Hey Before we jump into today's episode I wanted to share with you the two little furry guys and inspired today's episode and my DIY gone wrong so yes this is my life every day my dog tries to dig to China and I have to wash him probably three times a day and Joey likes to use these garden pots as a tanning bed so that calls for two very.

Dirty dogs on a daily basis I thought I had this brilliant idea I'm like oh my god I'm gonna lay sod grass by the way sod grass lays weighs a thousand pounds and it completely destroyed my car I know I've mentioned before I don't have a green thumb but I thought this looked amazing so I'm like oh my god I'm gonna do this to the other pot well I decided.

To water it because it was a scorching hot day and I did not know that you're not supposed to water anything when it's super sunny outside so three days later I killed the grass my dog doesn't seem it in mine but clearly this does not look as beautiful as it did three days ago so we are on to idea number two and welcome to my channel run away done my.

Way I want to acknowledge the fact and apologize for the fact that I haven't been posting as much but as I said as I mentioned before YouTube is no longer notifying my subscribers when I post so I'm not making any money so basically all my videos are out of pockets so I am NOT going to be posting as much but I will try to make the post that I do post.

Very special for you guys okay so today what we're going to be doing we are going to be making over my garden patio the next episode I'm doing Rhinestone bustier that you saw in my Instagram I don't know if you guys saw that or not if you didn't check it out at Instagram for slash runway it's down in my way that'll be coming out in a few.

Days that four day we're gonna be making over my garden patio so I'm gonna walk you through the few steps when I do a design project is going to have to happen in three episodes because of the fact that there's a lot of work to do so the first thing you want to do when working on any design project is put together a vision board some type of.

Vision boards so you know what design you want to pull together I decided with a black and white theme with pews of pink so my roommate actually put together a vision board that I'm gonna put on the screen right now and that is what we were going to be working on so anytime I do any shopping or anytime I do any paint choices or any design.

Choices I always reference back to this alright step number two is start buying furniture I already know what I want I like pre-owned stuff so I always jump on the left go app this is not sponsored I jump on the let go app I know you guys have seen my Egg Chair in the background a bunch of my videos I got that on let.

Go for sixty dollars and then I also score a wrought iron dining table it's supposed to be an insight dining table but I want to put it outside so what we're gonna do with that is we're going to convert it into an outdoor table by painting it with outdoor paint and then I'm going to redo the cushions with some Sunbrella fabric Sunbrella fabric is for.

The outdoors so that's what we're gonna do to convert the indoor table to the outdoor table and by the way I also got that table on let go for 125 dollars so let's go ahead jump outside and get that started so to create the black and white theme I'm throwing some black outdoor a Bostonian spray paint on the table and on the chairs I will need to recover the.

Chairs but I need to order fabric on line okay now that I got the table painted I had to actually order some Sunbrella fabric online because it's cheaper over by Joanne's I didn't have anything so the next thing to do was to get a rug a.

Rug is going to anchor the entire seating space under pergola I happen to score an amazing lucky white rug at Target so I wouldn't pick that up so we're gonna go ahead we're gonna lay that down.

Oh okay now I want to start working on the perimeter of the garden because this is another really quick inexpensive tip I do the same thing at my front door decor if you guys do not see that video click the link above.

I made over my entire front patio for fifty dollars and we're going to be doing the same thing outside so since black and white is my theme I'm going to get black mulch and we're going to put black mulch all around the circumference of the garden in the flowerpot and then I'm getting the white marble chips to lay in between the two garden pots let's.

Go ahead and do okay so our max really quick cheap fix is to replace the planters and any of the plant stands so what I did was some of the planners I just went ahead and I spray painted them black and then I went to Home Depot and I always get the plastic planners one because they're.

Cheaper and two you get they're lighter when I have to move them around I have some of the ceramic ones and I literally break my back every time so I grab some white planters and I went ahead and I threw some of that in the devas okay so moving on to the garden pots we need to start prepping these for my idea that you guys saw on the vision board whether.

Or not I can pull it off exactly we will see but first thing is to pull up this giant rosemary bush I'm gonna put in the plant we're gonna put it to the side of a garden for some reason nothing else will stay alive in that garden and actually in that bath garden pot between the two angels I actually buried my cat so I don't want to be growing anything.

In that garden pot probably for a year I will probably do her up at some point but for now obviously I'm gonna let her rest so she's in between the Angels so I'm not gonna plan anything there I'm gonna go ahead and pull up the rosemary we're gonna put that in a pot and put that to the side of.

Okay so our last and final step for today's project and then we're gonna have to wait till our next episode is to hang lighting around the pergola I wouldn't like that these lights at Home Depot so I'm gonna go ahead and strap those up if you don't have a plug outside you can always get an adapter this screws into the light.

Bulb so I'm going to go ahead I got an adapter I'm screwing it in to the light socket alright so that is totally driving me nuts I'm going to have to pick up a glass cutter and cut the side window out so that I can put the lid back on the light securely next week we will be tackling at this side of the patio I found an amazing bench on let go.

And I have been stalking the lady like crazy but she's not responding this is the bench I thought I could put some pillows on it and disguise this whole ugly area this is the conversation as you can see I'm completely talking to myself and then I'll be doing something like this to hide the air conditioning unit.

Next week as well okay so stay with the black and white theme I'm headed to Home Depot to paint the garden pops the charcoal black but please leave your comments below should I like fake grass and give the dogs a play zone should I cover the garden pops first summer this is only for summer don't worry when I get back.

To fall when I uncover the month and things but for right now I have enough time so should I cover them make yoga platforms or should I turn them into a sunbathing daybed like the picture on my vision board please let me know because I equally like all three ideas and I want to do them for the next episode hopefully today's video inspired um big.

/ of your outdoor space for summer and I will see you guys next week I decided to do one black and white striped accent pillow this is outdoor fabric I'm going to go ahead and make a pillowcase out of that and this will be the last striped fabric that I use the rest will be patterns and accent colors let's take a peek at all the before and afters from.

Today we converted our indoor table to an outdoor table by simply adding a coat of black outdoor paint we got this beautiful centerpiece rug from underneath the pergola we also laid black mulch around the perimeter of the garden what a huge difference I added one accent pillow and the black and white stripe of theme that we are going.

Along with we replaced all the planters with white planters we relocated this massive rosemary plant I threw a black coat of paint on this planter that I decided to keep I added some outdoor lighting to create an ambience for alfresco dining I also added white marble chips and painted the garden pops black.

That will wrap up part 1 of my black and white patio decor makeover see you guys next week

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