DIY Garden Edging Ideas for Your Yard | Done-In-A-Weekend Projects: Gain An Edge

So I realize that edging is probably not one of the first things you think of when it comes to improving the visual appeal of your yard but it really can be one of the most impactful done in a weekend projects that you can undertake creating a clear border or distinction between your lawn space and landscape beds increases the appeal of your entire.

Yard making it a more relaxing inviting space for you and your family and friends to spend time in there are a number of ways that you can give your landscape beds that nice clean edge so today we're gonna look at several edging methods including their pros and cons so that you can make the right choice for you and your outdoor spaces perhaps the.

Easiest most natural-looking and definitely the cheapest option is simply having a spade cut edge it's what I have in my own yard and what I often recommend to clients once you have your narrow trench cut your mulch is really going to do the rest of the work for you as far as keeping a nice clean edge from there all you'll need to do is.

Periodically maintain it with a blower or a string trimmer and then when you replace the mulch you want to revisit the trench and possibly dig it back out if you're looking for a little more definition than a spade cut edge offers a versatile easy to install option is bendable strips available in a variety of styles and materials from metal to.

Bender board or recycled plastic bendable strips are a good easily accessible edging option be careful though these strips can tend to pop up out of place at times not only is this unsightly it's also potentially hazardous while walking through or mowing your yard wooden products like landscape timbers and cedar edging are.

Also popular choices among homeowners who want a natural but still finished look cedar edging is easy to install and can often accommodate bends and curves in a bed edge landscape timbers are durable long lasting and relatively inexpensive choice for edging square or rectangular beds although more expensive than some.

Of your other options natural stone is a durable visually appealing material that can be used for a wide range of landscape bed types well you might find sourcing local stone easy enough when used as an edging material it's not quite so easy for one there's a lot of heavy lifting involved it's also surprisingly challenging to imitate.

Nature so you may find that it takes a few tries to achieve the look you want when edging with it take the time to do it right however and stone edging can take the overall look of your yard from simply good to great concrete bricks and pavers or other options to consider for edging your beds concrete is a durable.

Low-maintenance option that works well in areas that receive high traffic such as an entryway bricks and pavers are popular options as a variety of available finishes can help you achieve a wide range of finished looks from modern to rustic and the construction of some make installation easier while bricks and pavers can work well for both.

Straight and angled or curved borders mortaring them takes a certain amount of masonry skill to install them with the consistency necessary for a professional appearance that said using bricks or pavers to edge beds with relatively straight runs or 90-degree corners is easier to do for the average DIY homeowner regardless of the type of.

Border or edging material you choose it's not going to maintain itself it will still need to be maintained with an edger or string trimmer to keep that nice clean edge but having a border in place will just make it that much easier once you've installed your border it's time to add mulch to the bed learn more about choosing the right mulch for your.

Beds and xmarks so mulch to consider video at we are ex marcom installing a well-defined edge around your landscape beds not only keeps grass and mulch in their respective places but also gives your beds a tidy cohesive appearance it's a great example of how a little bit of sweat equity up front can reward you with an instant bump in your yards curb.

Appeal well I hope watching this video has helped and encouraged you take your landscape beds to the next level and as always please check us out at we are ex marcom for more done and a weekend project ideas until next time be well and enjoy your time outdoors you.

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