DIY Rainbow Science Experiments with 1hr activities for kids to do at home!!

Hey guys today we're gonna grow our own rainbow all you need is a paper towel scissors markers and cups with water first using your paper towel you're gonna fold it in half and then we're gonna cut up one fourth don't forget to ask a grown-up for help and i have mommy here hi.

so first with any marker you want make a rectangle like this now let's color it in the next color in the rainbow is orange put it like this now let's fill it in next is yellow okay let's fill this in next is green.

Fill it in green next up is blue we're gonna finish it off with my favorite color purple now do the same thing to the other side like this see like so next fill up your two thingies of water.

And the second one now take your rainbow paper that you drew and put half of both of the sides in the water now we wait watch the rainbow form look it's already forming a little bit well guys did you see we made our own rainbow whoa.

Put it right here this is so cool did you see the marker guy move up the paper towel and touch each other because that's called capillary action did you know regular plants also use capillary action because they bring the water from the roots and make it go all to the other parts of the plants i hope you guys had fun making.

Our own rainbow together hey guys today we're gonna be melting crayons to make art so first obviously you need some crayons and also you need something to put all the melted crayons on and a hair dryer and some glue you can use hot glue or super glue but make sure your parents.

Use it okay let's get started now let's melt the crater with the blow dryer so remember to protect your house with some kind of paper three two one go.

Guys look it's working it looks so cool yeah okay guys what do you think about my art now i'm gonna let it dry okay so after you're done you can draw.

Somebody and i drew me with an umbrella because i don't want to get splashed by paint okay now i'm gonna paint it in that but however i just outline it first.

Pretty good right i turned my drawing into a masterpiece okay i think i'm done yeah okay guys my picture is done what do you think.

Have fun have you tried this at home and thank you for watching hi my name daddy hi mommy today we're gonna test to see how well ryan and daddy washes their hands so you guys know that when you touch stuff right bacteria goes onto your hand and faces don't touch your face right bacteria.

And if i touch you then transfer the bacteria to you i got cootie this lotion i bought is called glow gel so it glow under black light there you go now rub your hands together there you go and then daddy okay there you go.

Even in between your hands good in between the little fingers next i have a black light here i want to show you guys okay okay look like yeah you guys see how it glows do you see okay so now you guys are infected with.

Germs so what i want you to do i want you to go wash your hands and come back and we're going to see how well of a washing hand job you do okay okay right right use that bathroom and i will use that bathroom okay i'll see you guys later there you go ryan's watching the thing with soap.

Is it how you normally washes your head remember to say happy birthday twice is that what you normally do yeah what okay i thought this is a safe place no judging here no judging that's right okay i have my own method.

Double dipping all right got it he's so twice got it in between nails i always wash my hand like this really this long good job good job daddy okay all right rinse your nose so they're back let's test out the.

Results ryan your turn first okay i got the night light let's check it out so on first glance ryan's hand appear clean right you can't tell okay now let's shine the light let's see get detected oh.

Look look guys look oh you forgot to wash your wrist look at that a little bit let this left over on your finger the over oh it looks clean what about his fingertips here oh about ryan again the mist so guys this is important when you guys wash him make sure you wash all the way.

To the wrist too oh yeah look at that look at that oh yeah i don't see it i guess the finger is look you see oh yeah i see see yeah the finger and the nails too germs are still on your nails okay what about the back side.

Back side show me the back side okay okay oh there's some spot you missed there's something spa but job oh it looks you smith some spot in between your fingers yeah between fingers is always hard yeah a little bit oh yeah you guys see it ryan missed it daddy's turn.

You will not see anything i i uh while you were doing this i put it on and i saw something so that's wrong accusation okay here we go okay oh my god oh my gosh oh my god i swear oh my okay let's try the other hand maybe he cleaned this hand really yeah.

Oh see this hand is dude daddy it's okay guys so what we learned is we all need a little practice cleaning our hands better no matter how old you are right i'm very good at washing my palm right this side ryan's very careful checking he wants me to be a little bit dirty.

Carefully checking it just looks oh oh because the palm is good it's just your back hand it's not good so that's why it's important to wash your hands correctly right you got that ryan you got that daddy okay we'll do one more experiment ryan's going to try it one more time and i want.

