Is This The WORST Idea I Ever Had?! (BACKYARD DIY PART 2)

Okay for 300 bucks and one simple idea we are about to transform this backyard area into into this nothing like a nice backyard.

paradise so let's start from the beginning i wanted to transform the backyard outside the podcast studio into a nice courtyard to use for filming and for us to hang out in i bought field.

Turf from a farmer in millville off facebook marketplace first mistake but we kept it going the turf turned out to be a complete disaster and i found out quickly why it was only 150 a roll oh.

Now i'm starting to understand this is why it was 150 a roll it took me hours and hours to unload thankfully i had it in the dump trailer it was so heavy it took so much energy just to roll out and shake out i had to use shovels and a vacuum just to get the infill out of the turf and that brings us to now part two of.

Our courtyard transformation project let's get it going okay update haven't even been filming the process of taking all of the infill out of the turf because it's so tiring and boring and taking forever but the latest invention that i am using is this back cart here that actually is my.

Friend gloms i just pushed this almost one full turnover with this car and i put it on putting a piece of wood down here and dropping it down so i can get under more and push it again because it worked really well so.

I'm going to try to vacuum this up a little bit and then try to push it again one more time at least so again i just measured it they gave us about 40 feet instead of 30. i messed up this end.

So i'm going to cut it here since we have so much extra cut it on this line so it's nice and flat because that has like a pull all in at this section that i don't want involved and then run it 20 feet i'm going to have an yellow or orange this yellow.

Line across here i'm gonna have to paint that and then depending on how far it comes up this has white on it from like a field turf so hopefully it doesn't go into that that much.

Although that looks kind of cool i'm not gonna lie we'll just see i'm gonna make this cup first and then go from there all right good morning everybody cheers to another beautiful day in paradise so today we decided we're going to go out early it's about 7 00 am.

And we're going to try and beat the trash guys and find some gold on the streets so normally what we've been doing is going out the day before trash day but what we've been realizing is people don't really put their stuff out until either late at night or even the next morning so the trash.

And the goods aren't always out so we're figuring this morning would be the best time right before the trash comes but after everybody already put all their goods out so we're gonna go and we're gonna head over to one of the richest towns near us right on the beach.

And we're gonna go see what treasure we can find in the roadside trash claim it we'll stay we'll see what's in there i get up right here so those things work nice huh yeah they're nice.

All right here's the deal currently trash truck it's picking up stuff right here so these are the guys we're trying to beat not these guys but the next town over but if they're getting the trash you know they're gonna do that oh yeah.

So literally all right not too much stuff out here today but what's this just a chair it's a chair it's just a burrito chair right or is it.

Keepable it's a bootsy chair that sucks damn out here guys maybe baby just need that one score one of these rich people what's this look at this guy albert einstein how's this little folder it's pretty nice right.

Not really g-wagon g-wagon the g-leg the problem is with the g-wag they don't throw anything out ever this guy's building a monstrosity it's huge massive all right so we got an interesting character here one of the last og's.

Down here we call this the point in longport and it's pretty much the most valuable real estate you know on the island this is where you got that little thing for cars i got this for concrete i'm going to ask this guy about this light though.

The roster light sure is it hey you throwing those out what's up with this light this thing works you think and it gets hot right yeah it's really nice that's pretty cool i'll get this.

Thank you he said this is from the 30s antique light probably doesn't have that much value but somebody might want it and an old pretzel box with some pretzels still in it maybe first scores of the day and maybe the only we'll say.

All right what do we got here fireplace little blocker thing and that that's probably not that great but what is this is this for a grill.

i don't even know what that is is that some stuff for you no i mean that wicker thing is cool but it's obviously right we've got enough shitty whittaker to last us a lifetime very very slim pickings out there today.

No chips that and a light and that's it finally and i mean finally i have it turned over so another day another circum soaking wet shirt by 8 am but i'm about to cut this.

And then put it in place and then try to figure out the last cut so i'm gonna cut this at 21 feet which will be somewhere around here and go from there so.

through okay we're getting closer so this piece is pretty much where i want it to be for the most part i might put little.

Pieces under there just to make it look better we'll see about that though second piece it doesn't look exactly the same so i'm thinking about swapping this one in this one and moving this one closer putting that piece in the back of this to finish it out and moving this one.

Over we'll see if that works but for right this second what i need to do is bring a sample of this just to the hardware store and get some cans of spray paint let me see if i can i got a knife over here obviously where did i put it there.

