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Hey guys welcome to my 2021 diy patio makeover on a budget we are going to be completely transforming my patio space today i am finally going to be painting my patio pavers i know that the two-tone drove all of you crazy all throughout last season and in my .

Patio makeover for 2020 but we are finally going to be tackling that today i'm going to be doing a ton of power washing and even building a diy patio bar top which i am so excited about it turned out even better than i envisioned and i can't wait to share that with you .

And of course we'll be building some new patio furniture to create a little lounge space that i cannot wait to show you so don't forget to like this video if you like this kind of video and subscribe to my channel for more makeovers the number one comment from our patio makeover last year .

Was why didn't we stain or paint these pavers to all match and it just wasn't in the budget last year and that's just real life that's how things work it's a couple hundred dollars to do that and we didn't want to spend it in 2020 but in 2021 we're ready to do it so we're gonna start this patio makeover .

By cleaning up the space and painting all these papers to match so of course before i can do any kind of painting i need to get all of my prep work completed and that starts with brushing all of these leaves and debris off of my patio space the siding in the back of our house was .

Also just looking absolutely disgusting and we wanted to go ahead and power wash that before we started doing any painting just because it takes days for the paint to dry and it can't be disrupted by any kind of water and so we really wanted a huge .

Transformation here we wanted a beautiful space as soon as we were done and this would have just been kind of nasty looming in the background had we not gone ahead and taken care of it now so thankfully my husband pulled our power washer out and got this all completed for me he is such a trooper and always .

Helps with whatever i ask him to whenever we're doing these diy makeover projects and i just truly appreciate that so much because i don't say it often enough but i totally could not get this done on my own in all of these projects that you guys see me do .

I always have help and i really should be more vocal about how grateful i am for that assistance because i know that not everyone has that available to them and i am so blessed to have a husband that will just drop all of his plans anything that he's got going on .

To help me with whatever i have decided that i want to tackle on any given day of the week and that is just so rare and appreciated and i truly just love and value him so much he did a great job getting all this power washed the before and afters are so satisfying i'm gonna show you here .

In a few seconds and you can see that it was just an absolute mess before so nasty and then looking brand new afterwards so he really took his time and did a great job here but once derek was done power washing the siding we moved on to cleaning up our actual pavers we were literally cleaning top to bottom and .

Making sure to take our time and prep as thoroughly as possible so we used the valspar fast prep ready to use solution it's a cleaner and degreaser specifically for concrete and outdoor paint jobs and i just put it in my little spray pump here and i sprayed it .

Liberally all over every single one of our patio pavers and derek came in behind me with our big push broom thing i don't even know exactly what it's called but he was going in with that to loosen up all of the dirt and debris that was in the little cracks of all of the concrete and then i went .

In later with a smaller scrub brush and really worked on those areas that had some staining and just needed a little bit of extra love and attention i really tried to take my time and be patient with the prep work so that we could have the best possible outcome for this paint job .

looking back i can't say with 100 certainty that this cleaning solution was worth the money it was very pricey it was 20 for that one jug of cleaner and we only purchased it because we wanted to .

Really take our time and make sure that we were following all of the recommended steps and of course the first recommended step was to use this name brand cleaning solution but i don't feel like it did any better of a job than dawn dish soap and water could have done it wasn't exceptional at lifting any .

Staining from the concrete or anything like that although it did do a really good job of surface cleaning either way cleaning the pavers was necessary we had to wait an entire day for them to dry and i wasn't necessarily expecting that but the next day we started painting and .

We started with this valspar concrete bonding primer i am not someone who typically uses a primer but i wanted to make sure that this paint was going to really stick to the concrete and last long term so i decided to go ahead and try it out and it did not disappoint .

This primer absolutely looked smelled and acted like glue once i started rolling the primer on to the concrete blocks i quickly realized that we did not have the right kind of roller for this the valspar recommendation was for a one-half inch nap .

Roller and that was just not cutting it at all it wasn't going on in an even coat and it was taking a lot of extra work to get it to completely coat all the papers so derek took over for me thankfully and i ran back to lowe's to get a nappier roller head i ended up going .

With a one and a half inch nap i believe it was literally the fluffiest paint roller i have ever used before but it was absolutely worth it it did a great job when we started using the actual paint it just rolled on so much easier it took .

