INDIAN KITCHEN & PANTRY ORGANIZATION || Non Modular Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas 2022 ||

hello everyone and welcome back today i am going to organize my kitchen pantry along with some tips and tricks to organize i have ordered few items from amazon like this home center glass jar this video i am happy to collaborate.

With srakra these glass jars are 520 ml round shape with a black metal color cap is a rust proof and airtight this jar can also use in microwave oven jars have wide mouth and make perfect for storing masalas and i also got this blue ceramic.

Breakfast set are one of the best seller the color to make the bowl and mark look more beautiful and elegant these are perfect package and best gift for your family and friends and even they leave an elegant look for the counter top and they set are all packaged in well wrapped box you can order it from amazon or directly from their website and there.

Is a 11 percent additional discount for my viewers use the promo code jyoti s11 on clicking the link given in the description box i am going to wash all of them and let it dry this is my current pantry though it's.

Not in bad shape but time to time we all need to keep tidying up pantry i am going to start by taking everything out and then rearrange them back in the cabinet this is the one liter sized pumpkin jar from ikea since i use it for lentils regularly.

this is the half liter a type container from the mask it is a good for items which not used in large quantity or too often like chickpea and rajma for me this is also from d mart and it is a one liter capacity i am going to use it for storing idli dosa rice and urad dal.

These darts are from ikea 1.2 litre capacity and they are slim and great for space utilization this rectangular glass storage container are in 2 liter capacity and great for storing maggi and noodles.

These glass jars are from home center and it is a one liter capacity i am going to use it for storing breakfast items since it is tall and its a great for space utilization now i will arrange nicely in the cabinet i have kept frequently used items in the front and less used items at the back.

so do in bottom shelf i am storing extra package in this big basket after done organizing i am going to make a list of.

Things that i have in each basket and i will stick it just to make it easy to find access things i will use this fractal 520 ml jars for whole masalas that i buy in a large quantity and i also had this swiss one sauce.

Bottles i have cleaned and used it for storing jeera chia seeds etc this is the cabinet above my store top it's where i store my daily used whole and powder spices i use a separate steel spice box for my daily use for customized spices i will use this lazy sushi.

Last i will use this mini dust for remaining spices and to use remaining space in the cabinet to organize this mini jars i use this diy step organizer for easy access this is how my beautiful spice cabinet looking finally.

And this top to bottom you i am totally loving it and they are easy to access i hope this video was inspired you and enjoyed watching it thank you for watching and see you soon bye

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