To show you something okay okay so we're putting the glow gel on again okay now rub it right around your hands like so so let's pretend ryan just had you into his hands okay let's pretend go ahead okay now his hands have germs see now if he doesn't wash his hands and he touches stuff like the table.

Look what happens look what happened i already can see without the light but pretend you don't and point at it i don't see anything i see it so that's what happened you're going to spread germs okay let's try daddy's shirt let's see if it's going to work what this is my favorite shirt.

Okay let's see okay better not be on it why'd you double tap do something about this okay let's touch guy's face let's see if it's gonna work all right let's see hey hold on safe safe safe safe.

See that's why you don't touch other people when you have dirty hands so let's say you guys just met each other right usually what people do when they met each other they moist handshake okay now let's see if ryan's germ transferred to daddy's let's see okay.

Oh my gosh did you see it's all over daddy's hand now so what do you think so that means washing hand is very important right cause not only affect you but i picked other people too yeah that's right good lesson yeah i said all this stuff but i have no one needs to work on that washing hand and we will do that after this video okay.

All right thank you guys for watching bye thank you for watching remember stay happy and rise up and wash your hands oh but wait before we go how do you wash your hands ryan wash my hands okay what is the proper way to wash your hands how long for 40 seconds yeah sing happy birthday.

Twice twice yeah what's the name birthday boy or girl be your birthday okay happy birthday to me happy birthday to me happy birthday dear happy mimi to me one more time happy birthday to me happy birthday to me.

Happy birthday hear me happy birthday to me good that's how long you're supposed to wash your hands and ryan don't forget to wash the back okay today we're covering our eggs with kool-aid so all you need is to boil some egg get.

All the colors you like with kool-aids first fill your cups with water next take your kool-aid packet and then pour all of it into the water orange next step let's agitate good job yeah the next thing is to put an egg in.

Each of the colors hey help you guys out wow it looks so cool it does now we're gonna wait the blue looks really good yeah daddy look at these colors it's pretty huggy purple where's purple oh you think it's gonna look purple oh.

It's probably me oh right where should i put it yeah yeah yeah oh what color is this one that's all right yeah right there okay guys we're gonna wait for it to dry but in the meantime we're gonna make special eggs there you go emma has stars.

Good hey kate good job kate when i'm doing it i'll put him sticker i like it okay humpty dumpty yeah on the ground he got hurt and broke his head sat on a wall humpty dumpty had a great fall.

He fell down and then he broke his head the part where it has rubber bands it will not dye the egg emma with her star eggs okay ryan there we go and then kate here you go okay after two minutes you can just.

Scoop it out and wait for it to dry yeah do you see the stars when you peel it off yeah that looks pretty huh yeah one light look stars and the one that ryan did here i can read it i see a heart here and it says yay she did a unicorn that's beautiful oh mommy thank you oh.

My two eyes in there oh just like that eyes yeah look i cleaned it that's cute so here is the eggs with the eyes cute oh so this one came out really good okay guys we're gonna keep playing with.

Our colored eggs hi today we're doing shaving cream art first up shaving cream of course okay let's put the shaving cream in there mommy i got it whoa emma look at emma whoa i'm doing it good job emma mommy's coming out yeah you're doing great kate.

whoa it's a so lot use paint or food coloring and put it all around the shaving cream like that we're using paint but you can use food coloring and if you don't have a tray like this you can just use like a baking tray okay there you go.

We're using a lot of paint from this acrylic paint set yeah you can also use food coloring too oh wow emma that's pretty i don't do mine pretty like a bubble like a magic wig.

I'm just gonna okay i'm done i'm waiting for my sisters this is ryan emma's almost done too good job emma hey yours is coming good i need a letter from okay it's pretty cake okay so next you need a stick chopstick or straw to mix it all.

Up whoa good job kate so many colors together yeah looking great guys looking good kate mine's obviously super good like good job okay good job kate yeah okay next get a sheet of paper and then.

Lay it down on the shaving cream it's okay it's just shaving cream we can take it off next let's review our painting okay so this is kate this is.

