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Should we wait till we're closer to 2022 it's time for a 2022 color of the year to talk about and i don't know about you but i'm very excited if you're not totally up to speed on the many different paint companies out there that's cool but a company that i'm pretty sure most of us know especially here in north america is home depot and .

The paint that is exclusively available there is called bear from a product standpoint they have an extensive line of architectural paint and wood care products but today we're just focused on color specifically the 2022 color of the year breezeway and the overall trends palette by bear paint which means they're joining the likes of .

Ppg sherwin-williams and valspar as some of the earlier color of the year selectors part of me thinks shouldn't we wait till we're closer to 2022 or at least at 22 before we dictate the colors i don't know but i guess that's part of the fun you know what else is fun hitting the like button boom seriously .

Give it a try okay enough youtuber silliness so what do we have here bear look at all these colors this is the color trends palette for 2022. it looks like a pretty broad spectrum of colors to me with some earthy beige and tan colors quite a few cooler colors .

Some gray even some red and yellow but it also seems to me that quite literally half of the colors are within a sort of pastel or lighter range and the other half are your mids and deep colors for something with a little more saturation so already there's a half and half split of lighter color lovers and those more .

Richer color cravers out there i also sense a common theme from company to company where there's this underlying message of inspiration and finding a sense of peace and serenity after uh admittedly pretty troubling couple of years or so and when i look at this palette i do see that to a certain extent what i also see is maybe a little .

Bit of over inclusion if that's a thing there really is a little bit of everything which is great because it should serve a greater number of people but also at the same time doesn't quite have an extremely clear concise design message they're trying to put across so let's start off .

Right away with that color of the year by bear breezeway a paragraph from the website says looking ahead to 2022 we have a desire to embrace a sense of renewal and to explore new hobbies or adventures both near and far that excite us i mean breezeway looks like a fine color with that understated soothing .

Greeny blue like the green part at this point does it excite me exactly i don't know continuing on the bear 2022 color of the air breezeway offers feelings of coolness and peace while representing a desire to move forward and discovered newfound passions i guess feelings of coolness refers to the .

Literal cool coloration of it and i guess peace because it's not gonna stir up any visceral responses when you look at it i feel like i should be happier with this choice because i'm mr green age after all but in a way i kind of feel that breezeway is sort of a gateway drug back .

Towards cool grays which i'm not a huge fan of as a main wall color anymore i really felt a general shift away from blue grays to slightly more warmer optimistic tones and while breezeway has a nice combination of green and blue it's that silvery quality that does make it feel cooler which is ironic because .

Apparently the color was inspired by sea glass found on the shores of salty warm beaches it's a coastal color i get it and within that specific color palette or design style you accompany it with rich woods warmer creamy off-whites and other colors of the like it'll look really nice but i'm unsure if that's the definitive direction .

Interior design is going next year i'm sorry peeps normally i try and remain as open-minded as possible with these types of videos but i'm not totally there with breezeway i see it as a trend color in the sense that you'll love it this year but then want to paint over it in the next year or so the good news is if you're not totally in love with the .

Coastal color palette you do have quite a few other options within that bare color trends palette lovely bright colors like cornstalk rich terracotta red is like perfect penny and you have lingonberry punch for an even more vibrant take on red and other great colors like sustainable and wild mustang i also noticed that your annual navy .

Blue selection which every color trends palette needs to have was kind of replaced by a more teal leaning color in ocean abyss which is yet another hint that i feel like bear is kind of in a coastal headspace in 2022 but it really does look nice as a color and rich no matter what your lighting is it's gonna work with warmer incandescent lighting .

Or cooler north facing room lighting doesn't really matter it's gonna look pretty consistent throughout if anything my eyes were kind of drawn to dark cobalt blue when i saw its renderings on the bear website it's the type of deep blue you don't normally see in design which is part of its intrigue .

It's that rich almost indigo purple touch in the undertones that gives it a modern flair you don't really have to worry about this one feeling subtle or under-saturated it's quite dynamic but at the end of the day what do i know i feel like i've become the youtube ambassador for green .

As exemplified in the sherwin-williams color of the year video but as soon as you bring in a little too much blue i pump the brakes a little bit i guess we should put together our own color of the year list at some point right how cool would that be would you like me to talk about all these bear colors in a little more detail or maybe there's just one or .

Two that you want to look at specifically let me know because i do try and take as many requests as i can stay tuned hill and

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