Only one coat of paint to completely cover everything and it did a great job of getting it down into all of those porous areas of the concrete so definitely if you are going to be tackling a project like this take the recommended materials with a .

Grain of salt and really consider the specific project that you're going to be doing and just do a little bit of extra research on what materials you might need for that because it could have saved us a lot of time and energy had i just looked into it a little .

Further instead of just blindly taking that recommendation but once all the priming had been done it was pretty much time to go right in with the paint because you have to put the paint on within an hour of the primer otherwise you have to wait 24 hours and re-prime so we went with the valspar porch floor .

And patio anti-skid latex paint in the color dark gray we went with the anti-skid formula which is a thicker textured formula because we wanted to make sure to even out the color and the texture of the old pavers .

With the new papers so while i get all of this painting done i just wanted to take a few minutes to say a huge thank you to all of my viewers and subscribers who really showed up and showed off for me with the launch of my .

New patreon account i cannot tell you how anxious and nervous i was to announce a new branch of loving life as megan the loving life is megan patreon i was just so afraid honestly that it was going to turn into this huge embarrassment and failure in front of everyone and .

That i would just get ripped to shreds for even suggesting it but you all just continue to impress me and motivate me with your love and support it was incredible it was such a successful launch it by far exceeded my highest expectations and .

There are really no words to adequately describe how grateful i truly am for how you all continue to show up for me and support me in everything that i do it is just absolutely amazing i am so blessed and so thankful to have this community and to also be building .

That deeper connection over on my patreon community now for any of you who have no idea what i am talking about i did recently launch the loving life as megan patreon it is just an extension of the loving life as megan brand .

It is not a replacement for my youtube channel but over on my patreon account i am sharing all the content that is continuously requested from me that i just cannot share here on my main youtube channel so that includes everything from day in the life vlogs .

To behind the scenes how i plan for these makeovers a tattoo tour intimate q and a's and it's just a more intimate friendship based community so if that sounds like something that you are interested in then definitely make sure you check out my description box i will have a .

Link down in the description box for you to head on over to my patreon page and sign up for membership one of the benefits of signing up for patreon membership is a youtube video shout out so i don't have time to shout out absolutely everyone who has signed up but i will shout out the first 10 of you today and in future videos make sure .

That you're on the lookout for your shout out if you have joined so thank you so much to megan lucky lindsey oaky girl mandy richardson roxanne lyman danella hamilton tiffany elaine kustler meredith kersel and jill penske felker for signing up and joining my .

Patreon community and if you want your own youtube shout out then definitely make sure you check that link in my description box and sign up for membership today three hours later and it's finally all painted it is already drying to be honest it looks dry enough .

In person that i could walk on it but the back of the paint pan says at least 24 hours for light use and 48 hours for regular use so we'll be back in two days to start building on this getting our furniture set up and everything but this is looking so good i'm really happy .

With it i love the color that we chose and i love that we went with that textured paint because now it looks so cohesive but in the next two days though we are going to be power washing the rug that was out here repainting the cinderblocks that i used .

For those benches and creating a diy patio bar so let's go get started on that i wanted to be as efficient with my time as possible so while that paint was drying i decided to power wash our old patio rug that way we could reuse it for this season instead of .

Having to replace it and that is a great tip for when you are doing any of these kinds of projects and makeovers on a budget always shop your home first see what you may be able to reuse or refurbish instead of spending money on brand new items for every season or every project .

Since i just shared that money saving tip with you or a budget saving tip i also wanted to take a second to talk to you about what it really means to be on a budget and what i specifically mean when i say that i'm completing these projects or doing these makeovers on a budget it is actually a huge .

Misconception that being on a budget means that you either have no money to spend or cannot spend any money and that is simply not true being on a budget just means that you have a plan for the money that you are spending and anytime that i do these projects .

I do have a plan and a price point that i feel comfortable with and sometimes that is 50 to 100 and sometimes it is a larger budget that i have spent a long time saving for now don't get me wrong i absolutely love to diy and cut costs where i can i love to find me a good .

Clearance deal and try to challenge myself to do these things on as minimal of a budget as possible but there are other times where i have a clear vision in my head of exactly what i want and it is going to require a larger budget and so whether i have to save for .