Ryan saved it good job okay next let's shave off the shaving cream there you go just scrape it off this looks beautiful it's pretty ryan good job yeah thumbs up from kate yes beautiful every art is pretty so that's ryan's art there looks really good i like her okay.

Ryan's gonna help easier with a ruler but we couldn't find one so no scrape there you go beautiful oh wow that's pretty yeah we're doing great.

Okay here's the final results here's kate's painting here's ryan's painting and here's him something else you can do with the shaving cream is get anything put it inside and then put it on the paper what what what what is coming out good too emma.

I feel like i'm just making another paper oh yeah you're right whoa emma super pink hey i look it looks like i'm making another paper yeah okay so there's there was so this is cake this is ryan and that's emma okay guys hope you like our.

Shaving cream r hey guys what do you think would happen if we put a balloon on a bed of nails so guys if you do this at home make sure you ask your parents for help all right so today i'm in charge ryan yeah so what do you guys think do you think the balloon is going to pop or stay the same on top of it.

Yeah on top of this nails instead of trying out with a lot of nails let's do it with one let's see what happens i think it's gonna pop if you put a lot of pressure all right let's see what happens you guys ready yeah all right same pressure all right so guys so now.

Let's try the same thing with a lot of nails yeah guys remember there are a lot of nails so remember ask for grown up for help yeah because they are pointing right so you don't want to touch it here all right you guys ready so set the limb i think i know what's gonna happen and i'm gonna use this.

Board so it won't go up anywhere ready i'm gonna press it good guys i'm pressing really hard but it's still not popping come there's so many nails daddy but it didn't pop the first time we apply the force into one nail so the area that we apply the force is very tiny area right.

Here okay second time we apply same amount of force but this big of an area for example if i press you with my finger out right the same amount of force but if i do it with my palm it doesn't hurt right no.

But i'm applying same force but in different areas but daddy can we see how much force it takes to pop the balloon with giant area all right let's see because earlier we couldn't pop it that it was like all the way down here but if i press it at my hundred percent force what's gonna happen.

Are you doing 100 gosh it's still not popping can i even pop no way it's still not popping are you at a hundred percent yet yeah oh my gosh ready i'm gonna reach my hundred percent you.

Ready still not popping look at this oh that was tar but did you see how much force i have applied yeah because the area was so much bigger so i have to apply a lot bigger force to pop the balloon that was so cool so now we're gonna see it in action again.

All right let's go whoa again i'm pressing a lot pressing around you have to go all the way back down again still no whoa wow almost all the way down that was so cool yeah this experiment teach you the.

Concept of the pressure the pressure is the amount of force applied over the area so the smaller the area is the higher the pressure for example with the same amount of force by flying in smaller area it makes the pressure higher oh your finger hurts ryan so same amount of force but.

The one you're point uh pressing with your finger it's higher pressure than the one you're pressing with your hand yeah okay guys remember or stay happy and rise up bye we're gonna pop another balloon now see it's really hard.

Rock candy and coke so we got a whole bunch of rock candy here have you guys ever tried rock candy before no yeah you have yeah how about you guys you want to try it yeah okay so which flavor you want to try i want this one okay so emma wants to try blue kate wants to try grape and ryan.

Is pineapple green apple okay okay some green apples there some grapes yeah you guys can try it and you don't have to chew just put it in your tongue and it's supposed to pop tell me if you feel the pop do you.

I feel it i hear it too do you feel the pop yeah just put it in your tongue and just keep it there uh-huh and close it close your mouth and they pop it whenever i eat it i know well what you guys think do you guys like it don't like it weird you like it.

How about you guys yes okay you guys ready to blow up some balloons yes okay actually before we try to pop a balloon we're gonna see what it looks like with the coke okay so everybody pour in their rock candy.

All of them yeah all of them oh there we go there's a lot of greens i know okay so now we're gonna try the diet coke in there and see what it looks like whoa whoa that's a lot well we wanna eat it i know we have a lot more whoa i don't know if we need that much.

Okay wait there's like it's like kind of changing different colors about yourself do you see the pop in there yes we want five coats yeah maybe we're adding too much you guys do you guys hear the popping sound yeah whoa poppin do you see the popping mommy.

