LG webOS TV platform includes QuickSet from UEI

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Universal Electronics Inc. QuickSet Technology Expanded to More Smart TVs through LG webOS

SCOTTSDALE (Arizona) — QuickSet(r) is a flagship technology offered by Universal Electronics Inc. (NASDAQ: UEIC), a global leader in universal control, sensing, and monitoring technologies for smart homes. This technology will be available for TV brands that adopt LG’s webOS TV platform ecosystem.

As the connected device market continues to grow, advanced TV platforms such as webOS are seeing a rapid rise in penetration. This is due to the integration and use of streaming services, voice control and navigation, and the integration of smart home services. LG is expanding its reach through TV manufacturing partners and has included UEI’s QuickSet to be the standard for device discovery, control, and control.

UEI’s QuickSet Cloud is a scalable platform that simplifies onboarding and control across entertainment devices and smart home systems,” stated Lee Sang-woo (Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy at LG Electronics Home Entertainment). “As a long-term partner of LG, UEI’s QuickSet has been an integral component of LG’s home entertainment ecosystem simplifying discovery, setup and control for millions of entertainment and smart home devices, and offering interoperability with more than 1 million unique devices from more than 12,000 brands.”

“We have a strong relationship with LG and have collaborated with them to develop several generations of their industry-leading smart TV interface,” said Paul Arling, Chairman and CEO of UEI. It is an exciting opportunity to share our technology and improve the user experience for more consumers worldwide .”

UEI has been a pioneer in the development of entertainment and smart home control technologies for more than three decades. UEI introduced voice control and advanced features, such as automatic setup and universal control for connected devices via its QuickSet platform.

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