Sample of that take it to the hardware store um try to match it as best as possible they do sell some stuff that's like spray for this but i don't think i need to get that carried away i guess time will tell but from there spray paint the pieces.

Put the flower boxes there and then determine what we're going to do with the fence in the back but we're getting there very slowly but we're still getting there i'm about to run over there right now actually get the spray paint.

I mean that's not that far off try one of these i honestly don't even like spray painting anymore just because of the fumes we'll see it's a little too green do i think.

Let's see how it dries up all right so obviously the other one was not the one it was uh too too light but let's try this one it's a little more like it it's a little dark now no why.

Is that too dark now all right so these i got just to hold it down basically it's hard to do with one hand obviously all right so these babies i bought just to hold it down in the corners they're just metal stakes.

Simple to find i got them at the local hardware store and there's 75 in a box of the ones i got which i think is enough i'm probably gonna do like four to six on each row and then maybe some more in the middle if there's enough.

so now i have to cut this one on pretty much kind of a slant it's 77 inches okay towards the back of the shed but the way that this yard sits on like a weird angle from the front where the shed would.

Actually end it's going to give us almost 80 inches to here so i'm going to put 80 inches on the on that side and then 77 on the back i'd rather cut big and then cut down.

Than cut too small as well so this is the general layout of how it's going to look this might stay i'm not really sure yet if it does i'll probably fill this in but this will be like the entrance way.

Here little fence like probably actually the entrance way i'll just be like right here probably like a six foot fence bamboo style fence you walk in there's going to be like hedges or arborvitaes or something in here and.

Maybe another plant like in the middle and then bamboo fencing privacy fence along the back this will probably this might even be in this video so i'm not sure how it's going to edit it's going to go but.

That and then possibly a fence across the front eventually but for now just that and then we're gonna do like little setups with umbrellas probably throughout a couple and then this can be an extended area for the podcast.

If it's a nice day you could just come outside and set it up it might be a little too windy right now but most of the time it's probably fine especially if this is boxed in here like a little courtyard basically a beer garden with no beer that's what i'm getting at in my head but it's.

Turning out good for what i spent well the work i put in that was insane but for what i spent so far it's looking good 300 bucks so far these came free and so 300 so far that's probably all i'm going to do right now and i'm going to order the.

Paint that from amazon that specifically for astroturf and then spray that line spray that line and maybe do this one too if it looks good this white piece is kind of cool though i'm not gonna lie okay so we had to make a mission to the home depot.

In debt for new jersey it's almost an hour away for this do you guys see that up there bamboo privacy fencing this is going to really put the finishing touches on the backyard they have so many different ones here look at this.

So this is basically what i came for six feet tall eight feet wide what a dream so this home depot is a lot more selection than the ones by us and damn these are these are 50 off these ones but the thing is the ones up there.

Just looks so much better those ones are like legit like tan and these are kind of browned these are 50 off these are like 40 something and those are like 90. but i think i'm gonna get at least probably five of these ones of those ones and maybe some of these though.

I don't know yet i just don't think that the like the whole point of this is to do it so that it looks good on video and to me that doesn't look nearly as good as it's worth just spending the extra money even though it's twice as much so and there they are.

The babies these are gonna look so nice all right we got the bamboo that was pretty easy these are gonna change the game all right made it back with the guts hottest day of the year out here huh so here they are the bamboozles.

You loving these oh my gosh they're so nice these are really nice i love these wait until you see them up are these the six feet these are six feet tall by eight feet why okay.

Yeah these are really nice look lockster some nice new outdoor decor for you to ruin she's gonna love this no she's gonna love love it right love it lucky likes to use everything that we get that's nice as a scratching post but it's okay she's a queen so all right here's what we're doing we're.

Going to put the bamboo fencing along this pre-existing fence here just to beautify the scene back here and we're going to turn this baby into like a tiki bar paradise okay at this point we're just roasting.

In the heat this is the comfort meter i don't know how easy it is to see but that thing is up to like a hundred degrees right now it might be at like not it might it's probably at 99 actually pretty clearly.

So what a day to pick to do this rest of this i will say in the last like week and a half it's been super hot here and in the last like five days it's been insane so i've been drinking not perrier all but i've been drinking like 10 to 12 no probably like eight to ten.

Of these seltzers along with like eight to ten bottles of water or cups of water i should say in one day at least probably a gallon of water at least throw dust into the wind if i survive i'll probably try again.

that's the back wall it does have this little bump at the top i knew that was going to happen because it gets higher here no big deal part of the plan not part of the plan but already expected it like to be like that so here it is.

