Home Depot Games Are Now Available In Roblox Metaverse

The Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvement retailer, makes its first step in the metaverse. The company launched a virtual version of its kid’s workshops on Roblox metaverse. Let’s take a tour of this new experience.

What is the Virtual Kid’s Workshop?

Taking place in Roblox’s Redcliff City, this workshop offers young builders a hands-on learning experience designed “to spark creativity, promote problem-solving, and encourage social interaction”.

To start with, Kids have to go to Roblox Redcliff city and take a visit to The Home Depot’s new metaverse storefront. A virtual store associate wearing the chain’s famous orange apron will then set up a workshop for them.

Kids will have to choose the project they want to work on between three different options. Whereas the birdhouse is the easiest, they can opt for the more challenging small car. Otherwise, they can try to build a mini flower garden, which represents the intermediate level of difficulty. As soon as they’ve made their choice, kids will have to gather the necessary materials for their project. For that,  they will embark on a scavenger hunt in the aisles of the Roblox version of The Home Depot venue. Once they’ve found what they need, they can join the Kids Workshops space and start to build. They will then be able to use their imagination to create new objects in the kids’ most popular metaverse.

 The Home Depot takes a first step in the metaverse.

What is the Roblox Metaverse?

“We are taking the Kids Workshops experience to a new level in the metaverse, inspiring more future doers by meeting them where they are,” said Molly Battin, senior vice president, and chief marketing officer at The Home Depot. “Our Virtual Kids Workshops offer the familiarity of The Home Depot – a weekend trip that many young people already experience with their families – and combines it with the discovery, problem-solving, and fun that Roblox is known for.”

Roblox is one of the most used metaverse platforms in the world. Fast Company media recently listed it in the seventh place of the World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2023. In fact, more than 60 million users connect every day to the platform, and Roblox attracts more and more brands, like Gucci, H&M, and Burberry.

The metaverse proved to be very popular among kids but started to attract an older audience. More than half of its users are now over 13. By partnering with Roblox to explore the metaverse, The Home Depot shows its willingness to stay put with new technologies. Further, it intends to stay connected with the new generation of builders.

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