Do this to your windows for an instant outdoor upgrade (so easy!)

We tried it brings you product reviews to help you make informed buying decisions today we're trying the giraffe tools grand falls pressure washer pressure washers do a great job at cleaning stubborn dirt off of vehicles a driveway or a garage floor but they can be a pain to set up and store away the grand falls pressure washer by draft.

Tools does all the hard work for you it's an auto retraction high pressure washer that can be wall mounted once installed the pressure washer is ready to go when you are and when you're done the auto retraction swiftly clears and stores the hose away for another time just like a vacuum cleaner cord.

This power washer is perfect for cleaning vehicles driveways tools walls and floors save valuable floor space with this system as it can be mounted on the wall with just a bracket and screws this high pressure hose has a maximum water flow of 2200 psi 2.1 gallons per minute blasting away any.

Dirt or grime that stands in its way this sprayer is equipped with four different spray nozzles to bring various pressure and water output includes a foam cannon to spray soaps and detergents the telescopic aluminum handle can be adjusted to the user's height and it's easy to move with wheels.

A specially designed smart lock allows you to use the hose at any length with a quick start stop locking mechanism built-in overheating and protection devices ensure safety and durability when the trigger is not engaged the tss total stop system automatically shuts off the pump which saves energy and also extends the life of the pump what's more.

The gun safety lock prevents children and others from accidentally pulling the trigger it's recommended to disassemble the pressure washer and place it indoors during winter to prevent freezing which can cause damage priced at 309.79 with a two-year quality warranty from draft tools.

This power washer is worth the investment try it for yourself now available on have you tried the grand falls pressure washer tell us about your experience in the comments.

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