How does it taste it tastes good does it yeah okay just one little taste yeah okay so now we're really gonna do this experiment okay first you're gonna pick your balloons blue.

Okay okay change your mind okay okay okay i like this thing so we gotta put the candy yeah so first we put it in that's right good job ryan yeah all right we have a funnel to the balloon and ryan's gonna put the rock candy inside like that okay we're gonna use both because we are.

Courageous yeah go big or go home right yeah no bigger oh that's a lot yeah all right shake shake shake okay right here's for the hard part can you put your balloon over this without it going in.

Yeah maybe you got it you got it got it all right kids turn oh there you go yes your turn emma okay now emma's turn of course yep we're gonna.

Try two probably works with one but maybe we can get a bigger balloon right yeah now we're gonna put it down three two one go yeah my yours working now it's going down.

Oh no it's going down here and these are going down here yeah wow hopefully oh it's spilling that's why we have a tray it's filling a little bit but it's okay that's why we have a tray you guys are also i want to taste it okay.

I'm going to taste it okay when we're done we can open it you can taste it hi guys today we're doing a science experiment where we hide surprise toys yeah so we have all these surprise toys here we're gonna hide.

First we're gonna put in baking soda yes emma whoa it looks like snow next let's add in water now all of it all of it yeah yeah that's right okay so now we're.

Gonna add color but don't forget this is a science experiment you guys cannot eat it right next on food coloring and i'm going to use purple i need pink and i'm going to wear an olive oil okay next up let's add your paper.

There you go yeah anything you want ryan picked his chat no it's fine you can put it triceratops i'm putting in a horse okay so just add in a couple okay whoa chicken.

And rooster are you guys done yeah one more okay oh another dinosaur now let's put it in the freezer all right so mommy's gonna do that freezer time okay we're gonna freeze it all right i think it's ready.

Oh this one has ice on it because i accidentally put in the ice tray is it okay i don't remember all right let's take it out guys okay guys so now that we got it out of the freezer that's what it looks like some of them have ice in it but it's okay.

oh ryan's good right high with his hand there so now these are vinegar so what you're gonna do is you're gonna put vinegar into your baking soda oh yeah so what we're trying to do is rescue the animals that we put in there.

Yes that's the goal rescue the animals so why don't we put the animals there they're having a fun bath i'm trying to get this one animal what was that did you guys see it i don't know what it is or something i'm taking both of them.

everybody helping each other how nice looks good emma yeah i'm gonna put the whole thing because it's not going that fast me too whoa you want to do that too not yet okay we need way more yeah.

Emma okay all right so now i'm just gonna give him a cup of vinegar oh good bubbles yeah can we save the animals oh almost can you take it out let's see if emma can take it almost.

Ryan not yet whoa on the other side okay guys we are so close we're gonna try one more time can we rescue the animal oh hot water probably works a lot more yes we actually warmed up a.

Water this is a fun video because the kids can help each other figure out how to rescue the animals yeah almost so close you can see you can see the animals here so close ryan's so close i know that's the point we gotta figure out how.

Can we rescue the animals yeah not strong yeah good idea ryan first mommy's gonna help put it into a tray so you guys can break it up look we got one yeah good job okay this is ryan's i'll take it out for.

Him and it's almost done look look at the back side you guys can see what animals he picked out and this is emma really really close her front and back side here she also puts a dinosaur we actually don't have a hammer but so i'm giving him a spoon.

Well ryan good job this is a very messy experiment what about you dinosaur you did did you rescue anybody wow almost done good job.

nice oh one more what is that a donkey i forgot the hyena oh my gina you got a baby tiger wow kate double's gone look she just need to rescue the piggy and then there's one giant dinosaur huh.

What is that elephant i think it's a mommy an elephant for the baby we're almost done all right so we just have a few more animals here to rescue yeah they rescue pretty much all the animals already except for these three yeah oh look it's going you see the.

Bubbles yes look we rescued all the rest of the animals look it's out so emma's almost done with hers yeah good job looks like soup hi guys welcome to ryan's world today who are you um the.

