Landscaping on a Hill – Backyard Slope Project

Then any rain in a couple weeks so it's a dust bowl out here we're going to put down some landscape fabric right here before we put in the gravel hey Jason Creole in this salon caroli today I'm helping a friend out and we are doing a project on his back patio now I'm not the main force of Labor we .

Got some some skilled labor here they're doing doing a lot of work but basically he's gonna landscape this steep hillside with some plants and then he's extending his patio and doing kind of some crushed gravel to make a nice area I think incorporating the fire pit I thought it'd be interesting to see what he's done with this with this Bank at his .

House got a very skilled operator on the on the skid steer back here and we'll keep you updated as the project goes along and show you how it turns out let's check it out so you notice here it's a very wooded bank and it's very steep and what he's done is come in with that skid steer and scrape it down and grade this off a little bit and that's .

Pretty steep right there I wish I could have saw I wish I could have been here when he when he got the skid steer on the side of that hill because that is a fairly steep Bank but then you see here we've got the patio back here this see man they're going to come out here with some gravel and make that and then got a lot of plants that are gonna incorporate .

Into the hillside so you know these are all in pots right now but gonna end up putting these on the hillsides so I'm here is the unskilled laborer and we've got some some skilled labor operating the heavy equipment so let's check it out and keep you updated and see how this project turns out stay what I'm glad he's driving that not .

Me cuz I would supposedly this is what he does all day every day so he he knows what he's doing how much top zone is bringing in okay I could say this me being an .

Inexperienced skid-steer operator watching somebody that actually knows what they're doing it's pretty impressive cuz he he makes some of this look easy especially getting up on that bank and grading that out and the way he's able to do this until he's a very skilled operator .

The gravels owners on its way what's basically what I've been told so this going where he's over here clearing offs gonna be gravel on this Bank is it gonna be some big flags get stoned and then have these plants incorporated on the bank into the flagstone and then also working a firepit into the bank somehow another – I'm not exactly .

Sure what the finished product is going to look like we started in with the flagstone one issue having is the the hill being steep and having to get the dirt to settle you know because it may be a little a little washing but we'll figure it out well here's update on the project so far got some of the flagstone in some of the .

Problems we're coming into is that on the middle here it is so steep of a slope that we afraid the rock is gonna slide and I think is this dirt gets hardened that it's gonna hold things in place we're gonna put plants in between there it's gonna help hold everything in place but there is some concern and supposedly .

Not much water comes off this hillsides that's a good thing but you know some of these big rocks are sliding a little bit so what we doing is going and getting some short pieces of rebar that we're gonna drive in the ground just below the rock it would be to hold the the large stones in place now a lesson from this what we've been told is that this .

Project started because somebody looking at pictures on Pinterest so this is a important lesson don't look at Pinterest because you end up getting ideas of projects that are not as easy to accomplish as they look on Pinterest because in Pinterest that the hillside was not as steep as this and when you're dealing with with slopes it just makes .

Everything an issue so there was unlimited budget here what one guy mentioned was a retaining wall would have been awesome but you know that's a lot more expensive so anyway kid team you know with the flagstone gonna get the rebar out gonna put the crushed gravel through here and looking at putting in some kind of stone border to .

Separate the crushed gravel at the bottom from the flagstone on the hillside and then get those plants installed and maybe put some mulch up there to kind of finish it off I'm not sure about the fireplace I heard a rumor of a fireplace but I'm not seeing where that's going to go right off the bat more of a fire pit not a fireplace .

Are we driving in the rebar here to hold some of these larger stones on the slope in place it's not as bad on the sides it's not as steep but on this particular part its lot steeper and we're just concerned some of the big stones might start sliding it what we're doing we got the got some .

Other stone that we're using kind of a border we'll bring the gravel in here and then it'll sort of like this border in place let's go and create a good separation between the flagstone and the you know the gravel is gonna be here and then you gotta get these plants set up part sorry for the shadows whose that's just the .

Way the sun's head but the best thing we've done all day yes we finally got some food to eat so there's no bratwurst on the grill and it's gonna be the best accomplishment we've made so far we start putting some of the plants in start leveling this out or I'm hanging it down to get ready for the putting the gravel in here cuz I .

Think they're gonna have to use a hand tamper to be able to pack the gravel down he says an assortment of plants and juniper dove rosemary lambs ear I didn't know what all of them are called they had to tell me you got lavender .

You get it down a bend over now it's getting cold so we on the ground all right fish and setting the plants pretty good sorry about the shadows I want to show you the completed backyard landscaping project that we've been working on unfortunately I wasn't able to stay the end so I'd come back on .

Another day and show you the finished project but they came in and and obviously finished planting all the plants then put in the gravel after they got the weed fabric down and then put in a little fire pit so let's check out the finished results and see what it looks like there we go you can see out of the pea gravel really looks nice I like that .

No actually helped with the fire pit but they could put something in there to help set that off as a fire pit a little bit more if they wanted to put some sort of rack to let the burn the logs burn off and then you see all the plants now obviously these are going to continue to grow and mature hopefully with the rebar under some of these rocks hold them in .

Place and with this plants as they mature it's going to help hold all the soil in place on this hillside and they say they don't really get that much water coming off this hill during the heavy rain so hopefully all this will hold in place that plants some mature and fill up a lot of the gaps there they could come in and put some gravel in .

There or mulch or something out of the mulch would hold maybe straw rocks might be better a little more pea gravel or something like that to help keep some of the weeds out in in the cracks but get one more panoramic view here overall I think it turned out pretty well hills are tricky you know there'll be a little bit of a job keeping all that .

Stuff from coming down onto this hillside thanks for watching the video hopefully it gave you some ideas what you can do on the hillside and I was glad to be able to be a part I learned some things working with some guys who do landscaping on a regular basis and watching them do their thing and I was able to provide a helping hand .

I'm Jason creel if you haven't done so go subscribe the channel let me hear from in the comments what do you think about this project what could we have done different in your opinion and I hopefully got some good ideas from it talk to you later bye

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