Two months or two years tackle things one little step at a time or have the opportunity to do it all at once i work hard towards that no matter what and i am just uncompromising and unsettling and anything less than what i want and i hope that when you .

Watch these videos you feel confident and inspired to tackle some projects around your own home and try to diy some things that you feel challenged to try to find the best deals and save yourself and your family some money but i also hope that you feel empowered to be able to .

Take control of your finances and work hard towards the goals that you have for yourself and your home but anyway one of the big visions that i had for our patio space was to have a functional patio bar top and those can be expensive to buy online so i decided to save some money by diying .

It myself i did try to create a patio bar top in my makeover from last year but if i'm being honest i just didn't really know exactly what i was doing and i did create something and it was .

Decent for my first attempt but it just wasn't as functional as i had intended for it to be and so i needed to try again this year which is totally fine i learned from my mistakes and it allowed me to have a clearer vision going into this project and a clearer action plan for .

How to make that vision come to life but i'm only sharing that to give you some encouragement that if you try something and it doesn't turn out exactly how you want the first time that is totally fine and you can always feel comfortable to try again .

These dried so fast and so well a lot faster than i thought that they were going to but i'm really excited they look so good and we're going to be using them stacked pretty much like this to create a diy patio bar so these are going to be the supports of course these towers .

And then we got some new like weather treated wood that we're going to use as countertops and lay it across and secure that on there so that we'll have like an actual patio bar that we can sit at and eat at and it's just going to look so good so i'm really excited to get .

Started on this here is what the patio pavers look like all dried now they have been drying and the paint has been curing for two full days and it is looking amazing i'm so happy that we decided to do this but before we can build the patio bar which is going to .

Come across here and then out this way we are first going to set up our new patio furniture that we got for this area it's going to be more of a lounge area but we need to get it all put together and set up so that we can see exactly how much space it is going to take up and how much we will have .

Left over here so that we know what measurements to make the bar so while this looks like a lot of new furniture and it's probably going to give some of you some sticker shock like oh my gosh she bought so much for this project .

I did spend some money on this but i also saved a lot of money on this we have been eyeing this set from threshold and studio mcgee at target for all season now and it just so happens that i was in target one night just kind of walking around trying to decompress and i found myself in the outdoor section .

Right when they were marking down all of their patio furniture and patio items and so i was able to score the entire set for 70 off which was just it was just a sign that i needed it it was so crazy because my target actually had the complete set .

Only one of each item and all of it was being marked down which was so lucky it definitely was a right place at the right time type of thing however i know that target and a lot of other stores are already starting to mark down their outdoor and patio sections and they have been .

Starting for a couple of weeks now and they'll continue to mark things down throughout the rest of the season so if you are looking to replace any of your outdoor furniture or just wanting to create a space like this definitely make sure that you are .

Checking your local stores and looking for those clearance deals and always always always scan everything even if it's not necessarily marked down to a price that you would prefer sometimes they don't put new stickers on there like what they did with this set so it was only marked at 30 .

Percent but when i scanned it it was 70 and that was such a pleasant surprise and definitely a lot easier on the budget that we had set aside for this project so this is one of my favorite ways to save money is to always troll the clearance sections and try to find the best .

Bang for my buck if you don't have a target local to you or maybe your local target doesn't have these specific items in store they are available online they're just not as heavily discounted online so if you are just absolutely in love with this set and you have to have it no matter the cost then check out my .

Description box because i will be leaving the link for all of these items this full set and i'll also try to include any active coupon codes that i might be able to find online to save you a little bit of money .

finally we have them put together and i'm not gonna lie it was terrible terrible trying to assemble these these are the threshold and studio mcgee line for this season .

And while they are absolutely gorgeous and so comfortable we have sat on displays in the store they were it was awful it was awful trying to get them all together but i'm happy with how this is looking obviously we put our umbrella stand here and we will have our umbrella there when this is all set up but it's .

Actually already started raining so i don't see any point of bringing the umbrella out here just to put it back in but now we have an idea of how much space this lounge area is going to take up and so we know that we have this much space left over for our bar area so we're going to start setting .

