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hi everyone and welcome to 12 days of rosary day 10. today i'm so excited to be sharing my top diy gift ideas i'm a huge advocate for giving handmade gifts especially this year as you may not be able to go out or want to go out.

Shopping as you normally do and hopefully the projects i'll be sharing in this video will give you some ideas and inspiration of some of the things you could maybe make for people instead let's start with this adorable tote bag start by cutting a rectangle that's 100 by 45 centimeters.

Or 39 and a half by eighteen inches then cut two rectangles that are 80 by 10 centimeters or 31 and a half by four inches so all up you should have the following pieces take the two skinny rectangles and fold.

In and press the long edges by about one centimeter or half an inch then fold them in half enclosing the raw edges on the inside top stitch along both edges securing the pressed edges in place these will be the straps for the bag.

Next take the larger rectangle and fold it in half with right sides together then stitch together along both sides like this for my tote bag i'm overlocking the raw edges to stop them from fraying if you don't own an overlocker you can use the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine.

Instead next fold the bottom corners of the bag together to a point and stitch approximately four centimeters or two inches from the top of the point this gives the bag a bit more space and makes it able to carry bulkier items then trim or overlock the excess fabric.

Away turn the bag right side out and fold and press the bottom of the bag and sides in place and the main body of your tote bag is complete here's a little look at how the bottom.

Of the bag should look when folded and pressed correctly now to attach the straps fold the top edge of the bag by about 2.5 centimeters or an inch twice then place the straps we made before inside the pressed edge at the center of both sides of the bag.

stitch the folded edge down securing the straps as you stitch then top stitch along the very edge to add another layer of stitching and therefore strength to the straps and your lovely handmade tote bag is complete next let's make some beautiful twisted.

Candles i've been seeing these types of candles all over my instagram feed lately and decided to have a go at making some for myself for this project you'll need some tapered candles preferably in some cute colors like this that are made with paraffin wax.

Take the candles and place them into some hot but not boiling water let them sit for about 15 minutes once warmed up correctly they should be pretty pliable and bendy like this then with a rolling pin gently roll and press the center of the.

Candle out then carefully twist the still warm and press center of the candle to create this pretty spiral effect for some reason the white one didn't twist as nicely as the other two i guess practice makes perfect but i'm still really happy with how these turned out.

And i think a set of these would make a really lovely gift this next gift idea is perfect for the sewer in your life simply find some fabric that you know your friend will like fold it up nicely and package it up with a sewing pattern i'm using one of my own sewing patterns.

For this example and purchasing one of my sewing patterns is an amazing way to support me and my channel i'll have a link to my website in the description below if you'd like to check any of them out and your super thoughtful sewing bundle is ready to be gifted.

Now let's make this cute fabric coaster set from your fabric cut two 15 by 15 centimeter or six by six inch squares then cut one piece of felt the same size with right sides together place the two fabric pieces together then place the felt piece on top.

stitch the layers together leaving an opening along one of the sides like this trim the excess fabric away and fold the coaster right side out tucking the felt to the inside.

Use something like a knitting needle to poke the corners of the square out properly next tuck the opening to the inside and press in place then top stitch around the entire edge.

Of the coaster stitching the opening closed as you sew and your really cute fabric coasters are complete i think a set of contrasting coasters like this makes such a unique gift idea simply bundle them together with some twine and you've got yourself a lovely handmade gift.

The next gift idea is some lovely linen pillowcases linen pillow cases like this are actually really expensive to buy and they are so so easy to make i've shared a whole tutorial on how to make them in a previous video and i'll leave a link to it down below if you'd like to check it out.

Once you've made them simply fold them up and bundle them just like we did with the coasters and you've got a really lovely gift to give to one of your loved ones i hope you enjoyed this video and that it's given you some ideas of things you could make for your friends and family.

Instead this year i love this topic of diy gifting so much that i actually will have a part two video going out tomorrow so stay tuned for that if you want even more diy gift ideas and 12 days of rosary is quickly coming to an end which means there's a whole heap of.

New content up on my channel if you haven't already checked it out i'll leave a link to the entire playlist down in the description of this video if you'd like to go check some of them out if you enjoyed this video then be sure to give it a like and subscribe to my channel if you'd like to see more videos like this one.

Have a lovely day and thanks for watching

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