It's not even that easy to see i'm going to show you guys when the light goes when the sun goes down more and this is all you can see where there's not a shadow and everything but this is primo chisel i'm not a specialist on insects or anything but i do go outside a lot what is this.

And why is it so hard to see up against there it's camouflaged into the black basically this is it making hats right now new hats for the podcast freedom to dream coffee before cleanse.

Purple bread and some army what's up with that check this out check out this gold right here wow no way that's unreal with the mango i love the mango.

Yeah let's see what this one looks like wow another classic all right today we're going to be making some the seagulls some hats here in the backyard with this guy.

that's turning out legit fire all you need is this machine some blank hats and iron-on patches and you got yourself a whole hat making operation.

hey wait is this a video here i got it thank you dude there it is the trio.

This is exactly what we needed i know we put in the other shed build video that that was the cherry on top this is actually the cherry on top can't live in there in the summer without an air conditioner bam.

Look at this thing inverter that's where you know you're dreaming quiet and efficient takes up no electricity basically and it cooled it down like a dream all right what's up everybody so just got back from a run first run i took all.

Year and we're starting to realize it is gonna be a hot summer he says in a year we're like five first round of the decade but it is going to be a hot summer so we're in the shed our little mini studio that we have in our yard and we're realizing this is like a.

Heating box in here so when we were building out the shed we didn't really think about how hot it was going to get until we were finished we do have a solution actually our good friends dreo sent us over his air conditioner.

And we just don't have anything they did yeah yeah you didn't know where is it i mean it's been sitting in here for a couple weeks but we're finally gonna open it today because you know i'm pregnant and it's hot and actually this amount of three so where is it.

That's right there but you know damn well i can't lift it oh it's literally right here wow how did it get there so this is the dreo dreo inverter window air conditioner and it's going to be installed in that window right there i'll get you started there.

Yeah get that popping yeah what do we got come on watch your pigs watch your babies big mama coming through oh yeah this is exactly what we needed no joke this is saving ourselves some serious wow.

Hopefully this fits in the window you know what they say measure twice then order your air conditioner for punches order and think it might fit this is a massive air conversion massive air conditioner okay so here wow.

This is really uh this is nice beautiful this is is all right should i try and put it in there and see yeah okay we rolling all right so a little malfunction the dreo air conditioner does not fit.

In our sheds window because our shed window is too small so like we always do uh we're just going to move forward and we're going to end up we're just going to put this in finley's room but we still need a smaller air.

Conditioning unit for the shed window dry out so that's what we're doing little bombs but it's not dryer's fault it's still a really really nice air conditioner it just sucks because you know turner has to carry it all the way to the house so that's what we're doing.

Let's do this right quite honestly we did a promotional thing for trio air conditioners and we agreed to do it because we thought this would fit in the shed originally right so then we filmed like this video of us just putting it in a.

Window in our house just to show how it worked all right we got it in the window it's tight fit in this window even it's not a big air conditioner but it's a heavy duty air conditioner so it's basically what we want to be where it kind of needs to be um.

So yeah this is going to be the coldest room in the house for sure looks so nice too simple three set installation process here and it comes with it has the sealant and everything we left it in the.

Shed though obviously because we tried to do it in there first but i think this is nice this is gonna be uh just pop the window in there extend these pieces to each side of the window see how nice that is.

You can put a screw in there obviously to hold it yeah it came with them there and then you hold out these and that closes it off very simple design make sure you plug it in yeah and i have the remote actually.

I have the remote oh whoa wow turns it on all right so wait i wanted to see what the led was all right what's okay okay no way just open it up like suicide doors oh my gosh it's so quiet oh it's on yeah i didn't even know.

That it's fully blowing wow they weren't lying when they said it was quiet for real so we'll take it down to 75. here try the remote out the remote's legit like i like that look at that fancy oh wow.

Bringing it down baby right there are you spiced baby come on bro get it butters we got the ac pumping oh yeah no sound can't even hear it that's that inverter yeah this is really nice the drago wow.

You know what also it does is it'll go beyond the 8 000 btus and cool the room down faster so when a room's hot it goes heavy heavy heavy cools the room now real quick and then after that it'll just stay at a steady pace but in the beginning like if you want your stuff to be ice.

Cold quick on like a regular ac unit like a window unit this cools it down way faster cold and snack so dry arctic ones inverter technology pulls your room faster by pushing its pulling capacity way beyond its 8000 btu rating and the fine-tuned cross-flow airflow.

