How to Apply Stone to a Concrete wall, Block wall, Houses, Etc Part 2

Hi my name is David Odell with a dell complete concrete today I'm going to show you how to put some ledger so on the front of your planner walls or house or wherever it might be so here's on the previous video I showed the process of making your retaining wall with your cap all in one shot this shows you the removal of the form I.

Talked about that briefly in the first video showing the actual pour and setting of the forms anyway this is how I get it out I ripped it you know the long way because that two by twelve was nice and wedged in there as I anticipated so instead of a two by twelve I now have a two by ten and then I have some you know two by two stake.

Material now there it is you know no rock pocket it's very little air air holes in it came off clean with the mobile one oil I put on the forums and now I'm getting ready to uh madding water in this bucket so this is the water I'm gonna be using to add to my thin set which is gonna stick my stones to the face of the concrete I happen to.

Have I have a one bag of extra material hat for another job as you can see there it's taped up and that was a fast setting a thin set so I'm gonna add half of that and half of the other so it doesn't set too fast but it sets fast enough so I'm gonna put half of my fast setting and then I'm gonna put half of just a regular thin set mix them.

Together and then I have something in between fast and slow which is about a medium medium set pace is what I like they don't really make that I don't know if you ever tried to buy some but never says uh you know it's either slower it's either fast so I make a medium and anyway here's your pre-made corners.

We're gonna put a little mud on the back of them I just use a margin trowel I must slap some on the back of these I brush the dust off of you whenever you got a cut like I'm doing here with Mal grind or diamond blade will you want to brush off the dust that way you make sure it's clean and it sticks really good so I have a little hand brush that.

I uh you know brush off the excess dust before I put the thinset on the back of these there's the brush so I've started at my corner as you can see and I worked back to the wall and then those wood steaks I just happen to have and they came in handy because I'm setting them up off the dirt a little bit there because when we backfill it comes up.

Well above the bottom of that stone so or there's no sense not using excess stone going all the way down to who knows how far that's gonna be buried anyway by grass or lawn or whatever so anyway I wedged him up with some stakes I ended up cutting a few of these stakes up and they got a little bit too long and bulky to work with just four typical.

Wedging material so I cut them up and you can see here I kind of cut them shorten them up and got more out of them and they were all didn't used before anyway so it didn't matter so these panels are our six inch and there's four lines in each one so I cut them in half because what we use is one full and then half of another one so I cut some of.

These panels right down the middle basically I'm just measuring down from my candle ever I set that bottom one first and get it wedged get it level and get it six inches down because that's how wide these panels are so I got the bottom one in then I know that 6-inch.

One's gonna go right on top of it it's gonna fit nice and tight and even if it doesn't fit nice and tight I can wedge it up push it up to the bottom of that cantilever at any time so as I said this stuff doesn't dry that fast so you got time to move it around and work it to wherever you want to put it this particular stone was called Sierra.

Blue and I got this actually the manufacturer that actually brings it into the country is ms international so you have to be a contractor to buy it there though it's the only little downfall so but you can get this through your you know local building supplier they can get it from ms if you're not a contractor you can get it through your.

Local supplier with just a slight markup of course I like to go directly to the source and that way I don't have to wait for them to get it to go somewhere else and then pick it up so it saved me a day just going directly to ms international this porch I did I don't know if you noticed this but this is a particular.

Port was in another video that we had did about a month ago so now I'm putting the stone underneath it there was some loose paint underneath here so I scraped all the loose stuff off first because you know you can't doesn't really bond good to loose stuff so you kind of want to scrape everything make sure you get all your loose whatever might be loose.

On the face of that to get it off there first and then start sticking your stone on I put it on there pretty generously that a thin set I want to make sure it covers the whole back of it because it reinforces every individual piece as well as a you get it to stick better um I wedged it up off the bottom about.

1/8 inch right here because it just worked out was one complete piece and one full panel and worked out just right I think I had let's see 36 square feet of stone on this plus your four corners which is the way it works is each piece is one square foot so basically I had 36 flat pieces and then I had four of the pre-made.

Corners and then this is basically what your finished product looks like I'll leave this wood underneath here until the next day then I'll take it out and then all you got to do is backfill and uh do whatever you want from there on out but I think he's gonna be doing the complete landscape package next and that'll be in one of my videos as well.

We're gonna rework all the grass planter beds sprinkler systems you know update it all freshen it up that'll be the next project but anyway this stone the homeowner picked out and he did a nice nice he was picked out a nice stone it goes well with the house as you can see from this view anyway that about wraps it up thanks for watching my video if.

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