Uh i don't tiger you are you're going to sound like mommy oh no i don't i'm a real tiger girl girl okay i'm mommy hi so as i was saying we're gonna make paper bags into animals let's get started so all you need is paper bags construction paper glue and scissors.

Cut out the parts of construction paper like this okay so i cut out all the parts i need now i'm gonna make an alligator and i'm gonna make a giraffe okay so all we need to do left is glue it okay so first the most important step is the eyes i'm going to glue the eyes right here.

Okay the eyes are done oh there then i put the mouth boom i have a giraffe nose right there so you can smell that's important and then giraffe has little horn that looks like antennas right there some glue that there and then i'm also gonna glue its.

Ears like this does it look a giraffe yet okay i'm putting on the body and now the tail okay i got the tail now i'm done and i'm almost done all i'm missing left is a few spots so i'm just going to put spots around my giraffe.

So ah not yet i'm not ready all right few spots you can randomly put it anywhere you like all right i'm done hi guys i'm geo the giraffe and i'm allie the alligator oh ellie i'm hungry do you have some um leaves for me nope.

What about cherries wait you dropping cherries no right can we become friends yes yes okay and you can make some more like this.

animal is this did you guys guess it that was my elephant sound and ryan yours was a chicken okay guys guess this one gets mine i wonder do you have some.

Grass you said you could do good at that that's very bad is it bad oh i mean okay so time to reveal mine was a cow if you guys didn't know mine was a dog all right here's some more fun ones baby baby.

Baby okay and mine is i don't know the sound so i'm just gonna i'm not a b i'm a lady okay did you guys guess it ryan is.

A shark and mommy is a ladybug oh hey shark hi are you a baby i'm flying away i'm flying away sharks can't fly shark can't fly last one guys which one is this ribbit ribbit ribbit poor fly and you guys know this one girl.

Is that right sound girl did you guys guess ryan it is a frog if you didn't know and mine is tutu the tiger because i like to dance with an invisible tutu thank you for watching our easy do-it-yourself animal paper bag.

And which one do you like hey guys are you feeling stressed today yeah if you are then let's make stress balls all you need is a balloon and some orbeez i have small sized orbeez medium-sized orbeez.

And giant sized orbeez first step putting the orbeez into the water now let's put the medium-sized orbeez in and the giant-sized orbeez now we wait for a few hours see you soon but also one second for you hey guys look how small and big the orbeez are and my sisters so this is the small orbeez here.

And this is the medium size what are you doing this is a giant-sized orbeez look that's nice i know next up let's put the orbeez inside the bottom so ryan's putting in the medium-sized one i'm gonna do a big one the cape don't need the funnel because.

She's putting in the big ones i'm doing strong guys now we're all having fun stairs good chair it was the kate had big ones and now she's doing the small one good idea ryan's putting some big ones in i see you upside down next step let's.

Put the balloon over the bottle okay so em ryan's doing it emma got hers orbeez done kate is also filled there you go and then next what you're gonna do is flip your balloon around and then start squeezing squeeze please wow look at mine guys.

Whoa it looks good thank you ryan is good that's huge okay kate's done so we're gonna take out the balloon and take off the balloon there we go and look can you help me guys i think my stress ball is ready.

Okay i'm gonna help ryan take it out oh look at this that's cool mine's ready too whoa but i'm gonna have one hand you can't okay i'm gonna help you pick it out yeah hold it tight hold it aside there you go wave.

Guys our stress ball is ready potatoes it does look like a weird potato when you play a game and you lose and you're stressed you can just squeeze or stretch.

Okay so mommy i also have a stretch spot here but i only use the little one so that's why you only see little ones here but this is the one that i made earlier it's nothing but small ones hi guys today we're doing a fun science experiment yeah we are going to test out all the objects around the house and see if it floats or sink oh now let's put.

Some water in the tank so ryan do you know how an object sink or float no if the object is less dense than water because that's what the liquid we're using if the optic is less dense than water then it will float and if it's more dense than it will.

Stink yeah here i am now that the water's filled up let's go find some objects all right let's go inside and find it let's go let's go now we're gonna look around the house to find some objects so we can see if they shake or float let's find an item and.