That up now i'm going to first have derek bring our outside refrigerator over here plug it back in we're going to clean it off he's going to reattach our back steps right here and then we will move those cinder blocks over and .

Start getting those spaced out the way that we want them this is just one example of how i could not complete this project on my own it was so convenient to have these steps removed while we were painting the pavers it made it such an easier task to complete but there is .

Absolutely no way that i would have been able to move these things by myself the way that derek is they are just so incredibly heavy and it would have been a much harder task for me to complete on my own so i was very thankful that i had him here to help me and he was able to get these steps .

Reattached to the side of the house no problem super secure and back like they were never gone to begin with i've got us stocked up on some drinks and treats to go ahead and put in our outdoor refrigerator and i'm going to go ahead and load all of that in but before i do .

This thing clearly needs a good cleaning i'm gonna wipe it down on the outside and of course the inside just since it hasn't been used like all through the winter and spring season i just want to make sure it's nice and clean before i start putting any food or drink items in it one of my .

Favorite parts of our patio space is actually this little outdoor mini refrigerator that was gifted to us last year by the company new air we were going to purchase one on our own and i had reached out to them and asked if they might want to send one to be included in that patio makeover and they .

Were so gracious and kind and said absolutely and i am so glad that they did because we use this thing way more than i ever thought that we would and i just really enjoy keeping it stocked up with water and drinks and treats for my family and our guests we love to spend so much .

Time in this outdoor space during the summer and fall and this mini fridge gets so much use so much so that even if it hadn't been gifted to us i would repurchase it 10 times over because it is 1 000 worth the money for how functional and convenient it is .

For our family but once i had that all stocked up i had derrick go ahead and bring those cinder block towers out and set them up where we thought that we were going to put our bar tops here on the patio we stacked them five cinder blocks high and that was the perfect .

Bar height for us it really worked out even better than i thought that it was going to and we did create two different bar tops so we have one that is six foot which is what you're seeing now and then one that kind of comes off the side and an l shape that is an eight foot bar top .

okay so i was definitely spot on when i was envisioning this space look at how close this is to the lounge area this is where the bar tops are going to go here so we're going to have a six foot one and an eight foot one and that eight foot gets .

Right up close over here dang i'm good sometimes i told derek that was going to happen and he's like no no no no there's going to be so much space left over what are we going to do to fill that space and there's not but anyway this is tentatively where we think we're .

Going to have these bar tops if it shifts it will be very minimal we are going to have a six foot one right here an eight foot one right here and they are going to be functional we're gonna secure them up on the cinder blocks and be able to eat at them and enjoy .

Them but you'll notice i moved the refrigerator from here to this corner over here having it in between would eliminate the possibility of anybody sitting in this area and so it wouldn't be functional anymore and we just didn't want that so .

We thought our best option was to move over here where there's another plug and try and make something work here this is an uncovered patio though so we just have this small overhang and that's not enough to protect this from the weather so i'm going to have to figure something out for that but .

If you have a suggestion i would definitely appreciate it leave it in the comment section because i have no idea what i'm going to do to protect this i just know that i do need to protect it so let me know what you guys would do but anyway i really hope the weather is nice .

Tomorrow because i am so excited to finish this up get these countertops built and pull the space together it's the next day and derek brought the wood out for us that we're going to use to make these countertops and clearly we need to shift this one over but what .

We're going to do is get this one right first and so that way we have kind of like uh know where we need to move this one too but anyway so i have it all mapped out here this is actually one 2 by 12 by 12 foot board that we cut exactly in half so it's two six foot pieces .

And they're each 12 inches wide and then this is going to make our countertops and then we have these two by two by fours that we also cut in half to serve as the supports so i have them measured five inches from either end there and i'm going to screw these in .

And then we'll also do a second support on either side that will be the width up like the distance away um from this one as the cinder block is that way it when we flip it over it'll just nestle right down onto the cinder blocks and be a little bit more secure if that makes any sense i know .

It's probably i'm not explaining it well but this one will be on this side of the cinder block and then we'll have another support over here that will be on this side of the cinder block to keep it as secure as possible because we aren't cementing it down to the block towers or .

Anything like that we do like the flexibility of being able to move this around if we want to take the countertops off during the winter season and store them away to like get as much longevity out of them as possible so this will just be the most secure option .

