Google’s Bard chatbot has been available for testing for a limited amount of users for some time. Now, the Bard-based generative AI web search is rolling out to the first wave of testers.

Google is officially opening up AI searches to a few people, after previously opening up a waitlist. If you enroll in Search Labs, a new program to access search tests from Google, you’ll be able to be among the very few to try a new twist to everyone’s most beloved browser. Typing out some queries, especially those where you might want concise replies will prompt Google to give AI-generated answers. They should look pretty similar to the kinds of answers you’ll get from a chatbot, except a bit more detailed since they’re meant to replace, or at best complement, actual search results.

Of course, it’s not perfect right now. There are accusations from users about plagiarism, inaccurate answers, or Google struggling to interpret questions. Many of the same problems that currently plague Bard are likely problems for this AI search feature, so no surprises there. As Google keeps improving its language model, some of these issues might get better over time.

If you wish to give it a shot, make sure to enroll in Search Labs. Don’t be surprised if it’s not available for you just yet, though.

Source: Google