DIY RESORT PATIO Right In Your Own Backyard | Patio Makeover | Decorating Ideas on a BUDGET

here you go the patio hello everybody this is michelle and thank you for watching and for those who are new welcome to the process and you guys know this the new process we got we got a new.

Thing going on we got a new thing going on today you guys it's kind of different from our normal video okay you guys i think if you have not checked out the last video i'm gonna click it i'm gonna put it up there so you guys click that card and i told you guys we're going to come.

Back and show you some of the house and what we have been doing in regards to remodeling and how long it's been taking me it took me five years to start so the why click that i up there why click that eye all right so today we're going to come to you.

With our new patio uh we had a patio for three years we had a slab okay what happened what happened yeah let's see you guys we got the patio we got a patio extended and i did not and this is the marshall thing come on i know vito thought was crazy but i felt like i did.

Not want to decorate because i knew how i wanted the patio and i knew that at the same time i want to pay the patio off so i wouldn't fully feel comfortable doing everything or being able to do everything i want to do at one time and still.

And still have payments so you guys it's a lesson in here just kind of take out the little nuggets which i i commend her for that now i was never against that at all i was with it too as well really yeah paying off the payment remember that's why i said double up on the payments.

I said double payments whatever they say was i kept saying send this thing send that remember just to get it down just get it down that was my whole thing i wanted to pay off the patio because me going to the store you know using money to pay for to decorate the house.

Or the patio and we still oh i just did some because i would have been thinking this money can go toward the payment so i wanted to make sure that we went on and just paid it off and we did in three years right three years normally they had a set up for ten years.

So it was really so three years we paid it off and then i was free i was free in my spirit i was free in my conscience to just go ahead and be free what i wanted to do i've always wanted a patio like this i've i've seen them like when you go out of.

Town and you go to resorts and things and you see how it's just made up and it's just so beautified and i've always wanted to be able to come home to something like that and not have to be always going somewhere to get that so i actually decided to do exactly what i want to do at my.

Own home so when my husband comes home i come home we can relax we can have our wine and we can just chill in the patio and i did exactly what i want to do hmm.


So so hmm.

Um now the procession this is process life so you know there's a process this thing whenever god shows you something and there's like a vision and you have peace and things are working never deter from that yes absolutely so.

When vito went with me because i really wanted him to be involved i wanted him to you know to do this thing with me and we went to ikea and there were certain things that i i knew i wanted but you know how you know something but you know you haven't quite figured it out how you're going to.

Do it yet that's where i was so he saw some rods and he was talking about drilling but i already had it in my mind that there would be no drilling there would be no gluing it was going to be very easy a diy that was going to be very uh conducive to what i wanted to do.

So we get to ikea his brain starts going now mind you all i'm already there i already know what i want to do so he he's talking about drilling and all this stuff and i'm like babe no we're not doing that i already saw what i want to do how i want to do it's not going to be a.

Drilling in the house nothing of that sort but he didn't know that so i'm trying to tell him this he can't wrap his head around how we're going to put these things up and there's no drill so then he saw a rod it was something about the ride i don't.

Know what you were saying and then i was getting frustrated and i was like no just just put it down so the key component is this whenever you start getting upset while you're doing something if you're getting frustrated while you're doing something.

Stop put it down and walk away or if you got a vision or something that god has put in your heart stop taking people with you point number two period and stop asking people for their best what you think what you mean what they think what did god show you don't worry about what they.

Think now you need to tell them what i told you go ahead i don't remember i told you why you brought me here anyway you shouldn't be bringing me with you anyway i said you should go by yourself stop taking me with you and so i said and so i agreed and when that happened.

Again i was back into the floor of things every time he came home i had all i was ordering things offline i was going can i say this yeah her thing is this and i love her for this and she don't know that i appreciate what she does when it's pertaining to.

Her wanting to do something you know for her house she likes to have my input just because she wants me to feel like you're not i want i'm involved it's your house too but i keep telling her that do you don't worry about me.

Because i don't have a vision on how i want the house to look it doesn't matter with me he talked about it was his house his patio plane changed yeah that's it you know because i i mean a woman has a different vision fixing up my house versus a man i mean why would you want a man input on.

Something what a woman has that gift to do you know i'm not saying that men don't have that gift to do now i'm not saying that what i'm saying is that you know when when your wife has that gift in her and you know she has it in her and she's afraid to tap into it i don't.

Think i have a gift she's a friend no she does she's just afraid to tap into her i been knew she had to give she just want to always well maybe i should call someone else and help remember like little she just don't even know what because she's a very creative person she's a coordinator she coordinated let.

Me finish decoration when i'm talking about her coordinating things on her job listen when she has to have all of these meetings and these people around off the top of her head she will create things that will cause them to get involved and then the next thing you know god.

See that's what i'm saying she thomas god that ain't me exactly so i'm i was up i didn't try to tell her this but i was like she don't understand the same spirit that comes over her when she do these particular meetings and and gatherings and and all of the stuff she'd be doing.

In her job it's the same spirit that will come upon her if she would just allow god to just she would trust god that she would have that gifting to fix up anything in the house and just make it look just beautiful straight up beautiful and she don't understand that so.

At times when she used to say these things doesn't be like she has no clue what's in her i know she can do this go ahead baby do your thing do what you do i'll go ahead so anyway i finally was able to get the dream patio i have.

Always wanted so we want to share our blessing with you guys you want to you want to share my dream come true with you guys and hopefully it will it will encourage you it will inspire you even if you have a small you know apartment if you have a balcony a balcony you can you can make.

It here you can make it yours it doesn't matter how small how big make it your own so when you come to the house it's actually a home when you walk in yeah and then you want to also you know and not be grateful.

