Do THESE Home Remodeling Projects in 2022 | 6 Most Profitable DIY Projects

It's 2022 which means another year wondering where to invest your money for the greatest return well one of the best options is putting it back into your home exactly yeah here's some of the top home projects you should consider doing in 2022 now thing to note is that with the.

Supply and chain issues and with wood prices fluctuating project costs will continue to fluctuate so keep that in mind and when you're thinking about doing a project like this deck you might want to consider holding off for six months or even until next year so you can save a bunch of money but i'm.

No financial expert and you can't time the market so do what you want but keep that in mind according to the cost values report by zonda they found that certain projects have a greater return on your money and a lot of those happen to be exterior projects now exterior projects have a greater return because of curb appeal no.

One wants to deal with something ugly and no one wants to buy it if it looks ugly on the street they say that you don't judge a book by its cover but in reality when you're living at home if it doesn't look nice why would you go and even look at the house to buy it you don't like the way that it looks so you move on to something that you do like.

Here are four of the top exterior projects that you can do number one is windows vinyl windows can give you a 69 return on your investment that sound is really loud let's go to a different window i once bought windows from some salesmen spent way too much money and now i think it did help the value of our home but once again i spent too much on.

Them you don't have to buy the top the best window that there is out there just normal classic double pane windows will do just fine you'll get energy savings from them and it will make your space feel better and look better so let's jump to the next project this project is your siding replace your siding if it's rotting out and that will give you a 69.

Return on your money you can also paint it painting has a really high return on your money as well so do both of them and let's jump in to another one your front door is the next one and you get a 65 return on your money front doors aren't that expensive and you could probably do it in a day depending on if you have to change the framing around it.

Or not buy one that fits the space and you can do it really quickly and then the other one is stone veneer in your entryway or around your house and you could do that just an inch away depending on how much you want to do around your house it could take you a day or it could take you a weekend or it could take you a.

Week but you could do a diy stone veneer just like you do diy front door the veneer gives you a 92 return on your money remember curb appeal really pays off alrighty let's jump to the backyard welcome to the backyard i'm currently standing on my deck here and this is one of the greatest returns on your money and now i mentioned.

Earlier that wood prices are continuing to fluctuate but i don't think you can go wrong investing in a deck decks are amazing people love decks and if you do it correctly it will last a long time i do have a video on how i built this ground level deck in six hours and you can do the same a deck gives you.

66 return on your investment and if you diy that you'll end up making money so look into this as a diy project and i know you can do it so the next up is the inside so let's go to the inside welcome to the inside this is my guest bathroom and that's right bathrooms a mid level mid-range bathroom remodel.

Renovation will give you 60 return on your money and you can diy this if you diy you will make money off of it now i did this bathroom for 2 300 bucks i believe and the estimated is between like 3 000 and 12 000 for this size of bathroom and so you can save a ton of money make money.

And have fun renovating it if you want to check out the videos for this bathroom check those out after you finish this video and next up we have the kitchen we'll just you know carry all over here excuse the mess right now christy uh jumped out with xander to go.

See some friends and i gotta eat some tacos in a second the kitchen will give you a great return on your money as well 72 percent 72 and so look into upgrading your kitchen you can diy that as well i have yet to diy a kitchen remodel.

But when we do the house extension we are going to remodel this move the fridge over put in a uh a pantry redo the countertops redo the all the stuff anyways if you're interested in home extensions and how we're going to do that it's going to be an awesome project from.

Foundation to roof to walls to everything design hit that subscribe button because it's going to be fun and i'm really excited to share it and i'm really excited to do it because we're just excited speaking of the addition that is also a great project to do if you look at or.

All the other ones look at a three bedroom versus four bedroom in your area there is a huge difference in pricing if you have the space or if you have the land and you can do an extension it might be worth doing it investing in it and giving your house that extra room now you will need to sell your house to make.

This money back and that can be in 10 years or it can be in five years whatever we plan on being here for a few years but we're going to add an office in a room living room so on and so forth and that will really increase the value of our home so look.

Into those numbers and find out what could be best for your house and how to make the most money off of it i do have a video on all my 2021 remodels projects on adding closets to the space on remodeling my whole bedroom on doing the guest bathroom on.

Building a gate myself uh everything from painting to plumbing and i break down all those projects you can go view that video here and check out how much money i would have made when i sell this property which we'll do in a couple years but it's really helpful to look at the.

Finances and break down each of the costs from doing diy versus doing the pro level so check that out and let me know in the comments what you think over there so i will see you over there and i'll see you out there see you later if you got opinions you can keep that losing.

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