DIY Porch Railing Build // Flip House Remodel

Hey guys mark is here with the Reformation woodshop this video I'm going to show you how I turn a rundown old porch into what you see here today's video is really exciting for me because they get to reveal that we've been working on a flip house for the past couple of months my wife and I made an attempt to keep it quiet just because we.

Wanted to take our time and learn what we were doing and make mistakes and have successes without all the input of the whole world telling us what we should be doing and how it could be done better we just wanted to prove to ourself that we could go in head-on and land on our own two feet and get it figured out for ourselves so needless to say it's been a.

Really exciting process the work side to share with you guys and if you're interested in following up on that you can visit her channel blessed with dogs or her instagram at blessed with dogs to see all the progress shots and all the cool stuff that we have going on so as you can see the porch is pretty rundown and just had three posts holding up the.

Roof and it had a carpet on the actual patio of the porch I started off this bill by friend me out with the top and the bottom of the actual railing was gonna sit I placed the top board at a little under 35 inches that way when I come back with the cap for all of it it'll be a little over thirty five point five.

For the bottom board I just use a scrap 1×4 set that in there as a jig and just duplicated that around every post for the slats I just for some pressure-treated Finn's boards down on the table saw I set them flush on the bottom board and then I measured where they protrude it over the top board and.

Cut there I use that 1 by 4 scrap just again here for the spacing because your balancer shouldn't be spaced more than four inches leave it to me to do things a little out of order after the slats are on it come in with the brace that holds the feet of the slats which I probably should have put.

On a little earlier just to make it easier so everything stays level and everything stays in line but nevertheless I know yet again I use that same piece of scrap wood to come in and make sure everything is aligned as I nail it into the background I was purposefully generous with my.

Measurements on the slats that way I didn't have any underages so here I am just cleaning up the extra two cap this pork chop and hide the ends of the slats I'm using full size two by three this will give a nice blocky look to the porch like I said before it would be a project done by me if things didn't get done a little out of order these boards.

Will become the trim around the base of the four by fours a step of this project that probably should have been the first ends up becoming one of the last to sand off the several coats of crusty old paint layers I use a grinder with a sanding disc attachment that way I didn't have to waste hours an hour.

Cooking the standard this not only saved me time it worked way way better especially since the goal wasn't to get it down to bare wood it was just to get into a nice smooth finish that would accept a coat of paint as soon as I was satisfied with the finish of the wood it was time to paint.

Luckily my father-in-law I just finished up what he was working on so he was there to help me paint because painting is boring hey guys thanks for watching my video I hope that it encouraged you to go out and make the best possible porch you can ever possibly make I appreciate all you guys who watch my videos like my videos.

Comment on them if you have not already please go do that turn notifications on check out my Instagram you can find me at the Reformation wood shop all the projects I'm making all the stuff that we have going on that's where you'll find it once again thank you guys so much and I will see you in the next video.


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