hi friends welcome to my channel and welcome if you are new here my name is cheryl i love decorating with style on a budget and i love to try to make my home look a lot more expensive than it really is and one of the ways i do that is by shopping for inexpensive home decor so you guys know i have started a new.

Series how to bring warmth into your home for fall and i have been doing a little sourcing of some items so i thought i would show you today what i will be using not necessarily decorating with them today but just show you what i picked up.

So if that's something you're interested in please make sure you keep watching and make sure you give the video a thumbs up and if you are not yet a part of the i style my style family i would so appreciate it if you would hit that subscribe button tap the notification bell and become a member of the family.

So let me show you what i picked up so i think it was about maybe a week or so ago i went to hobby lobby they had 66 off and while i was there i picked up a few things so one of the things that i picked up was this cute little storage box and i liked it.

Because it has this gold detail on the front which i thought was really really nice to bring in that one for fall and it was 3.99 if you can see that and don't mind my nails i need to get them done but i thought this was so cute and for.

3.99 i could not leave it in the store i'm gonna go along with that i picked up let me show you these just some utensils to use around the house um i saw this stir i like the black and the wood tones i thought it was perfect.

It brings in that warmth for fall with the wood and then i also got these basters you can never have too many basters these were 66 percent off of the spring shop price you can see that this was 3.99 and this one was how much were you.

9.99 so i just picked these up to use in the kitchen i thought those would be really great and then i haven't done a tablescape in like forever but when i saw these i thought these would be perfect for a tablescape and it is these.

Napkin rings i love the leaf detail i think this would be perfect for fall or you can use them really year-round but i just love the look because it looks like little a little leaf turned on to itself i thought it was so so pretty and for 3.99 at 66 off of course i had to pick them up so.

I picked up a set of six to set a table and then i saw these cute little wooden spoons i thought these would be perfect to go on my coffee bar for fall so i picked these up these were part of fall at 40 off so these were 3.99.

40 off and while i was there i i just grabbed one of these so i saw these and i showed these i want to say in a video early on when the spring shop first came out and i debated.

Whether or not to get them because they're so glam and i do like glam um but i wasn't sure about these but when they went on clearance at 66 percent off and they're 7.99 normally i couldn't leave them in the store so i did bring them home i did pick up.

Six of these six or eight and i absolutely love these again always shop on clearance if that's the one tip i can leave you with is never pay full price for anything if you can help it always buy on clearance i just love a good clearance sale so some other items that i picked up from the spring shop is this black and.

White table runner absolutely love it it was 34.99 and again it was 66 off and i just love the design aesthetic of it and then sorry for the wrestling to go along with it i also.

Found placemats and these were how much were you uh eight nine ninety nine at sixty six percent off so a little over three dollars and i think these will look really nice on my dining room table which you guys.

Know is black and then i also picked up these pillows so these pillows came from hobby lobby at 66 off again i just love the design and the texture.

On them these are outdoor pillows pillows but i'm going to use them as indoor pillows and these were if it will focus all right so these were 29.99 as well but again at 66 off for a great deal so.

I could not leave them in the store and i had to bring them home and i got not one but two so those are all the things that i got from hobby lobby uh from their spring shop and let me show you what else i picked up so i did pick up.

Two more of those pillows from z gallery and i love the way they look on the bed and then i also picked up these canvas prints from kirklands and i'm really not sure how i feel about them here in the space so leave me a comment down below.

Is this a yay or an a i'm kind of leaning toward a nay i think i just need something different so do i keep them in paint over the design or leave it.

As it is and i'll put up a photo here or video of what it used to look like and let me give you a closer look it has this texture on it and i really thought it would look better.

Than it does in the space so i'm not sure if i like it so leave me a comment down below and let me know your thoughts and then over here i did pick up the um.

Faux what is this called bird of paradise tree um i did pick this up from hobby lobby when it was on sale um it was part of their 66 off clearance so i picked that up i want to say it was like 24.

And then i also picked up this planter from tj maxx to go with it it was i want to say 20 as well so this completes the look on this side of the room this piece here.

I had before and i'm going to take this out this is just some greenery that i put in here for spring and the space is from home goods and then that is a clearance fine from home good so this whole thing will be going i'm.

Not sure where i'm going to put it yet so that's why it's still there but this is how this area looks and that lamp also came from home goods i think i still have the price on it yeah it's by tahari it has a marble base i don't know if you can see that at the.

Bottom very very heavy and i just like the look so that is the other items that i picked up and now let me show you what else i picked up all right so here is the other.

Canvas that i picked up from kirklands it oh i forgot to say those um canvas prints upstairs were a clearance fine from kirkland's and it was i think three for ninety dollars i believe.

If that's not right i will leave them linked in the description box down below and also put in um a snippet here with the actual price this was 50 i believe or sixty dollars i think this was sixty but again i'll leave the prices um down below so you.

Can go check them out if you're interested but i really love the canvas this canvas print i don't know if you can see the detail it has a little bit of silver like some gold leafing some bluish black and.

Deep or light grays and you guys know i decorate in black and white so this would be perfect here in my home i'm thinking about taking it and putting it over here in my lounge but i do.

Love the cheetah so i don't know should i use this piece here above my faux fireplace or should i leave the cheetah leave me a comment down below and then also i'm going to be changing out things here on my floating shelves you guys know i'm bringing in some.

Warmth for fall so i want to add warmth to my floating shelves here so that'll be changing so yeah if you are new here and you have not yet subscribed please make sure you hit that subscribe button tap the notification bell become a member of the i style myself family because you do not want to miss any of my upcoming fall.

Videos and also in preparation for fall here on my bar cart i picked up these really pretty oh gosh martini martini martini glasses i love the black and the copper color inside perfect for fall so i do.