System allows the unit and we actually never even released the video yet but now today this is a legit review so we have central air throughout our house it works pretty good but it wasn't keeping up with the heat it's like 90 something.

Degrees out right now whoa he's so mad that it says hot the cats are so mad right now but like hey i'm pregnant and i'm living it so i know we're getting it going he's yelling at us because he wants us to put the dream and turn it on but anyway um it's not keeping up with the heat it did this.

Last summer but it wasn't as hot as it is today did that make sense yeah so this is a legitimate the actual air conditioner outside yeah the cooling unit part like the whole it's not working it's not working at all no yeah so this.

Didn't happen last year well it did because it wasn't keeping up but i didn't know that the outside one wasn't working so we're gonna call somebody to come fix that but in the meantime we're doing the dream hottest day of the year and this happened okay so our air conditioning fully broke.

And the trio arctic one window unit came in super clutch seeing as sammy is in her final couple weeks of her pregnancy and it was like 90 something 90 plus degrees outside so this thing is actually super epic this window unit it can cool the room way faster than a normal.

Window unit because it actually allows itself to push past its 8000 btu rating to cool the room down to where it's supposed to be and then it starts working normally after that it's also really really quiet it's an inverter style window unit.

Because of its noise canceling structure and it's super super quiet as low as 40 dbs which if you guys listen to this and then listen to a regular uh unit you'll see the difference it also is cheaper to run because of the way that it's built and it's super super easy to set up as you.

Guys saw in the video that you just saw so shout out to dreo uh we've worked with them in the past this really helped us out and came in clutch so always support the people who support us and check out the dreo if you're thinking about getting an air conditioner unit.

Window unit and yeah if you want i can put all the information in the description below and this is no joke i'm not just saying that because we're partnered with them this is a legit really really good window unit and it helped us out.

Now our air is fixed but for the two days that it wasn't sami was just like basking in the air in the room it was actually colder in the room with the window unit than it was with the central air which is absolutely crazy.

But yeah check it out okay so that was super easy uh plopped it right in the window works great turns on easy the arctic one drill air conditioner is a dream come true for someone who needs to cool their house down in a jiffy.

Thank you shout out to drill check out their website we'll put all the links in the description and yeah loving it thank you very very nice okay we just showed up we showed up to.

Ben and jordan's house if you don't know who that is it's uh oh it's my sister and brother-in-law it's turner's brother and sister-in-law okay we're gonna go we just showed up now you're gonna go to the pool because we have no air in the house because our air broke yeah we have the drill we have the dreo in the bedroom.

But either way we're already planning this anyway so good timing okay so take two we just showed up to brigantine to the pool let's go it's going to be insane let's go that's it that was the intro.

Was that the intro all right that's all we got we're about to go swimming in the pool for the first time for the first time this year almost right yeah well me because you've he's been in the ocean but like i can't really like no in a pool though when did.

We get on a pool there but i haven't been swimming at all that's what i was saying that's what i was getting at you know how new is this pool brand new this pool three hours old know how old uh like a month old it looks like 45.

Minutes they just poured the last piece and then left this is like the nicest pool like i just operate and usually like you're like sketch going into a period it's so high it's like i'm like i'm not making it cold because that's how you can't you can't enjoy it if you can't just hop it.

Let's see let's test the temperature for the first time oh it's like a bathing it's so warm no it's not all warm but it's like the warmest point i've been in a while the only yeah we haven't been in a pool let me try the turtle have we ever been oh yeah it's like a.

Hotel i know but they're like it's like funny those are hit or miss there's those georgia pools there oh you all the way up this guy yeah like he's floaty well finn's kind of in the way so i can only like.

Hold a big joe like you can just hold him i'm in the pool party that you're not a part of oh my god there is that the one her fan dude i knew that was a lot look at that that's a little like if it's not for.

Finish for me because like it's actually comfy well if it's for you it's for her dad because i literally can just like float here i mean it looks comfy does it is he making a world-class refresher yeah he makes good refreshes.

Ben's making us his world-class refreshers yeah it will be soon once it hits the once it hits the food channel on here we'll put it to the test and ask them the world famous we heard this one's lime shelter and crayon this one's milk.

And milk they're all the they're all the same everybody would want to be let's see for you you gotta give her hers because i i thought yeah oh wow these are good and they have specialties uh jack.

Surfboards straws he actually puts the effort in to cut the line too that is crazy jack surfboards wow he knew you know he knew about something refreshing only that one has it oh okay so we started off this summer.

