So this is going to be the first in a series of videos that we're going to call back porch oasis yeah we're going to kick this video off showing you guys the bar that we created behind us all right so one of the things that we.

Wanted uh when we created the space was basically to create an extension of the inside of our living space so um i feel like by doing this out here we basically added square footage basically because this is an added living space for us one of the.

Parts of that was creating this bar area for additional seating for when we have company over parties all of that and when jessica first came to me and said i want to create a bar i'm thinking one thing and then she says but i also want it basically to be like it's a bar that's built on the portrayal.

That was a little bit hard for me to wrap my mind around at first but it actually works really well one of the beauties of it is it doesn't take up a lot of extra space here on the porch and this porch that we have now didn't have it didn't have rails at the time and so it just kind of.

Worked out that we went ahead and we built rails and so we built uh one set of just regular rails and then right uh right beside it was the set of rails that we built that's that has the bar top on it and they run the same height they look pretty much the same the only difference is is that that top piece.

Is a piece of what we would call like a western cedar that you would get at home depot or somewhere and we took two by sixes i took three of those and dowelled those together and basically made a top out of those and then once uh once that was finished up.

Then came out and then mounted it on the frame that was already existing that we had built also for the portrayals so on the construction of this we used treated two by fours and then treated just so they'll be able to withstand the elements and then they're just.

Basically just screwed through from the bottom here these rails are attached that way and then on the top side we attach the top to the rails just simply with pocket screws and construction adhesive and then this rail system like i said was not here to begin with.

Uh the posts were here so all we basically had to do was just create rails that set and fit in between each post and then attach those to the post as well this top is built out of western cedar i mentioned that a minute ago and this is three different two by sixes.

And then ended up taking dowels and doweling those together clamping them up gluing them up letting them set and then we put helmsman spar urethane on the top for some extra protection and then also too on this on this corner here where it.

Comes against the post it's not just around that corner as well as that in just to help it have more of a kind of a built-in feel so the last thing that we did just to add some extra support to this uh we know realistically we've got kids they're gonna you know come up and push down on it when they go to sit down.

They're gonna pull up whatever they're gonna do so we added these metal brackets one here and one at the other end and those brackets um they're just a simple bracket that you can get ace hardware somewhere like that and those just attached just to give it that extra support that we need.

So all in all this project cost us about three hundred dollars that's including the bar stools um we'll put a link in the bar stools in case uh you're in the market for those but other than that that's going to conclude this first installment of the series um our back porch oasis next time we're going to show you guys.

The privacy slot wall that we built and take you guys along with that and how we built it if this has been helpful be sure and hit the like button one of the reasons that this channel exists is not only to show you how to do stuff but hopefully to just give you some ideas and some inspiration.

And with spring coming up and summer coming up we thought what better way to do that than to kind of show you kind of our back porch and what we've done and what we're going to be doing so if you've enjoyed this and it's been helpful we're going to link up another video for you and other than that we will.

Catch you next week and you guys stay tuned and hope you have a great week you

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