Have these sitting here on the bar cart and in case you're wondering why there's so much bourbon my boyfriend and i do collect bourbon so that's why we have a lot of bourbon there so i just love the way this looks here on the bar cart and then we have the rest of our.

Drinks and our wine coops and all that stuff on the bark i just have a lot of glasses guys so i just keep them all here on the cart um but i do need to find some other storage solutions so the bar cart doesn't look so.

Crowded but i do love these glasses let me know what you think and then another thing that i picked up is this really pretty face look at the sheen and the texture on this again i'm bringing in that warmth for fall and when i saw this at ross i knew it was perfect.

And this was 19.99 20. so not a bad price at all i have also seen these at home goods if you're interested but i would pick them up at ross because.

You're probably going to get a better price and these are made in vietnam so absolutely love the gold tones with the cream again bringing in that warmth for fall if you guys missed my last video of bringing warmth into fall.

In my powder room i will leave that link in the description box below as well so make sure you go check that out and then i think i've shown you these before but i picked these up i thought these would be perfect as well to use for fall i just love the look of these little stems and these came.

From hobby lobby and they are 11.99 but at uh 40 off i think they're around 6.550 something like that so absolutely love it i don't know how these would look here in this vase i may have to use something different but.

Yeah i don't like them in there i'll have to put them somewhere else but i do love them so if you like these make sure you go to your nearest hobby lobby and check them out so then the next thing i picked up this is from amazon.

And i thought these would be perfect again to go along with bringing in my warmth for fall and it's these charger plates these are so so pretty and i love the gold detailing on them these i don't remember the price but i will.

Put up the price here so you can see and i'll leave these linked in my amazon store so anything that i show on my web my website anything i show in the video will be linked in my amazon store if i purchased it from there so you can always go check that out you can shop there 24 7 but i absolutely love these.

And i thought these would look perfect for fall it's giving kind of a broke not broke baroque type feel so i absolutely love these and i think these would be perfect with the napkin rings and then those plates that i picked up from z gallery that were on clearance if you missed that video i.

Will leave that link so you can check it out so i think these would pair really nicely together and then that is all that i picked up from hobby lobby and amazon then i went to home goods and you guys know i or maybe you don't know i used to be really really big into halloween i.

Would go all out and decorate my home for halloween because i would always have a halloween party and it would be a costume halloween party so my brother passed away just a couple of days before halloween um.

About three almost four years ago now and ever since then i just have not been into halloween so i'm slowly trying to get back the joy and the enthusiasm that i have for halloween and when i went into home goods i saw this really pretty mantle scarf and i just love the detail and i.

Love the little spiders on it if you can see show you those so so pretty again bringing in the warmth for fall so i picked this up to use on my fireplace so i'm not going to be going all out decorating for halloween but i thought if i could i'll just.

Decorate one area of my home for halloween i don't think i'll have the halloween party again this year either but so i picked this up love love love this so if you are liking this piece and you see it in home goods make sure you pick it up it was 24 24.99.

And that is the only thing that i picked oh no i did get a candle so i was looking for fall scented candles this one is orange and again bringing in that warmth for fall i was trying to go for more of an amber glow but this.

Smelled so good i went ahead and picked it up it was part of their sand and paul's line it was 7.99 and it is crisp white and i absolutely love this smell so so nice so that's the only thing that i picked up from home bits all right so i've got a package.

It takes forever for the hours so here are the candles that i picked up from z gallery and as you can see this one is defective so i can see why they were on sale because they're just a faux coated finish they're not even true.

Gold or gold colored as you can see the finish is silver and they've just put this like strip of gold plated material over these so i don't know if i can salvage these or not i do like how they look but shame on you z gallery shame shame.

Trying to pass off this stuff s z gallery quality please this is not a z gallery quality besides the mantle scarf and then as i said i want to add little pops of warmth here and there around my home and i saw this trio of candle holders and i absolutely fell in love with them and i wanted to get them because i.

Thought hey these would look really nice on the coffee table in my living room so i saw them on kimberly capone's one of her videos and i went on a hunt trying to find them and i searched high and low and i could not find them and then i thought oh my.

Gosh here they are and they were 74 and i thought oh my gosh that is a great deal so i went and ordered them without reading the description never order or buy anything online where you have not fully read the description so.

I got it and i started opening it up and i thought okay um does it seem like there's three of them and when i finally got the package opened it wasn't so i'm talking about this piece here so i love the geometric design of these of this piece i thought it was going to be three separate pieces that i could.

Move around and at last that is not what i got but here's the price and the store is called willow willard i'll leave it linked down below if you're interested in these but.

Again not exactly what i thought i was buying it is the look that i was going for but i thought again they were three separate pieces and they were a little thicker than this because you can see these are really thin and yeah totally not what i thought i was getting but i'm not going to send it back i am going to still try to use it.

Because i haven't found the trio that i am actually looking for so if you are familiar with this with not this particular piece but of the trio of candle holders that looks just like this but are three separate pieces leave me a comment down below let me know where i can find them because i would still.

Like to get the three separate pieces these are welded together and again are really thin so what is the old saying you get what you pay for maybe that 74 price was too good to be true but anyway guys so that is what i have picked up lately i'm sorry i have.

Been m.i.a you know life happens to get busy work busy schedule so i am we'll pick up or resume my normal schedule of three upload videos a week so if you have enjoyed today's content and you would like to know how i will be decorating my home for fall how i will.

Be bringing in the warmth for fall make sure you hit that subscribe button tap the notification bell become a member of the i style lifestyle family because you do not want to miss any of those videos so that's all i have for you today my friends i hope you have an awesome day and i hope to see you in the next one.


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