to keep my lighting projects simple this year i took a dollar tree solar light and cut the tubing in half and then attached another light to the opposite end.

I used the chains off these dollar tree hanging baskets in a previous project so i wanted to make use of them i pushed them together until they kind of connected then i began wrapping the wires with black nylon rope also from dollar tree to make it easier i cut the rope in long strips and just tied on a new piece.

When i came to the end i just wrapped over the knot and kept going package of rope was just enough to cover the entire basket the two-ended solar light fits snugly inside the dollar tree shepherd's hook is not very tall so to create a taller stand i took a broom pole from.

Dollar tree and removed the rubber handle i stuck that end in the dirt i drilled a hole in the opposite end where the broom itself would screw on then i took a dollar tree shepherd's hook and pushed it down into that hole indoors or outdoors you can never have.

Too much storage because i use it every day i just bought a cute watering can and hung it on a shepherd's hook i found this large wicker basket for three dollars at goodwill and i thought it would be perfect to hold a firewood it just needed a good coat of outdoor polyurethane.

To protect it from the weather i bought this two-tiered table for 14.99 and this cooler for 4.99 at goodwill and i had grand plans of marrying the two i thought the cooler was the perfect size to fit in the space where the drawer had been but i was wrong the cooler was larger.

Than i thought i ended up removing the drawer completely and just cutting out a hole large enough for the cooler to fit inside because i had sanded areas of the table i sprayed it first with a primer and then i followed that with three separate coats of the krylon black spray paint.

I also spray painted the exterior of the cooler i finished the table with two coats of the outdoor polyurethane well it didn't turn out the way i had hoped but still it is a handy place to keep some cold beverages well if you've seen any of my videos you.

Know i don't like bare walls i had this metal wall decor in my basement that i had previously thrifted i spray painted the stems with the krylon black spray paint i bought this large piece of sheet moss at hobby lobby but.

You could also use the dollar tree variety i used a sharpie marker to trace around each of the individual leaves and then i cut them out i recommend doing this outdoors or on a drop cloth because it was very messy when all my leaves were cut.

Out i hot glued them to the metal doing one little section at a time to hang it i drilled a hole in my brick wall using a concrete drill bit i inserted a plastic anchor and a screw and then i was ready to hang my moss wall art to help my moss last as long as possible i gave it a good coat of the.

Outdoor polyurethane i like how it turned out but i wonder would you hang it on your patio i needed a piece of wood so i took apart the drawer from the cooler table the back piece was the perfect size i gave it a couple coats of the black.

Spray paint when the paint was dry i screwed on this outdoor thermometer from the dollar tree i paid 1.99 for this metal wall art from goodwill which i spray painted with leafy green spray paint i attached the wall art to the thermometer.

By putting screws in between the metal branches to attach the thermometer to my brick wall i just used some adhesive velcro strips i use these indoors on ceramic tile and they work really well much easier than drilling a hole to enjoy the outdoors.

In the midwest you have to ward off the mosquitoes so let's make a citronella candle melt down some old candles in your oven and reuse one of the wicks from those candles when the candles are completely melted add several drops of citronella oil i ordered mine from amazon.

Pour the melted wax into a container of your choice keep the wick propped up until the wax solidifies i put my metal bowl inside a wood bowl inside an old plant stand all three items were purchased for less than ten dollars at a thrift store even if you don't have bugs you might.

Want to make a large candle for your patio to add a sense of tranquility to your outdoor living space you might consider adding a wind chime or a water feature i decided to turn the inner portion of the chandelier into a wind chime i slid off the socket.

Covers cut the wires and removed the sockets i loosened the nuts holding the candle cups and then slid them up to the top of the screw and then re-tightened the nuts i drilled two holes on a opposing sides of each of the metal.

Socket covers i ran a long piece of heavy duty thread through each of the holes and tied a knot at the top i hung the chandelier from a hook that i screwed into the wooden eve then i looped one chime around each of the candle arms.

I'm sure you've probably seen the solar light chandeliers on pinterest but i decided i wanted to use citronella candles in mine i poured a little wax in each cup to make sure that my votive candles stayed put i ordered these citronella candles off amazon.

I decided i wanted to make a water feature too i spray painted over the design on this goodwill umbrella stand i found a plastic pot that fit snuggly in the top and i cut the bottom off of it i added a few rocks to the bottom of the umbrella stand so it.

Wasn't quite so deep then i added a 10 electric water pump i filled the umbrella stand about three-fourths of the way full of water i added the bottom of the plastic pot make sure that it's full of holes you may need to make the center hole a little larger.

For the top of your pump to fit through add some decorative rocks to fill up the plastic piece i slid this old lantern over the top to hide the cord and just to make it prettier the pump comes with various nozzles to create different effects the pump also comes.

With a plug so you can drill a hole and have the cord run out the side or the bottom of your container but i decided just to keep it simple i didn't want to risk cracking the ceramic container trying to drill a hole i think vegetables and herbs can be a.

Nice addition to a patio here i have herbs growing in old paint cans that i painted white and put in a wooden tote these metal baskets were on clearance for eight dollars at hobby lobby i bought two cocoa liners at dollar tree they fit perfectly in the bottom basket i just needed to.

Trim it up a bit to make it fit into the smaller top basket then i added some herbs and now i have a little herb garden right outside my patio door and next to the grill just like indoors i think every outdoor space should have.

A touch of whimsy i bought this broken down purple baby buggy at a thrift store for ten dollars i thought it was just the right element of whimsy for my patio i spray painted the buggy white and its two remaining wheels black and then i added one of my favorite flowers.

Geraniums i think this is going to be even more adorable once these geraniums really fill in i think it would be really funny to have a doll head peeking out through the geraniums or is that going too far.

drilling even a small hole in concrete can take a very long time and use a lot of drill bits you might consider buying a hammer drill an electric one like the one i used cost under 25 dollars.

Well i hope you came away with at least one good idea that you can try out in your own outdoor space and i wanted to thank you all for watching and for leaving such lovely comments i am so sorry that i have fallen behind in responding to everyone but i do want you to know how very much.

I appreciate you and i sure hope you'll come back next tuesday well that's all for today bye bye for now

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