Building a paver patio and firepit

Okay our latest project that we are going to do we are going to put it in a patio over here and we've got all the stuff up there on the porch the pavers in the sand and the gravels in the back of our truck excuse the wind and the noise out here but let me show you the load of gravel we had to get load of gravel.

On the truck what I've done hope you're picking this up what I've done is I went ahead and measured this out I've got this ten feet six inches and ten feet six inches they're square and then I measured diagonally from here to there and also from here to there to make sure that I.

Came up with the exact same measurements so we would know that it's squared and then I had some leftover fluorescent paint and so I strung this out with Mason string and then painted over the top of it with the fluorescent paint so next thing is to start take the string back up and then start digging okay go all the way around the perimeter of.

This with this edging tool kind of cook the Sun what I'm gonna do is I'm going to actually cut this up and probably 1 by 2 foot sections so we have some places that could actually use a little uh sod like up there next to the house and that underneath that it's gonna be replaced and just some various places I'm going to put that.

So I cut this in strips and then we will move it to a new location okay stay two of our project and today we're continuing cutting the pieces of sod out we had a lot of rain last night but we covered up the entire area with two tarps so that basically kept it pretty much dry so in order to let the part that's.

In the shade dry out a little bit we move to the other square and I'll show you how we're actually getting me out makes it pretty easy and then you can move that pieces of sod to another location and using the YouTube okay I want to show you how we're actually cutting these out and I have my edger here we're just making smaller pieces.

They're a little easier to handle and since we kind of piece in a minute smaller places shadow just take this potato just put this in a location where we need some grass get some bare spots so that's what we're gonna do that will continue getting all this until we get.

It all up and so at the end of the day what we'll do is we'll water this in tamp it down and water it in real good okay as you can see we've got all the grass pulled up and now we are excavating down to six inches and we have it marked with stakes what the depth of six inches is right here.

So lots of dirt do you have anything to say he can talk to him because this is a lot easier for me to do it like this thing it is straight up with my back would you say you're halfway No we need some inmates.

all right we've got all the dirt and everything excavated out of there down six inches somebody wants to figure up exactly that's ten foot six inches by ten foot six inches six inches deep tell me exactly how many tons of dirt this is.

So like we're gonna get in there tamp that down and then bring in gravel we are done for the day tomorrow get him here and tamp down the gravel attack it good because you want a good base for the papers and then we'll put the papers.

Down for the sand patio pages maybe they're bringing the rake of to sunshine all right our nice neighbor came to rescue us.

Tampin the gravel down before the sand base in the middle of this so basically we're trying to set them all the way around the circle here we've got one that's chip dust all the guys go around where the fire I'm trying to slope it away from this chance.

okay here's our completed patio should we put the sod back around there whether it'll take or not I don't know it's a little lower than what I would have liked but I'm not sure if we dug down a little bit too far or if the gravel estimate was a tad off but it's not exactly centered on the patio but that's.

Alright because in order to get the four bullocks out from under that where the fire pit is actually located we had offset it a little bit which that's okay still get chairs all the way around here and we would have taken a video of me making the actual fire pit but it was dark outside so I was working basically by the light of the porch so anyway that.

Is our outdoor patio project so I hope you enjoyed the video I know it's a long one but we wanted to see what kind of work is actually involved in doing something like this so and thanks for watching

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