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Hello my friends it is Crystal and welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm going to be starting the decorating process for this area in our new kitchen I'll explain here in a little bit what I mean by starting but there's lots of fun areas to decorate and that I am also going to be sharing with you a look at the rest of our.

Kitchen and the decor that I have out so far to get started I am just going to wipe everything down I really don't think I have taken the time and wiped down the shelves in particular since we have moved in really hard to believe that we have been.

Here for I think a little over a month now time has been flying but I feel like I'm finally at the point where I could start adding some decor here and there around the house now I mentioned to you that I am just going to be starting my Decor because as we have moved in I've learned that decorating is a process and trying to find the right Decor pieces.

For a brand new space definitely takes time so my plan really for a lot of spaces around the house is to use Decor in items that I already have on hand for now and once I start decorating I'll really get a good understanding as to what pieces I want to be out shopping for or on the lookout I do plan to do lots of shop with me videos here in the.

Next couple of months so just really want to get a good base of Decor going and understand and all of these little areas around the house that I need to be shopping for so anyways let's just get started with some decorating and go from there going to start with a glass front cabinets and just work my way down to the cabinets I am going to keep things.

Very simple just add some white pictures as well as some clear glass items and some faux Greenery now these cabinets are lit so when I have our under cabinet lighting on these lights come on as well and it is so pretty I love how the glass just really shines when they are on in the morning it's so pretty.

thank you as for the glassware that I'm adding I'm just going to put a cookbook underneath to elevate it just a little bit so it doesn't get hidden around the cabinet face now these glasses I actually thrifted from Goodwill not to long ago I'm using.

Them for now but ideally I'd love to find some with a little bit more character to them so that's definitely something that I'm going to be putting on my list to look for when I am out and about foreign so I'm actually pretty happy with how.

This cabinet turns out and I will show you what it looks like with the lights on once I finish decorating the other side now because I like how that would turn out I'm going to be very symmetrical because that's how I like things and I'm going to mirror that on the other side but with different types of items so another white picture in.

Faux plant and then to the other side of the cabinet I'm going to add that set of clear bowls now I'd love to find I think some pretty glass canisters that might work there or even glass pitchers I'm pretty open at this point but I will definitely be on the lookout for something different to put here eventually.

foreign now because we have a black vent Hood cover as well as a stained black kitchen island I want to bring that black over to these shelves as well and so I'm.

Going to hopefully be adding pops of black to each shelf eventually now I have this black Kirklands picture that I picked up a couple of years ago that I'm going to add to the top as well as this cloche that I picked up from Amazon and later in the video you will actually see me change this up just a little bit it did take me a couple of days to get this.

Face decorated because I'm still trying to find all my decor and unpack it it's been quite the adventure let me tell you and if I'm being honest with you I really went back and forth if I was even going to post this video because I'm not really 100 happy with how everything turned out but at the end of the day I did promise you that I would share the.

Process with you of building our house as well as settling in and this is definitely part of the process so if you're ever feeling frustrated or things just aren't coming together you are not alone I am right there with you as I'm trying to figure out just really what works in this house and I'm just trying to find those right pieces.

foreign to the middle shelf I am going to be adding some of my favorite cookbooks that I really just like the color of and they fit the Shelf perfectly and then I'm also going to add a couple of older Hearth and hand items that I've had from.

Previous years from Target thank you a little spoiler alert the middle shelf is probably my favorite one of all three but to the bottom one I'm going to be adding things that I actually reach for on a daily basis so my coffee is.

Actually in that canister that I use in my Keurig and then there's also sugar and tea in those as well and then I'm also going to add some of these white bowls I love decorating with stacked bowls and stacked plates I'm actually going to be adding plates here in a little bit I just had to track some down so anyways I'm going to come back.

To this in just a little bit but here's what I have on these shelves so far but I want to move on to the countertop below this is a major Drop Zone area so I want to keep it very simple but also have a few items one of them being my Keurig that I got for Christmas I love this thing so much I wasn't sure if I needed it at the time but I'm so happy.

To have it now I love that it is when I can program from my phone it makes all kinds of different coffees and it has the built-in frother so next one I'm just going to add a very simple mug tree to hide that outlet and hang my favorite coffee mugs on it these are the are they double walled or insulated coffee mugs I don't know I thrifted them from Goodwill.

I actually broke one so I'm considering actually ordering more from Amazon and getting rid of all of my other mugs they keep your coffee so hot so anyways I'll link those down below for you in case you love hot coffee as much as I do I feel like you need to try them but then to the other side of the counter I'm just going to add this cake.

Stand I love to pick up muffins from the grocery store or even make my own and put them in here every single week for the kids they look forward to seeing what I put in there for them and so it's just something fun that I like to do so here's how everything looks as I have my decor started now I did take the weekend to.

Just look through a few more of my boxes and bins to see if I couldn't find something for this shelf in the middle of all of the white as well as the top shelf it just felt like it was missing something and so here's what I pulled out a cookbook a watering can this pitcher I guess you would call it or vase from Kirkland's as well as a stack.

Of plates so I do end up using everything except for the cookbook I decided that I didn't like how that looked so just going to move a few things around until I'm happy with it for now I do have a list I should probably like write it down of things I'd like to find for this particular area I'm not 100 happy with.

That top shelf yet but really just using what I have for now a lot of my cutting boards just don't fit correctly I'd love to find a couple of smaller lighter colored cutting boards to add maybe a some printed artwork that adds some color even some more cookbooks I'm not quite sure exactly yet but those are just some.

More items that I'd love to be on the lookout for over the next couple of months to really make this feel fully decorated and complete so now that I have some Decor on the shelves and a good understanding as to what fits and what I would like to be out shopping for I do want to share a look at the rest of our kitchen with you it's more minimal.

Than I'm used to but I'm truly enjoying it I just I don't know it's just I'm enjoying the the space and the finishes and I feel like over time we will add more Decor but I'm really just loving the Simplicity of it all right now.

foreign so that is going to be it for today's video it's not your typical one where it is perfect and finished it is a work of progress but we have to start somewhere right and before I head out shopping I just want to know what I am exactly.

Looking for so let me know in the comments below if you can relate or if you like these types of videos but I'm looking forward to heading out shopping here soon with you and we'll make those changes here down the line but anyways thank you so much for watching and I will see you very soon in my next video bye.

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