Home News: Popular DIY Projects by State, Why DIY?

There's been a lot of talk about the increase in diyers taking on projects at home but do you know the most popular projects find out in today's home news quick fix in diy news so three out of four americans have attempted a diy home project since march 2020 with most americans spending about 45 hours on their projects according to a study by.

Craft check on average the projects cost about seventeen hundred dollars plus more than twenty five percent say they didn't finish the projects they started and thirteen percent called someone to finish the project the most popular home project across the us is building a greenhouse that's followed by floating shelves raised garden beds and shelves.

The study also broke down the most popular diy projects by state with compost bins being popular in new hampshire garage cabinets in arizona and faux leather wallpaper in montana rhode island and wyoming but what's motivating the new diys is even more interesting top five reasons for trying diy saving money sense of accomplishment spending.

More time at home boredom and wanting to try something new i'm theresa with my fix it up life and you've just been served your home news quick fix

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