Put it in this box what should we use oh it's watermelon we want to see if a water bottle will sink or float okay you think they're both gonna sink or float float okay let's go find it what else what else you guys who's some dark coke.

So ryan wants to get the diet coke in the fridge there you go uh-huh down sink oh boy like this spiky one i found these balls ah let's go let's go let's.

Have a good go here's the banana you guys gonna think it sink or float because i think it's gonna sink what else should i test oh let's go upstairs to look for more toys a bunch of hot wheels we have a yellow car we're gonna test that one uh-huh okay what else should we test all right what about some disney cars ryan which.

One you want to bring in which one to take whoa that's a big one it's a mcqueen yeah oh what about this this is big buff do you think it's gonna float or something all right let's try this one too what about the pumpkin up there oh this is a.

Cute pumpkin let's get this are you gonna sink or float mr pumpkin head i'm gonna float so what else are we testing out blue bats now let's test out this fire truck with marshall and rubble in it hi you guys got a sinker float uh what do i think.

We have so many things what about we test this hammer to see it sinks or floats what do you think six all right i think we have enough object here so we're gonna bring it outside to see if it sink or float yeah we are let's test out the hammer all right do you guys think it's gonna sink or float.

Do you think it's more zinc okay you think it's more dense or less dense than water more dance more dance more dance see oh yeah for sure uh so it is more dense than liquid water what do you want to try next daddy all right i'll try this cute pumpkin.

What do you think ryan let's dance so it's going to float yes is it going to float is it going to float ah puppy float so cute i'm going to try this a bat say sink or float what sink sink how is it less it's less dense again it's probably because it's hot yeah.

There's nothing inside right yeah there's air air is actually less dense than water so it helps it float how about mcqueen oh mom's a trick mcqueen more dense than water more more dense hi mcqueen how do you feel being in water are you.

Ready to go for a swim what object do you want to test next what's next no no you put it down it pops back up oh it's my turn i'll pick.

My favorite drink diet coke oh diet coke sink or float i don't think it sinks wait is there anything in there too let's see yeah your guess mommy i think it's gonna float it's gonna float yeah what do you say i folks it floats.

Because diet coke doesn't have the it has the fake sugar in there it doesn't have sugar in there to weigh it down daddy's gonna see if he can find a regular soda that's not diet and see what happens daddy found the regular soda all right all right let's see so because it has sugar in there it's gonna make it.

More dense than water let's see if it's true you guys ready i'm ready let's see it is going down more maybe it just takes time but regular soda stinks it just takes time yeah bananas floats more dense or less dense than water uh.

Less dense you guys both things think it's gonna flow yeah come on really ah float what i didn't know that banana is left in another all right daddy what else should we try stress ball oh what is that the boat ryan made oh boat think or float.

Because it's a boat yes it's floating choo choo what is that sound okay what about do you think it can hold a ball oh no honey it's sinking there's so much more inside now poke ball eyebrows overboard no no it's just a sheet of paper what about a sheet of paper stick or.

Float if it's flat float okay let's see oh yeah it does float float what about if you crumble it up into a ball like this yeah close no sink but there's nothing in it well there is something in it no.

Okay what else do you want to try ryan uh this one miss frizzle all right from disney cars it looks heavy looks heavy go float all right it's a water toy oh it's a wild one that's why it's meant to float i forgot oh what's this button i think you put it in the water let it soak up some water.

And then it squirts you guys see the squirting from the horse the race is on hey i know don't smash me it keeps squashing my face what do you want to try next i want to try yourself myself i want to try.

This whoa got a paw patrol fire truck and it floats oh smoke even if the marshall and rubble snow floats puppy overboard what else do we have here we have water bottle tanker float ryan nope yeah well there's a tiny bit last thing is the hot wheels hot wheels.

Car sink or float mr ryan sink okay ryan says oh you're right definitely sink all the way to the bottom did you guys guess which one's gonna stink or float i'm a toy you're also a toy ryan toy review right right toy.

A fun experiment now let's stomp out the water thank you for watching our science experiment video bye bye we're gonna go clean up now and mr pumpkin also says hi hi guys i'm blowing the lawn today oh thank you ryan good helmet daddy there's a tornado.