For what you have like you know dress up what you have decorate what you have don't keep wishing i'm gonna wait until i do this i'm gonna wait until i get this no do it now right because you're never gonna get it done really right right so if it's something in your heart.

That god has showed you and you're like nah i might wait i don't know if i'm gonna be here this long or it's too small trust me when i was looking up use pinterest as a as an inspiration because i did yeah i used pinterest as you know you.

Kind of think what can i do with this what i can what can i do with that and what another thing you guys when you go inside of a store and this is me i never can say i'm going to the store to pick up x y z because when i do that x y z is not.

There and i miss abc because i'm looking for xyz so i go in there with the notion of i need to go in there to decorate for my patio i don't know how i just know what i when i see it i know it and that's how i actually went in there because i didn't want to.

Limit god i didn't want to limit myself saying i want to have this color i want to have this type of thing and i go in there and they don't have it and then i'm not really open to other creative juices so when i saw something i'm able to say you know what i like that i don't know.

Where it's gonna go but i like that so if you like it and you don't wanna you know you know you're not gonna get home and say i'm gonna take this back those are the things you want to actually grab another thing that i did too when i was in at home at the store here called at home there.

Was different pieces that i wanted for like um you guys to see it it's a pretty uh glass tray and i would literally was going around the store and picking up different you know um items or things and i would put it and i would kind of like decorate decorated wallop in the store so i know how it looks that's a.

Great idea and people was like that's a great idea i like that or they'll walk by the basket and say oh that's pretty i like that and certain things i knew okay that won't fit so that way you're not going home and it won't fit it doesn't look right.

And you you kind of have a little um idea of what it will look like because you're already you can't now you can't be ashamed and embarrassed because actually you're helping somebody else i didn't know how many people i was actually inspiring with me kind of doing my thing.

Blocking everybody else out and i'm just i'm just rearranging stuff and it was like you know what i like that's a nice arrangement i'm like thank you you think so and then we start chit chat so you know it it becomes very exciting and it becomes fun and when i was by myself.

It was even better you got to worry about asking somebody what you think babe so anything man you wanna just i just wanna say hi i mean i just wanna say it's um it's just a blessing to be able to come home.

Finally to the patio and be able to just walk out here indeed you just like you feel like you had a resort you know you feel like you um you feel like you're not even at a house you feel like you had a restaurant in your own your own house in the back of your house i mean it is so it's so beautiful to come home to.

Something like that you know and and that's how you're supposed to feel another area of the house that you can go into and how how proud i am of my queen for for taking the initiative to say you know what okay now it's time to move and i i don't care how much money she would.

Spend and i can kill less i was getting done when she was getting it done i mean it was like go ahead i'm not what you got else what else you got coming i used to look forward every week you got something else what else you got coming so i'm very proud of what she did.

I can see that that gifting in her she definitely got that gift from her whether she wants to admit it or not i think she does because everyone who's seen that patio they have melted they don't want to leave you got to go home you got to get up out of here you got to go one thing also.

To kind of help you out we re repurpose what you already have yeah there are certain things that i purchased and i saw that it would go better in the house in a different room and i would take something from another room and i put it in the patio i kind of like a little swap a easy swap.

So that could also help you save money when you think you have to go to you know go to the store and buy something it may be already in the house and it's not really being utilized it's just there no one can really see it i did a lot of that so a lot of things that in the patio i.

Kind of swapped it out from you know one of my from the back room to the living room and swapped different things even things that i've actually bought for the patio i've seen that literally yeah in the bed of yoga yeah that's oh okay so definitely that also it's also nice to be able to share.

Your blessings with other people yeah so this year he was actually able to share um the patio with two of our awesome sister and brother in christ that's right and it was a blessing you guys had a great time you guys will be able to see them soon cause we're gonna actually.

Interview them that's gonna be our first couple that we interviewed our first couple interview you guys been talking about us interviewing people we've always told you guys it's hard it's hard to find them yeah because it's just hard yeah anyway so we was able to go out.

There we ate at the table we talked we we laughed we had a great time we shared it was an intimate moment with our sister's umbrellas and it was nice to be able to share that with them and they loved it and i still was amazed even though i was one putting putting putting the furniture together.

But i i didn't see all all the the pieces and all of that what she was the um all the decorations and stuff that she was going to use i i didn't see none of that stuff you know right off the bat because she didn't do everything right off the bat she just kind of like whenever she got.

In that spirit and that thing moves her she was gone like then she'd come back bam she have a call full of stuff and she just put everything where she wanted to be because she had a vision you know if you have any questions about anything anything that i i did.

How i did it i don't mind coming back and you know sharing some information on um because you may have questions on how i put up certain things without using the drill and these things were very affordable am i lying babe no she really made a believer out of me.

Again research i really and she made a believer out of me and i was like oh okay yeah this is way much easier than drilling a holder you know the put the the uh uh the curtain rods up and all of that stuff so yeah yeah i mean she she definitely um so let me talk to you.

Guys about the curtains so when you see some curtains they're actually a mosquito net curtains and like when the mosquitoes come in it will actually trap which they will not come in because we have to screen we have the uh no we have the bug proof screen but if they come through like.

The door when we open the door they can probably come that way yeah so they're there because i have already seen a mosquito that was trapped in the neck and i opened it up and the net and the mosquito fell down it was dead so it was very 4.99 it was like 4.99 for each one so it's really nice we can.

Come back and do it a totally different video and let you know how vito put them up you know what what we use to keep everything you know as far as curtains waterproof but as far as the furniture everything is pretty much patio furniture it's waterproof again any questions.

Leave us some questions again this is our first video like this so if you guys want more of these type of videos let us know and give you like affordable options or affordable ways diys that i use to to save some money all right.


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