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good morning I hope everybody's having an amazing morning I know I always say that I am super excited but today I am really really excited to participate in the DIY mommies outdoor DIY and decor challenge no she doesn't do many challenges and she is one of the first channels that I discovered on YouTube .

She is so amazingly talented at decor and DIYs and her stuff is always so beautiful and polished and just amazing and there's something so sweet and gentle about her that you just enjoy watching so please make sure that you check out her channel as well as the playlist down below for all of the other participants this will give me a fun one .

I love decorating your outdoor living spaces because I know if I can be outside that's where I want to be especially while we have the chance so let's go have some fun if you like what you see subscribe down below give me a thumbs up let me know what you thought okay the first thing we are gonna do is change up my hammock to give it the .

Adorable fun boho chic look the first thing we have to do is make 28 tassels now I used this little tool which I kind of Lomer in the clearance section but I only because I wanted them to be the exact same length and if I did it on my hand they are never the same with this I know that they're gonna be the same length and I needed that just to save .

Time plus once I start cutting I end up with a little stumpy ones cuz I just keep cutting so greatest little tool and it does make them more uniform and we're just gonna use a spool of white cotton thread I think I paid like three or four dollars for this like TJ Maxx or something really nice spool of cotton .

Thread and we're just gonna wrap super easy tool to use and we'll speed through this because I'm pretty sure you don't want to watch me do 28 of these and like I said super cheap at the clearance section of Walmart why not and .

The package came with three different sizes so I think it's a win okay twenty-eight tassels I am gonna take just a little dot and dot of glue and put it on where the knot is tied just because they're gonna be out in the wind in the rain and I don't want them to come undone now my hammock is not ugly it is cute it is fine but why not take .

It up a notch and I love having the hammock my grandbabies love it and it reminds me of my grandparents because they always had one so I loved having it in the backyard but like I said why not bring it up a notch and the cotton string is a perfect match to what I already have going on so that worked out good so now obviously .

This is not a hard project more time-consuming than anything with tying all of them and then just tying them all on but super simple but it's gonna make it a sweet impact and take it from boring to that boho fun look so we're gonna get all of these tied on and then I'll be back because of course we can't just leave it like I said of course .

We're gonna be extra so we are gonna figure out a way to die only part of the ends of the string so it almost has that ombre effect so I got online and look to see how to do that and I saw food coloring epic fail well I've said this before but I'm no quitter so I knew that I had fabric paint so what if we water down the .

Fabric paint BAM we have a winner so we will take the fabric paint water it down really really good and then we are just simply gonna dip the ends into the watered down paint now in hindsight probably should have done this before I tied them on but that's not how crafting works and this was a on-the-fly decision so we're gonna go .

With it look how stinking adorable those turned out I am so happy and it truly does take it to the next level it looks a little more finished a little more polished and not so plain so before we go onto the second project which really isn't a project it's just .

Redoing what I already have but I wanted to take you on a tour of some of the sweet little areas in my backyard that I enjoy and maybe you can get some inspiration now that little table right there I actually have a video for and I will link that up above but I want to show you some of the favorite spaces that I have now this Arbor and garden .

Gate is one of my favorite projects we just finished this it leads into my small garden area and I'm sure that I am not the only one that has the ugly electrical box which you can barely see because we have it camouflaged but this was my solution to covering the ugly electrical box that is for the entire neighborhood and I got lucky enough to .

Have it in my backyard I truly love this new little garden area and it's nice because of the gate it does keep my pup from getting in there and possibly eating something that he shouldn't so it's a win-win it's beautiful and functional and I do have a video for this as well I will link that up above now onto our next project which really .

Is not a project like I said it is more revamping something that you have I have this wreath that hangs outside year-round summer winter fall the whole thing looking a little rough so we took it apart we dusted it off and we're just gonna put it all back together we're gonna use some of the old flowers that are still in good condition but more .

Importantly we are going to add some more color to this wreath just to bring it up to springtime and get it back in shape like it should be now my tip to you is start out with just a few sprigs get your main bulk in there which is the off-white that was already there but then add a few sprigs hang it up where you know that you're gonna hang it .

Step back and look at it because there's always holes that when you're standing right up on it you don't see so once you step back you know oh I need to add a lot more so I added and filled in some of those spots and added a little more color but I'm pretty happy with the end result I am so happy that I got to share a little piece of my sanctuary and I .

Hope that you got inspired got an idea or two if you enjoyed subscribe down below give me a thumbs up let me know what you thought thank you again for stopping by and I hope you have an amazingly beautiful day you

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