Indoor/Outdoor Bench with Storage | Easy 1-Day Build

In this video I'm going to be building this outdoor storage bench it's at a nice comfortable sitting height but the lid is on a hinge so that it can stow away the cushions when they're not in use this is a quick one day project so if you're needing a storage trunk for anything then know that I not only have a CNC cup file but also a set of plans.

That comes with a material list and a cut list let me show you how it all goes together you can go a lot of different ways with material but I went with an exterior rated MDF called Armory I know I know it is typically a cardinal rule not to use MDF in situations where it can get wet a standard nvf will swell and is forever ruined just look at how.

Much that expanded however this armorite is not only moisture resistant but it's also treated with zinc boreaid to resist rod and Termite then if that's not enough a machine's so clean compared to standard MDF this is straight off the CNC without any sanding to get started I first organized all my parts in one work area.

To start the assembly I first joined together the front to one of the sides since this project is going to be going outside I'm using an exterior wood glue on all the joints then pre-drilling and running in a screw it is near the end of my workbench so that I don't have interference with my.

Drill when pre-drilling after getting the first side connected I repeated to connect the other now before attaching the other side I'm going to slip in the bottom this should fit perfect between the two sides perfect once in place I run along the three sides and add in screws to attach it with that done now the final four.

Side of the Box can be added in the same way nice and easy keep in mind that I'm making mine for outdoor but you can make yours into an end of the bed bench or kids toy chest or anywhere you need a decorative storage box okay the body box is done let's add some legs to get it off the ground everything.

Is made from armorite and to distinguish the leg sum I took all the pieces to the miter saw first to cut in a slight angle two pieces are going to make up the leg one is narrower than the other so that both look the same width once they're attached I'm using wood glue once again but now I switched over to using brad nails instead of screws so in order for.

The legs to come out looking the same width they need to be attached properly meaning the small side needs to be placed on first oops oh man put that in the wrong place since I'm fixing my mistake I might as well show you a tip to remove brad nails instead of clipping them which never.

Leaves them perfectly flush I like to pull mine out from the back side I do this with a large set of Crescent Square nose pliers I get a good grip on it and then I roll the nose so that it pulls the nail up straight sometimes it does break but it's easy to get another grip and pull at the remainder of the way so now doing this proper attaching the.

Short side first now I can butt this side right up flush and everything comes out looking correct another way you can do this is by placing the unit on its head and actually this is way easier as you have the workbench as a reference point for both of them instead of holding up one well trying to get it flush to the top let's go ahead and.

Stand it up and take a look so far so good now let's tilt it back down in order to decorate the body I'm gonna go with a lap siding look here this is very easy to achieve you can start off with a small strip piece down at the bottom and this is going to create a bump off for the first siding strip actually I'm gonna go ahead and.

Lower this to the floor as it's just high enough to be annoying or maybe I'm just short enough either way this is going to be much easier to see and use my nail gun at this height okay to start attaching the siding this goes quick and easy I laid down the first strip so that it's flush with the trim piece below from there each strip is cut to fit in.

Between the legs so that it's easy to get right but the overlap amount can vary to make sure they all come out consistent I cut a spacer now I just have to line up the spacer to the bottom side of the previous strip then nail it in place I move the spacer over to the right and repeat then to the center and repeat with it stuck in place I throw in.

A few extra ones in between clean before moving on to the next and repeat the process again when you're shooting in Brads keep in mind the overlap that each board will have and make sure to place your Brads in this Zone that way the next board you lay down will cover up the nail hole oh I don't know if I've mentioned it.

Before but the entire body is made from three quarter inch but the slots I made from quarter inch Armory comes in varying sizes I've even used one inch before on projects something else to talk about in this step is adhesive there's just a corner of the slot making contact to the body so you can't use wood glue you'll want to switch to.

Construction adhesive and my go-to for projects is daps dynagraph it's rated for interior and exterior and a small bead in a few places under each slot works great after I got the long side complete I flipped the unit up on end and repeat with the short side and that's another distinction with Armory it takes brad nails so much cleaner than.

Standard MBR you don't get that mushrooming and chipping that you get with standard foreign now down we go and let's have a look oh that is pretty darn cute and so quick to knock out let's keep the momentum going by adding the top I forgot to switch to Shorter brad nails.

It's an easy fix but annoying for my lid I went with a plain slab of MDF because I plan to have cushions on it for sitting but know that you could always cut in a cool pattern or make it look like individual boards like I showed how to do on an outdoor cabinet I'll leave you a link to that video I lined up the top to the body so that.

It's flush on the back then pre-drilled and attached the hinges works like a charm note that I didn't add a handle or cut one in because there is a built-in lift that is very easy to grab all along the front Okay let's break all of these edges with some sandpaper and get ready to throw on a.

Coat of paint you can definitely roll or brush on paint but since I have an HVLP that's what I use to get in all of the Nook and crannies easily after letting it dry I moved it into place and tested it out since I knew I would be setting my bench up next to the house I left the lid as is but another option is to add a chain to catch the.

Lid from opening too wide if you're placing it somewhere without a wall I can set the cushions in place but then when I want to Stow them away I can simply open the lid and put them in until next time all in all this project only took about two hours once all of the parts were cut so it's nice and simple but it creates.

So much functional storage that could be used in a variety of different places if you're interested in building your own don't forget that I have a CNC cut file and a step-by-step set of plans not only for this project but also for tons of other ones so check out my website if you're interested and I will see you on my next project.

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