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It was a long time between the second and third seasons on Netflix’s Sex Ed .. Three hundred years passed between Isaac deleting Otis’s heartfelt message to Maeve’s answering system and Otis growing an ugly senior year mustache.

The nineteen months that separated the seasons were actually due to production delays caused by pandemics. Filming began in September last year, but they finished filming in March. Asa Butterfield, the actor with the mustache and Ottis, tweeted that June: “Lemme just state, you guys aren’t ready season 3 trust me.”

Season 3 gave us The Kiss–we won’t have to tell who it was; we just know that there were other events we weren’t prepared for like The Breakup and then The Goodbye. (The wounds are still healing so we’re gonna just leave these events with their names.

With the season over, it’s time to wait for confirmation on season 4, then filming, and finally for release.

We’re optimistic. We are optimistic as the Moordale students have one last term before graduating (the season seems like it will wrap sometime in autumn; however, we haven’t yet seen holiday decorations), so we believe the storyline will continue at least until they reach university. The series could then be Normal People ?).

But, we don’t yet know. However, we can speculate wildly.

Men`s health When is Sex Education season 4 coming out?

men`s health sex education season 4


In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Butterfield said, “We don’t know [whether there will be more.] It’s out of our hands at this point. I wish I could say more. I don’t really know. “

We’ll probably find out in the next weeks if the series will be renewed for a fourth season. We hope there will be at least one more season due to the show’s popularity. The series could then begin filming in the winter, which would be the fourth season’s location. It will continue through Christmas and into the new year.

If filming is able to wrap in the spring, we could see a similar release for season 4: late summer 2022.

Men`s health What will season 4 be about?

There are several storylines still unresolved after the season 3 finale, including (obviously) Maeve’s going to America, Eric and Adam’s breakup, Aimee’s breakup, Jean and Jakob becoming parents, and the new job opening at Moordale High.

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Men’s Health

We also have a whole school term before Otis and company graduate and go off to Sex University–a term they must now figure out following the school’s loss of funding. Season 4 will likely be about Otis and Maeve and their LDR. It’s also expected to focus on what’s going to be a chaotic final term at Moordale High.

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