I can't believe that was a real tornado but what if we made our own tomato in a bottle wow that's a good idea ryan what all right good good job ryan i think that's enough next i'm going to put on the connector all right okay twist twist twist good.

This here whoa that's so cool it's connected now now we do this there's no point in the ryan nothing's happening maybe we twirl it this part is hard so i'll do it for you okay roll it twirl it pull it.

There you go guys look look look wow so cool look at that dad yeah we can use this lamp oil first we're going to try red here we go come on in that's good good keep going.

Yep almost there done i'm now connected again let's see what happens are you ready look at that so you can see the tornado part a lot better so the center of the tornado is called vortex and that's what you see in red you see that.

Spinning around now it's great green and blue tornado too all right let's start with the green one first this time ryan's gonna do it let's see if we can put the green oil in there ah you're spilling it are you spilling it all right good good get the cap on.

Okay give me the other one i'm gonna put it on here done nice now let's do the blue one all right here we doing good go far keep going i think that's good all right good job.

Let's put the blue cap like this all right here we go there you go look at that so cool here we go nice green red and blue all different.

Colors that was so much fun thank you for making tornadoes with me daddy i think you're ryan i hope you guys have a fun time today i'm doing animal fingerprinting so many colors one for each letter of the alphabet green alligator.

wow a is for alligator i'm gonna use b for butterfly you need butterflies or whatever colors so what color are you using blue nice.

B is for butterfly i'm gonna use orange to make cats wow it looks pretty good wow c is for cat i'm gonna use green to make d for dark.

Yeah pretty good ryan that's pretty good wow yeah d is for duck i'm gonna use gray for e for elephants wow.

It's painted in right nice ryan there it is does it look like an elephant so far e is for elephant i'm gonna use orange to make f for fish yeah oh cool oops.

f is for fish i'm gonna use yellow for giraffe or gene nice coloring g is for giraffe i'm gonna use brown to make h4.

oh it looks like mud wow nice h is for horse i'm going to use green for iguana i uh i.

Is for iguana i'm gonna use purple for jellyfish yay oh yeah it's upside down j is for jellyfish i'm gonna use gray for koala ke.

oh no nice ryan you did great k is for koala now we're gonna do orange for lion elf l is for lion i'm gonna use brown to make.

A oh did it like the paper did you did good job m is for monkey i'm gonna use green nude for add nice n is for newt i'm gonna make a red octopus.

Foreign oh some octopus ryan's gonna just fill in some spots awesome o is for octopus i'm gonna use green to make a peacock or pink p is for peacock i use blue and gray to.

Make well cute wow wow that looks cool q is for quail i'm gonna use pink to make a rabbit ah like your name.

Ryan nice do you see the bunny ears oh yeah r is for rabbit i'm gonna use black for spiders.

Nice spider s is for spider i'm gonna use orange for tiger t oh i feel sticky t is for tiger i'm gonna make a pink unicorn for you.

yay u is for unicorn i use black and white for vulture v ah nice v.

Is for vulture i'm gonna use gray for whale w see how it turns out to be awesome w is for whale i'm gonna use black for x-ray fish x5.

Oh nice wow that's gonna be a beautiful x-ray fish x is for x-ray fish i'm gonna use black for yak why oh ho ho yeah yucky cool ryan y is for yak.

I'm gonna use white for zebra z i'm gonna add black on it later there it is white do you guys see it z is for zebra hi everybody today we're gonna do the three marker challenge it is ryan's mommy versus ryan's daddy.

And what's going to happen ryan the losers get pilot no i don't like plantains i think daddy's going to get five minutes before all right so let's battle out the colors with paper rock scissors.

Paper rock scissors shoot yeah if you close your eyes i'll close your eyes here's a marker you got one of the right color though i picked three yeah someone is skinny yeah okay i get this one i need a skinny pant and one more big one where's the big one i picked this one.

Good luck let me see whoa the same color both of them gray yeah well good luck no all right mommy's turn you can spin this and i'll close my eyes tell me when i'm ready you shake it good shake it good all right okay yeah okay.