Over here in south jersey very mild it was like 70 degrees almost every day maybe like 80. and now it's a steady like 100 feel because this is the this is what it's reading on here is literally a hundred it might be like no it's a hundred it says it's like 92 degrees on my phone.

But this is reading 100 in the backyard maybe down by the bay it's a little bit cooler because i know the beaches because we went to atlantic city earlier just for a small walk all right here we are on the ac boardwalk just taking a walk world famous atlantic city.

Look at all these people living it up summer 2022. 2022. finn's cruising the boardwalk and doesn't even know it yet this is true though i'm cruising the boardwalk she's just hitching a ride.

But what i wanted to say is it it's getting to the point now where like before we were saying yeah it's any day now it's any day now it's any day now but now it's like any minute that sammy is about to give birth honestly maybe could be today it's the what is it the 22nd today and her due.

Date is the 6th of august so yeah we have technically like a few weeks but the only thing is you could give you could give birth really early or like slightly early like this or on time or late um so.

Basically we're not really even going to do that much until this until finley comes because basically i just want to be here like even when i went to get the turf and then when i went to pick up the other stuff from home depot i was like just feeling like i had to get back to the house because like the only thing.

That i really care about doing this whole summer like that's really really important to me is to be there when sammy is ready take her to the hospital and be there with sammy and finley the whole time.

So that's literally the only thing i'm concerned about and i just i feel like we've been filming so much throughout the process of this from like the beginning of when we announced that she was pregnant until now that i might as well just keep filming no matter what i'm doing even if it's boring and just share it.

And see what people say so it's getting really really heavy and there's like just so many thoughts in my mind about everything right now it's kind of overwhelming and she's been i can tell she's getting close because like she's.

Been having like a lack of energy and i said like that going to the boardwalk was like that took everything out of her but she's not realizing how close to giving birth she actually is and she needs to just chill what i was going to get into is this tree.

All right so i love trees basically and we're gonna plant some more on this property but these two trees first off they're super out of control right now and second they're too close to the foundation of the house to really even be here and i cut them down but the amount of growth that they've been getting each.

Year is so gnarly but uh first off what i need to do is just trim them back a little bit and it's so hot out but i'm going to try to do this right now for a little bit at least so really the first thing i got to do is like kind of just trim it down but for the most part i think i got to.

Go up on the roof to do this to really cut it from the top because this is out of control i i'm going to have to take the trees down eventually but i feel like you're just giving them one more year isn't gonna affect honestly like three four more years wouldn't affect the house i'm just saying when they get.

Big like that freaking tree it's like you can't have that going on because even that's too close to the their house all right we're just gonna have to go up there and take a way better look at it.

This ladder is janky so it's looking good up here though let's see how it's just over growing everything it needs to be chopped so.

that's just like looks like a whole tree itself that's the smallest amount of clippings off of there okay so obviously we're not totally done but this is the progress that we've made on the courtyard it's looking pretty good.

And the next stage is probably gonna be to put one of these up right here that's probably the best uh next idea so eight foot long section from basically the shed out to here and then everything else is looking.

Pretty good what would you say that's perfect wow it's hot out there this week oh some fresh iced tea good nothing like a nice backyard all right here's the next plan let me.

Know if you think it's good use these two one up against the shed one in the middle long doggy on the end that one so goes all the way up and then the bamboo on it i think that's a good idea.

Because it'll be bamboo on that side then all right all your ideas are good all right let's see how long this thing is it's pretty long actually it's kind of perfect.

okay not going to be able to get to finish what i really wanted to today um so it's a work in progress crazy it's gonna look good though so it's gonna be like that.

Bamboo all here all the way down the line and maybe even in the front like surrounding the whole scenario we'll see how far it gets but that could be the general idea but yeah that's it for this video um it's like 100 degrees out it's so hot my.

Shirt it's hard to tell but it's literally just soaked as you guys know from keeping up with the videos and the timeline of everything that sammy is on the verge any minute now of giving birth so it's nice to just stay around the house and be productive.

And do projects like this and still just be very supportive of the whole situation still make content still make videos and just wait hope and pray that everything just goes great and i know it's going to but just just the main thing on the agenda it's.

Fan that's all i'm saying but i'll see you guys in the next video i'm not sure if i'm going to include anything else but we do really appreciate all of the support we've been getting throughout the pregnancy from everybody and the continuous just like views and love and people just watching the content uh even.

More so now really than ever honestly so thank you all we appreciate it but that's pretty much it and we will see you guys in the next one peace out everyone you

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