First Impressions of Addis Ababa in 2022 – Good or Bad Idea To Come To Ethiopia Now?

So how is ethiopia right now should you plan to visit ethiopia is land border open is it safe uh people living a normal life has the wall come to an end uh these are some of the things to consider and i've been here for a few days now and i wanted to take you through my day-to-day as i answer some of this .

Question now you all know by now that ethiopia has been a special country for me in my start of my journey of traveling the world and exploring the world i was here last year stayed here for like four months and uh i've had some of the amazing stays and some of the amazing experiences meeting awesome people currently i'm at mud verbet and .

As i'm gonna be going through my errands today we're gonna be answering about the changes and even things that are new here in ethiopia come with me is so i have to say i am one of the luckiest people to have discovered this place called mad vervet because i get a .

Chance to stay at an affordable accommodation that and i love the creativity that comes with this place you also get to meet amazing people so yeah so that's why i thought and still i used to wonder why people make such that loud noise i never used to understand it until i think now they .

Are selling something so let's step out and see how different is and how ethiopia has changed so despite mud vervet being such an affordable place i like the fact that it's very close to many things you can .

Get a supermarket currently we are working to get breakfast and i have to say it's also walking distance to places like bole and many places here easy you can get closer to embassies you know like those things that many tourists coming to ethiopia will need so let's walk .

So i discovered ethiopia keeps changing in many ways but one that i am forever glad their lifestyle really does not change much i'm currently seated in this shop because i have really missed buying smoothies anywhere and you can be able to buy these foods from any place anywhere in europe yeah so we're gonna check that as we continue seeing .

Different things that have changed so as i told you i'm currently at ballet took a walk up to this place and i'm here to update you on two changes that have actually changed one i recently learned that you cannot for those who come to ethiopia requiring a visa and like kenyans and distributions that the .

Option for applying the visa on arrival is currently on hold so you need to apply for the visa in your country let me also know in the comment section if you have a different experience because these things keep changing now can we also take a moment and take a walk on a different side of this church and talk .

About the safety even as you continue praying that safety of ethiopia is gonna be fully come to full unity and you're to experience total peace here let's go let me update you taking a minute to pray for the safety of ethiopia now about the conflict and the updates in relation to .

The safety here uh when i learned that the first time i came to ethiopia i feel like now situations are way better because even like the news has reduced the amount of information going out they are not saying the war has come to an end but there's a discussion and negotiation going on and hoping that peace can be .

Restored here in ethiopia another thing has to be uh i asked by the time i came for a short visit uh last year in november the cases were bad and the situations was it was scary to stay here in ethiopia and people were actually talking about how it's coming through at this above and one of the questions that i've been asking locals has the .

Situation gotten better or has it gotten worse has the conflict gotten better or has it gotten worse and i have to report happily that everyone i have asked has actually said that is getting better but still we continue to have the uncertainty of anything could have could have could happen you know but my big prayer was .

That peace is going to be restored fully and this is going to be one nation and you're going to enjoy living in this land of origin but so far i am happy uh i'm happy to see also the the news change and less about negative things about ethiopia you know and i'm hopeful that things will come to a better .

Settlement and better situation and better let's go to another yes i agree there are places you can clean your shoes but i like that education that they do when it comes to cleaning your shoes .

So i am currently at friendship square and sometimes this week this place was not as it looks right now because there are celebrations of the sim cards and i have to say i love this about ethiopia that they still continue to maintain their culture let me give you a small glimpse about that apart from that we'll identify that so .

Many buildings have been upcoming and one change that i would have said i would say about addis ababa to be specific is the rate at which it is developing like for example the first time i came to ethiopia around unity park has not been completed now that place look magnificent like a place outside at this hobo but i'll definitely .

Take you one day currently i'm here at friendship square as i mentioned and you can see low tall buildings under construction so i'm so sure that with time this will be a totally different city and you must come and explore another aspect that i've really been .

Learning of late there's too much traffic so that means i know more people have bought cars because i don't think there was traffic compared to now which is a good thing of course more development and more things coming out and happening in addis ababa ethiopia .

Do as i conclude this video a friend has just asked what does normal mean hashtag normal it's actually a tagline or a movement that came up when people there were news about ethiopia going outside going out in the country of how the war was coming to addis ababa and .

Wrong information being spread out there so people or ethiopians and even other people came up with it no more hashtag to spread positivity about ethiopia do you understand yeah so i think this is the end of the video i hope you have enjoyed seeing uh .

How adi suburban has changed the improvement and you've seen how it is actually going to become a whole different different country look more traffic as people are getting back home here at meth girl square thank you thank you for watching all as always remember to create time for that which ignites yourself until next time bye for now .

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