Hot Tub Ideas that fit into your Landscape

Hello everybody micah outdoor living guy talking to you today about hot tubs we're going to give you lots of different ideas on hot tubs and how they can fit into the landscape it's a very common question i get a lot of is hey i want to buy a hot tub i want to have a hot tub whether it be in-ground whether it be.

Store-bought but how can i make it look right within my outdoor area we're going to give you so many ideas right now i know we're going to find one that fits for your project all right guys enjoy right now.

so before we get too much into the video we just love to ask of you to take the time and subscribe to the channel we're really growing as a community and we'd love for you to be a part of it but we'd also love for you to comment below which hot tub style resonates the.

Most with you throughout the video so enjoy the video guys and please comment below which one you like the most hi guys if you open this video you must be a hot tub kind of person some of the best backyards are the ones that draw the family out the back door and hot tubs are an enticing go-to.

Feature where kids come in all ages soaking away a long day under the stars has been said to be backyard therapy we'll be checking out four categories of hot tubs custom and ground spas above ground hot tubs built-in hot tubs and piggyback pool spots.

Let's get this spa show started and take a ring around the tub tour okay that was super corny but let's have some fun above ground hot tubs were the rage 40 years ago but move over 80s there's a new spot in town and these tubs are trending young.

Midlife and oldies are getting their soak on it's all about the binis and the jets let's get into hot water with some above ground soak tubs like this tropical themed spa island with privacy screens notice the private retreat for two behind the screens.

Or this big beautiful spa with pathway to the corner soaking here gives a great view of your entire outdoor space or this little corner nook where you can bubble your troubles away and talk about liquid massage ahsoka day.

Keeps the stress away in this backyard the tub takes center stage with custom woodwork an a-frame structure fire pit for ambiance and decor pieces for extra savvy and this backyard soak tub becomes part of all the action pup putt anyone tv view appetizers barbecue.

another hot tub hottie is this spa and sauna combo how fun is this by pairing these two you get two times the health benefits home is where the hot tub is in this synthetic turf backyard spa soakers can switch it up to the fire.

Pit or the trampoline and back to the tub because everyone knows if you heat it they will come or start the night out with a few appetizers and chit chat down by the fire pit on the lower level hardscape once the kids are in bed bring out the.

Feast and finish it all off with a soak in the spa so above ground hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes with built-in bells and whistles lights jets and in this case a perfect time to put baby in the corner.

so i wanted to pause the video real quick and just let you know there's a lot to this hot tub world and how to make it look right into the landscape as you can probably see we're going to show you a lot more in a second but i wanted to just say.

It might be a good idea for you to get a design of your whole space so let's see everything of course your hot tub but of course we want to look at the whole space your outdoor living space the destinations maybe a fire pit maybe a fireplace maybe an outdoor kitchen we want to see the whole space.

In a 3d world if you can't find anybody locally because i've heard that's very difficult to find a good 3d designer for an outdoor space we are one of them and no matter where you live in the world we can help you out so feel free to reach out to us we'll leave a little link below of how to.

Contact us if you need any design help all right guys enjoy the rest of this video okay time for the great debate in-ground spa or above ground hot tub now above ground hot tubs can be installed right out the back door or closer to your home so they may get more year-round use they.

Offer all the benefits of an in-ground spa at a much lower cost they typically have loads of options and seating installation is quick and you can install them on any level surface and then move them if you need to because they are kept at one temperature.

There is no preheating and they require less maintenance than an in-ground spa a plus is the cover lift making it easier for one person to remove the cover the trade-off with any above-ground hot tub is the visual appeal to the landscape that is why many homeowners design.

Built-in hot tubs like these we're showing you what's the skinny on in-ground spas these custom in-ground spas are like many swimming pools and enhance your backyard design and ground spas might fall into the upper end of.

The price range but their exceptional looks durability and potential for increasing home value make them a viable choice in ground spas heat to desired soak temperatures quickly and they retain heat more efficiently due to the natural insulation of the earth.

The seats have a step design and generally hold more people than above ground hot tubs although above ground units might have more jets in-ground jets are generally more powerful the trade-off with an in-ground spa is.

Proximity to the home during cold weather and a bit higher maintenance cost however these spas are beautiful and will provide years of relaxation for family fun while doubling as an entertainment feature for guests.

And in-ground hot tubs can be designed in different sizes and shapes as piggyback pool spas in your pool design it's pretty cool to be sitting in the hot tub soaking it all in and then too hot dip in the swimming pool to cool down these pool spas can be open all year.

Round hot tubs built into your pool during winter spa access only might be the way to go the piggyback spot in this poolscape has a wonderful.

Sheer descent feature notice its serenity and drawing power soakers for instant stress relief just add water and at the same time it's the perfect place for kids and young adults too sometimes you have to get in hot water to stay.

Out of it and in these stay-at-home times having an option for friends to hang out is a huge plus all joking aside we can easily say home is where the hot tub is so i hope you enjoyed this video wow there's so much to hot tubs and how to make them fit into a.

Landscape please don't take this lightly please get a design if you haven't already found one you really need to get a good designer to help you through the space alright guys thank you again for watching thank you for subscribing and we will see you in the next video.


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