hi friends of the twins welcome back to the channel it's me chrissy here giving you guys another takeover as i help my mom shonda get ready for the fall now what's normally a little seasonal refresh is going to be taken to a whole nother level today because we are.

Working in some new pieces that she got from today's sponsor for today's video causeway and if you guys aren't familiar with causeway let's take a look and see how you can get some great pieces from them too really quick guys i just wanted to show you cosplay's website if you weren't familiar make sure you pop on by they've.

Got indoor outdoor furniture decor a little bit of everything so check it out and make sure you hit that seasonal category they have christmas trees available and you guys know the holiday season will be here before you know it now before you check out don't get too excited first remember that they participate in the program klarna which.

Allows you for interest-free payments and they also have a very special discount code just for you friends of the twins it is down in the description box below now if you haven't guessed yet mama is going to be replacing the chairs at the dining room table she got her shipment within four days which i thought was.

Very quick and i had to poke a little fun at her for a moment because she had a meltdown thinking that there were no legs included with the chairs but what we found was that causeway is so efficient with their packing process that they actually put the legs for the chairs in the bottom of the chair which i thought was extremely smart.

And of course mama doesn't want to do the hard part of putting them together so that is left up to me so right now i'm just unboxing all of the chairs i'm doing them one at a time and i'll be honest with you at first i was unwrapping the cherub and then after doing this first one i decided that i would leave the rest of them wrapped.

Because they are white and i didn't want to get any of them dirty and i'm just checking them out they're beautiful chairs and i'm excited to get this project going it's going to be so nice when it's complete and let's get started now since i already know that the legs are under the bottom i'm just going to.

Go ahead and get those bottoms unzipped and get my items out of the chair it comes packaged very neatly and the package is going to include all four of your legs front and back two in front two for the back of course and also a set of tools now my husband may or may not be right when he says that i'm not good at.

Putting things together but cosway definitely made this easy for me as you can see they have the legs labeled b and f and they also placed arrows on the front of the front legs to show you that this is the front of the leg so i thought that was very good that they gave this much.

Instruction on the actual pieces and then of course you have an instruction manual included as well as all of the tools that you will need to do the project so nothing additional is necessary the box contains all of the things you will need i went ahead and got all of my pieces.

Separated so that i knew that i had everything and i pre-loaded my screws with the spring washer and the regular washer before i got started as you can see the labeling is consistent on the bottom of the chairs obviously this is the front and this is the back but just in case you weren't sure there it is.

So now i've got my legs i'm pre-loading them and i'm gonna go ahead and start getting my screw screwed in you can do most of this with just your hand to a certain point but after that you will need to go ahead and get your wrench so i'm now twisting with the wrench at this point to make sure that that leg is secure and i wanted to give you guys a.

Better view of what i'm doing so now i've got the chair flipped over so that you can see the underside and i'm using my wrench so that you can see how the tightening process works and without taking up too much time i'm going to go ahead and do the same thing with all of the rest of the legs being careful to make sure that i am using the.

Legs that are designated for the specific slots as well as making sure that the legs are facing the proper direction the back legs on this chair curve a bit and the curve has to go slightly outward on the back of the chair or the chair is not going to be sturdy so we're just going to make.

Sure that we're getting everything all tightened and secured before we flip this chair over and take a look at our progress and it looks like someone has spotted the friends of the twins watch out now that our work is complete we're going to zip up the bottom of our chair.

And take a look at our work i'm very pleased with how this came out and i mentioned earlier that the chairs were white but i would actually say they're more of a cream color the material is velvet and it has tufted buttons on the front of the chair as well as the nail head detailing all around the chair on the back as well as.

At the base the door knocker detail on the back is my favorite i just think that is so unique so classy and i can't wait to see all of this come together mama has been in the dining room working on her part of our project so let's bring it all together and give you guys a wow of a big reveal.

now i feel like i need to tone it down a little bit because this fall tablescape is giving grown it's getting sexy it's giving date night it's giving everything i really love the details that she put into this table scheme in addition to shopping for some items within the home mom and aunt rhonda visited home goods.

Hobby lobby and probably a couple of other places you know they go everywhere for a great find now if you want my opinion i believe that the items that she had in this dining room were beautiful before but i believe that these chairs were the perfect addition to add some more brightness and light in this room she.

Recycled the runner that was on the living room table and brought it into this space which i think made all of this cohesive the silver detailing in this runner is subtle but it brings together the silver detail on the backs of the chairs the placemats and table settings were repurposed from the previous season and these napkins are.

Being held by curtain tie backs you'll notice that they are on the curtains in the background i think that that was such a smart idea when the napkin ring holders that she originally planned for this space didn't work out the way she wanted and it made it all cohesive and beautiful.

Working our way into the centerpiece we have this candle for starters which i just think is absolutely beautiful it's a gold candle with a crystal middle the platform houses a lattice style candle with a lot of texture i just think all of this together looks very rich and unique and i haven't seen anything like it anywhere else this was shopped in the.

Home and i just love this piece our centerpiece is this cornucopia it is a cream ceramic piece with hints of brown and rust and it has various fall favorites such as pumpkins and squash i just think that this is such a staple piece you see this often during the fall but not like this these various.

Flowers were purchased at hobby lobby and my favorite one is that jeweled one on the right that white one it is just so gorgeous and this just shows that small details matter these little pumpkins you see here are actually salt and pepper shakers i thought that that was such a.

Beautiful functional idea and i do believe that your home should be beautiful but it should also work for you so this was an excellent touch now if you guys like this video then you are sure to be happy and pleased with what the twins have in store for you guys for the rest of the fall season.

Make sure that you go ahead if you haven't already and hit that subscribe button so that you can become an official friend of the twins make sure that you hit that notification bell so that you're notified every time there's a new video and i just want to say a personal thank you for you guys allowing me to pop in here and continue to take.

Over the channel it's been so much fun and as always make the life that you live a life that you love life is short thanks for watching

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