Come on give me a red or a yellow red or yellow what you think is that good this is interesting okay let's not open my eyes what all right we'll start coloring ryan okay to make it interesting i'll put the timer on for two minutes that's all you got okay okay ready go i'm already.

Coloring outside the line this is not good we can be creative yeah you can be creative you can do whatever you want because ryan's gonna judge so it doesn't matter we have one minute left what it's too fast this is too fast okay we gotta hurry ah okay okay.

I don't think i can get this done in two minutes me neither let's just just you know what if i had mo it would be perfect i have nothing but orange okay ah i'm going outside the line maybe next one can we have three minutes because two minutes is just too fast.

Okay so this is what mommy got but look i use the kind of like um like the peach color but it kind of almost looks like the orange the oil looks same color see mine look like this i want to do dash lines because if i try to do all gray and it just looks too dark and i mix two colors so the tape is a little.

Different texture all right guys before ryan gets here let us know which one do you think looks better daddy virgin or mommy version all right ryan here is round one who wins.

Mommy or buffet's kind of scary i don't know or daddy do i do it there's one point mommy with zero it's like i'm gonna get to the next time all right guys time for round two are you ready to reveal what it is which one is it.

Take a guess one two three combo paper off see the i'm not good close your eyes close your eyes let me let me memorize no stop looking okay all right go ahead golly pig skinny one.

all right my turn okay the bigger marker okay this is the bigger one yeah one uno dose are you cheating no.

I'm not dress no comment okay so what color did i get let's see oh at least i got red combo i don't need black you can go duty black so what i'm missing is the little yellow for little stripes yeah hair it's okay.

It's a little bit okay so how can we give it a little bit more time this time can we go three minutes yeah two minutes was way too fast all right three minutes go so i'm gonna give camo some blue ears and then give him little blue because he thinks he's cool so what do you guys think so far do you think there's anything wrong with.

Likes this okay he's going to be a red panda this looks awesome so far combo bunga here we go combo crew it's coloring time maybe i did too much pretty much done you're done oh time's up all right so this is my combo bunga combo with his little belt.

He needs some accessories so that's what i got and this is my combo red panda blazing red all right ryan here is our combo which one do you think is better pick my combo that one is lit ryan i like all the.

Different colors on it but i think i like your mommy's moy it looks exactly like me but i got some cool blue ears alright so for number three we have two different ones you close your eyes and you pick one go ahead i'll let you pick okay i picked this one let's go ah i got mo mo.

And then i got gus mo it's all orange i only need one color for mo well let's see if you can get orange first i'll go with a big marker this time this is big this is good okay three two one go oh all right so mommy's turn i'm gonna just.

Spin the marker around here close my eyes i'm spinning so you guys know i'm not cheating and then pick my three colors i'll pick the skinny one this time just to be different one two three let's see oh.

I'm missing red but it's okay i'm gonna make a cool awesome gus you guys will see two and a half minutes on the clock on your mark get set go can we do this can we do this gus i'm really concentrating really hard okay but what do you guys think so far do you think gus looks good in a new color i'm gonna know a completely.

Different look oh really yeah let's see if you guys like it better than original all right guys time's almost up that's what i have so far what do you guys think do you think gus gonna be proud of me so i'm almost done maybe he'll like if i draw some gummies i just realized i put gummy on his skin.

I thought it was part of his outfit so i think i'm done and time's up daddy marker markers okay i didn't have time to cover the defeat you saw you got usa moe or zombie ghosts oh that's zombie ghost and some somehow he has.

Gummies on his body and where's his body white he forgot to cover that i didn't have time okay so let's show this to ryan but let us know which one do you guys think is cool okay all right ryan round three please let mommy win i haven't won a single round.

So this is my gus and daddy draw american mo which one u s a u s a give mommy a point give mommy a point which one gus team gus that's not real this is not real why would you put a new mode uh.

i put some secret spiders in you put secret spiders i think we have plenty there don't you guys agree no covering your face mommy oh i want a revenge match daddy okay guys thank you so much for watching.

Our three marker challenge i'll go see you later bye you're gonna pay for this mr ryan he's eating it

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