Home Diy Wood Decor You Have To Try

I wanted to make one of those cute little propagation holders so i grabbed this little piece of lumber from lowe's i created a nice little stable spot so i could drill into the top of it i started with little pilot holes and then i moved up to a one inch bit i had never made these before so this was just me trying my best to figure out.

How to do it after that i cut out each piece i left about three quarters of an inch on either side of the holes and then using a little grip to hold them so i wouldn't have to be near the saw i cut at a 45 degree angle after that i sanded all of them down i even grabbed those extra little pieces that came off from the 45 degree angle.

And sanded them down as well because i thought they might be cute to use too i stain them with english chestnut and then let them dry for a good long time i use those little hooks that usually you see on the back of picture frames to hang them up so i put a screw into the wall and they hung up and i just double checked to make sure they felt really.

Secure and they did and here's how they turned out i got the little test tubes off amazon they were the perfect height and of course then i just added in my little baby propagations

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