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Good morning good morning roger morning roger how you doing today good this is a nice little space you have out here this raised bed is taking up a lot of usable space maybe we could pop this out and create a patio a sitting area over here it does get sun later in the afternoon on this side so that's good we could take and remove all this grass prep the.

Soil right fertilize it and give you a nice green area with some sod and you think it'll grow okay oh it will with that sun now with this fence coming around we could use that as a backdrop for some really nice plants the first thing we want to do is get rid of these brick they're not morded in place so i just.

Want you to take them toss them in the wheelbarrow and get them out of here now with the brick on i'm going to use this transplanting shovel to pop these day lilies out and hopefully we'll use them in our planting later now if you just take this put it right in the wheelbarrow we'll.

Put them outside and store them well that looks great it's looking bigger already absolutely all right josie what we want to do over here is we want to strip the grass off of this area so i want you to take the transplanting shovel and now we're going to use it to grab out all the grass now your soil is really compact and full.

Of roots what we want to do is dig down and turn the soil over that's going to loosen it up and allow the roots of the new sod and plants we're going to put in to grow all right now it's time to amend the soil we're going to add an inch or two of this local compost spread it right over the top now you can start tilling.

It right in turn it right in with your shovels all right now with that raised bed gone we have a proper seating area where we could put a table and chairs and to make that seating area we're going to use this pea gravel it's going to be a good surface but in order to accommodate that surface i had to dig down two or three inches.

Deep and when i did i found this drain pipe running through so we're going to have to be careful of that but before we do anything we're going to take and put some fabric in here and that fabric is going to separate the stone from the dirt underneath so it doesn't turn on the mud so grab that spread it out all right take it all the.

Way to the edge all right grab me that piece of steel edging behind you all right and we're going to lay this down you can see i cut a notch in the steel edging so it'll fit right down over the pipe so i'm just going to unfold the fabric.

And we'll set the steel edging down in place how does it look down there good and what is the steel edging gonna do for us it's gonna keep all the stone on the patio where we want it all right now if you take one of those stakes and put it in this slot drive it right down through it'll hold.

The steel and our fabric too good all right just dump that right in stay on the walk stay on the walk there you go all right josie just spread it out it's just two to three inches thick he'll bring you some more and then we'll spread the rest.

All right let's recap for a second we're keeping the concrete wax we've got our stone in for our seeding area so now it's time to talk about plants and the first thing i wanted to do is i wanted to put in a holly to block this alleyway now that's a beautiful plant it's going to have red berries in it in the fall in front of it i'm going to use this.

Spirea called limelight it has a pinkish purple flower on it and look at the chatroos color now in the corner we're tight so i wanted to use a festive plant that's a plant that's going to grow upright not wide so i chose this skiplar then we'll put another spirea underneath it over in the corner we really wanted a.

Specimen tree so we chose this japanese red maple now isn't that going to get pretty big it will under perfect conditions it could get 30 or 40 feet tall but here in the corner of your little garden it's not going to grow that fast you may have to do a little bit of yearly pruning on it but i think it's worth it to have a statement like.

This in the corner now every garden needs some drama so for your garden i brought a weeping norway spruce he still has the cones on it look at the new growth coming out and look at the shape on that plant how cool i really like that well let's get some plants in the ground all right you can whack the side of this.

First all right now i'm going to lift up on it taking it down to the pot got it now you notice that the plant is slightly higher than the area around it it's very important we don't want to plant too low jose if you throw some of that compost on the soil in the back.

Now we're just going to take it mix the compost in and then just back fill the plant that's looking good so this guy's ready for some water now i'm going to give all these plants a good soaking then i want you to put down a two to three inch layer of mulch that's going to keep the weeds down but.

More importantly it's going to hold that moisture in the soil so take them to all the plants and make sure you don't cover them up josie the mulch looks great especially that curve and this is where we're going to put that little spot aside before we put the saw down i want to put some starter fertilizer down we'll just take.

And rake that in lightly and then we're ready to put down the grass all right now we want to take and tuck this right in so that we can't see the seam that's there what i'm going to do is take a knife and i'm going to cut a nice little graceful curve all the way down here i'm going to take this piece and see if.

It'll fit in that hole we have down the end down there so what do you think oh i think it's great what a difference i mean this morning we came here we had basically nothing now we have a beautiful landscaping and a great seating area yes i think we're going to use this tonight and have dinner out here i really want.

To thank you for coming to baltimore oh it's my pleasure i had a lot of fun

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