Hi guys on this episode i'm gonna show you how to mount a flag to your house this particular flag is made in the usa from seasonal designs incorporated it's a three foot by five foot 100 nylon us flag and the stars are 100 polyester this flag comes with a six foot aluminum.

Pole it has two rotating mounting rings it comes with a two position nylon bracket this bracket is attached with three screws pretty simple let's go ahead and take it out of the packaging.

This flag retails for 38 dollars at home depot or lowe's so most of these flag kits are the same they'll come with a pole and the mounting bracket usually the mounting bracket is attached with three screws some kits the mounting bracket is metal which i find a little bit sturdier after you get the flag out it's.

Good to hang it somewhere let it kind of get all the wrinkles out and there's a six foot aluminum pole the three mounting screws and there's the mounting bracket and we use these screws to mount it the tools needed are a cordless drill drill bits and of course your mounting bracket screws.

You'll also need a ladder a six foot or maybe eight foot and this is the location for our flag let's get started first let's go ahead and hang the flag onto the pole to attach the flag attach a clip to each hole both of these rings can be adjusted and then just tighten this nut right.

Here and it won't go anywhere with this adjustment it fits multiple flags different sizes okay let's go ahead and attach our flag to the bowl so simply pull tight on the ring and then go ahead and tighten it and do the same on the top and tighten.

It done now it's time for the fun part let's go ahead and mount that bracket here's our bracket and these are the three holes we're going to need to go ahead and drill into the soffit my soffit has a metal strip that i'll have to actually drill into the bottom part i'll drill right into.

The wood for the first screw go ahead and tighten that screw in all the way but keep it a little bit loose there is that metal socket no big deal just drill through it then tighten the screw go ahead and leave that screw a little bit loose now for the third drill go ahead and drill that as well.

Then tighten the screw then go back with the screwdriver and hand tighten them make sure it's really good and tight now here's the fun part go ahead and get your flag and insert into the mounting bracket and you're all done it's a beautiful flag well guys i want to thank you for watching if you like these videos give a thumbs.

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