And then so after we do that one we'll move these over a little bit and get this one done the same way but i'm gonna start drilling some pilot holes and then get this all put together this was my first time ever using pilot holes on any project that i've ever done .

Typically i don't even bother with them and i just go for it and sometimes it works out my favor and sometimes i end up splitting the wood and having to use extra material but this did make it so much easier and i'm a believer now i will do this in every project moving forward but i do .

Have four screws in each of these supports and the supports go almost the entire width across the countertop to make them extra sturdy so i just worked on the first set and then we flipped the countertop over .

And adjusted the cinder block stacks as we needed to to make them flush with those support pieces and then once they did that i grabbed a pencil and drew a line where the other side should be and i added in those secondary supports and this made all the difference it was .

Secure enough before with just the one set but putting in this second set of wood supports here made a huge difference when we flipped it back over it just nestled perfectly on top of those cinderblock towers and made it super secure .

Nothing was budging and it turned out exactly how i thought it would so i was really happy with it and very proud of myself so .

we have a bar or two bars i guess you could say i do plan to sand down these bar tops and derrick really wants me to stain them and then we need to water seal them and i'll do it for both of them of course but it's supposed .

To rain for the next two days so i need to do all of that when i'm going to have a solid like three days where it won't be raining because like if you put a water seal on here we just use thompson's water seal it needs to be able to dry and cure without disruption so but we do like .

The color of these bar stools we just picked them up at walmart they were super inexpensive and derek seemed like really unsure at first but i think that they match with the rest of our patio stuff really really well and i like the way that they look so we moved .

Both chairs onto this one side of the rug and i brought out some things because we got an egg chair if you follow me on instagram then you will have seen many times that i have posted about wanting one of these babies and derek just was so reluctant but kinsley and i finally wore him down and .

He let us get it so we're really excited i want to set it up right here of course which is why i made that space and then i have a few things over here a bunch of clearance finds from target's outdoor clearance right now and then also michael's .

Clearance some things for the girls but we are going to first set up the egg chair and then i'll get this the rest of it all set up and that'll be it if you follow me over on instagram then you will know that for years now i have wanted one of these outdoor .

Patio egg chairs and i just could not convince derek he did not like the cost of them and also didn't think that it would be that functional for some reason but finally i wore him down and he said that we could go ahead and get one so this was definitely the biggest .

Purchase of the entire project but 100 worth it i love this thing i sit in it every single day since we've set this up and i just really feel like it completed the space i was so happy with it and since we saved so much money buying all of our other patio furniture on clearance .

We had the extra money in our budget to go ahead and make this kind of big purchase so we got ours from walmart i know at some places they can be upwards of 500 but we found ours at walmart and it was 297 .

And worth every single penny last year i focused a lot on the decorative element of our patio and i just ended up incorporating a lot of things that were a big hassle and not quite as functional as i thought that they would be i also brought in an abundance like a .

Lot of live plants and i don't know why i did that because i'm not a good plant mom and i ended up killing them all before the end of the season so they were just a waste of time and money so this year i decided to keep it super simple i found a few beautiful throw pillows on .

Clearance at target and also picked up a few things on clearance from michaels for the girls like some bubbles and chalk and then we're also going to be reusing our patio umbrella from last year that we already had this will offer us a little bit of shade and kind of fill in .

That awkward space there between the chairs and the love seat but other than that i wasn't going to do too much in the way of decoration for this space i just wanted it to be simple and beautiful all on its own and that is exactly what it was these small details were able to .

Really shine and stand out and do their job to pull this space together and the overall look that i was going for the vision that i had in my head i definitely brought it to life here i'm in love with our patio bar tops and i'm so glad that we finally painted all of the pavers to match each other our lounge area is .

Perfect it's exactly what i wanted and exactly what our family needed and we have just really been enjoying this space over the last few days so i hope that you all enjoyed coming along with me on this journey and that you are able to get some great ideas that you might be able to .

Use in your own space or even just some motivation to attempt a project like this on your own thank you all so much for being here today taking time out of your day to watch this video and hang out with me don't forget to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and subscribe to my .

Channel if you aren't already turn on your notification bell so that you don't miss any of my future uploads including future diy makeovers and i will see you all in the next one you

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