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So many nail art tools, but today we don’tneed them. I’ll show you how to create these five beautiful designs using only a nail polishbrush. Last time, we ditched the bus, now it's timeto ditch the tram. Let's go! Hey guys! That thing before, totally wasn'treal, it was just a fun filming effect and you have to promise me that you'll never trysomething like that yourself! Promise? Ok. So today's' video is a nail art one, but notjust any. It's a nail tutorial in which I won't be using any nail art tools. This wasdefinitely one of my most requested videos and because I love you so much I made yourwish come true. We're making five bright and fun designs, so take out your nail polishand let's get started.

Nail art with or without tools, first stepis always the same. Apply a base coat! This will create a barrier between your nails andnail polish, giving them protection against staining and nasty chemicals. And finally,we are ready to apply some color. First we are making a lovely neon flower design!Start by painting your nail white. Then take your yellow nail polish and wipe off the brushreally well. When you have just a small amount of color left on the brush, make a tiny patchon the nail. Take another color, I chose orange and draw petals. The key to this design isto wipe the brush well. If you have a lot of polish left on it, the color will justrun everywhere and make a giant blob. If you look at flowers, they are all a bit differentand unique. That’s why I love using a no.

Tool technique for flower nails. I made fivecute flowers using different colors of polish. In the end apply a generous amount of thefast drying top coat to seal your design. I think they just look so cute and happy.Here on my right hand I used this design as an accent on my ring finger while paintingother nails with different neon colors. Now let’s make this adorable rainbow design.Again start with white for the base. Then make stripes along the nail using differentcolors of polish. Here I am making an orange stripe starting right on the edge of my nail.Take a second color, make another stripe, overlapping the first one a bit. With thisoverlapping technique, you can make thinner stripes just with a nail polish brush, nostripers needed. I know these are not the.

Correct rainbow colors, but I am just usingthe colors that I have. Rainbow is made of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple – soyou can use any of them. You can totally leave your design like this because it already lookssuper awesome, but I decided to add a little cloud on the tip of the nail. First I am drawingit in black, but don’t worry, this will just be the edge to give the design that cartoon-ishlook. Now, I am going over it with white like so. And the result is perfect! It looks likewe have outlined the cloud with a precise brush when we actually didn't. All we usedwas a nail polish brush. Finish off with a layer of top coat to bring the design togetherand add some shine. I like the happy colors and the cartoony feel of this rainbow design.It looks pretty complicated but it’s seriously.

So easy to make.On my thumb I am making this cool square pattern design. I went for the white base but youcan go for any color you like. Take the second color and again wipe the brush really wellto get rid of most of the nail polish. With what is left on the brush make a verticalline along one side of the nail like so. If you want the line to be rather narrow, keepyour hand light and just barely touch the nail with the brush as you go along. If youpress the brush on the nail stronger, bristles tend to spread and you get a wider line, butwe don’t want that. Time for some horizontal stripes. Make the first one across the middle.Then one above. Since we are having a small amount of polish on the brush you will probablyhave to go over each stripe twice to make.

It opaque. But that’s actually awesome becauseyou can always perfect it the second time you go over it. Clean the skin around thenail if needed, apply a shiny top coat and we are ready to rock this cool design. I lovehow you can adjust it by switching up the colors. If you use black background whiteor silver stripes it can look very sophisticated and elegant, perfect for a glamorous party.Next we have a cute mouse design. I decided to start with a bright pink for the base.When it dries make half of the circle on one tip of the nail or a bit more in the cornerlike me. Make two short stripes for the ears, mine came out a bit long but ok… you cankeep them shorter and a bit more rounded. Color the inside of the ears with light pinkand make a nose using the same color. For.

The eyes I decided to use a toothpick. Youcould try to make two dots with the polish brush but it’s difficult to get perfectdot with a brush and toothpick is not a nail art tool so it still counts, right? In theend make a little moustache and we are finished. This one is perfect for all you animal lovers,it’s so adorable and super easy to make. If you change the shape of the ears you canmake a bear or a bunny in the same way. Lastly we are making a fun neon geometricaldesign. As you can see, I am using white as a base color on almost all the nails. Thisis because neon colors pop so much more on the white background! Even if you just wantto paint your nails solid yellow for example, I recommend to use white as a base, the differenceis huge! Take a second color and make a diagonal.

Stripe starting on the other side so you geta cross. Now make another stripe below the second one to cover the tip of the nail. Withthe fourth color make a diagonal line parallel to the first, yellow one in my case. Applya top coat to finish this happy nail design. Again you can switch up the colors to fitthe occasion, mine are perfect for summer days!Let me know in the comments, which design was your favorite. I think mine would be arainbow or a flower design. I really hope you like the video, give it a big thumbs upif you'd like me to do more no tool tutorials. Also please don't forget to subscribe if youhaven't already. Just click the button right here. OK, talk to you soon! Bye!This was already my third no tool nail art.

Episode! Yet another proof that even if youdon’t own any fancy tools you can still rock countless awesome nail art designs.

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