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I really wanted to bring you guys outside today because this will be changing we have concrete guys coming tomorrow and i'm excited to show you the before and after yes there's toys everywhere so i do have to pick those up before tomorrow morning but i did want to show you because this.

Is going to be completely redone i cannot wait to show you the final uh after photo when we get everything that we want to outside we have this whole area back here um i do kind of want to get a shed later on but right now this is what it's looking like and i'm so excited for the end.

Results stay tuned for the end hello everyone welcome back to my channel my name is justine and as you can tell from the beginning clip we are going to be redoing our back patio i'm so excited to make this more of a back patio oasis for us somewhere for us to hang out with our kids.

Because it's just safer than hanging out in the front yard especially with the road but that is what we're going to be doing today i did small clips for a lot of the big projects just so you weren't stuck here watching us put everything up in very fast mode but it still took forever so i.

Just did clips throughout this video and then towards the end when i started decorating and putting things out is when i started filming everything but i hope that you guys will subscribe to my channel my channel is all about cleaning decorating organizing really.

Anything to do with homemaking on a time crunch because my house is a military family of five i have a full-time job i am also in college my husband is military and i also do youtube so there's just a lot on my plate so i.

Hope that you will join me here on my channel and hit that alert bell and set it to all so you are notified every time i do upload and i do appreciate you guys for coming here to watch and let's get into this video you came along i couldn't look away.

Somehow you turned my life completely upside down and since you've been gone there's no peace so this overall took about two or three days i believe they had to come back and take the plastic out and this was done back.

In february so it was freezing cold when they were doing this i'm just happy that it was done and you're trying to beat the rain before the spring weather hit and it just turned out really nice but we did end up picking up this pergola from sam's club i'll try to link it in the description below.

But it is really nice it has premium lumber it has a metal roof you guys will see us put that up again they are small clips just so we get through it because it did take a whole day and i have to get this thing up just my husband and his friend so it's just a lot.

But if you keep watching you'll be so surprised at the very end of what this is looking like what i do i'm still gonna be dreaming of you no matter who i no try what i do i'm still gonna be dreaming.

Now we are just moving on into building this fire pit we did not want to pay somebody to do it i still don't know if we want to add something to this or do something different but i really like how it turned out for now i think it's great for what we needed so if we ever want to.

Change it out to more of like a permanent structure it can but right now this is what we did and we really do like it and it wasn't that expensive either it was more on a budget for us i did not want to spend like four hundred dollars on material and then pay someone to come in another three hundred dollars it's just.

I did this on a budget so anyone can really do this it's just really easy you go to lowe's get the fire brick and then this is just the adhesive like the concrete adhesive but it worked out great scars no matter what i do i'm still gonna be.

Dreaming of you something that i can't receive of you no matter i'm still gonna be dreaming.

no matter what i do i'm still gonna be dreaming dressing up as fire fighters we came there first.

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but really you're a foreign is next to you every night baby can't you see what you do to me.

no stay with and this is how it turned out if you like how it turned out or you're still here watching make sure to hit that like button below.

As well as leave me a comment about something that you have done on your back patio to make it feel more homey even if you rent or you know you don't own the home and you still did something let me know down in the comments i'd love to hear from you guys and now that the fire pit is done i am.

Going to move on to pressure washing the concrete because this was done in february the concrete was done in february however we didn't get this fire pit up until probably april so it really did take a while for us to get this project done we always had to wait we had to wait for.

Better weather we had to just wait for our paychecks you know just again we're balling on a budget so i have to make sure that we're following what we can do and our means you know how that goes but now i just wanted to get all of this stuff off i felt like the rust was coming from the roof or something the gutter.

And it was sprinkling on our concrete that you can see that's what i'm showing you guys and we're gonna get this all cleaned up baby can't you see what you do to me i can be.

yeah no no no no no up i really wanted to get this door clean because it is chipping away this is like the worst door ever i hate this door but there's scratch.

Marks from my dogs there's mud there's everything from my kids and then also when the concrete was getting laid i guess the wind or something there was splatter onto my door and my siding so i was trying to get some of that off and then i needed to pressure wash the window so i could actually clean the.

Glass because it was so bad but we are going to be doing that and that's what i am going to be showing you guys in this next clip as well as finally pressure washing the patio i don't think we got enough time to sort.

Out all the fights out of the light oh baby yeah there was a we keep moving like the river go goes time i know it for sure all the scars.

look on my toes this time i know it for sure we don't know i guess our dreams fell asleep there's no passion in the comatose baby going.

Down down down baby going down down down down down tried so hard to stay afloat we this time i know it for sure so now that that's done i'm going to take a break and we did buy this grill.

It's a blackstone girl from walmart and we're going to put this together so we can put it back on the back patio because we really needed a new grill the other one was just falling apart at this point so i was just ready to go get something new and i just love the way this one looked and all the little gadgets it has.

It was something simple nothing too extravagant just something we can go out and grow on as a family i belong i belong to the one i you hey.

take her to your heart hmm.

but someone don't help you when someone don't help you through the rain when feelings don't matter everything's nothing but a game just know that i'm with you just know that i'm with you through it all i'm gonna be there whenever you win or if you fall.

hey don't you worry hey don't you worry about a thing you get what you're giving but it's never too late to spread your wings since we were born it's all over our.

Bodies i see that it's tough now but trust me you and our me.

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The things that we'll do sleeping in the in a moment the things that we'll do.

i i'm just gonna put this furniture back on the patio and then you can see these lights up here it's almost nighttime so i did want to show you guys this before i got too dark but my husband did do these lights while i was working i did not know or i would.

Have filmed it these lights are from amazon i will link them below and i do have better shots towards the end of this video so make sure you are staying till the very end and i know that we put the same patio furniture we didn't add a whole bunch to this patio makeover.

However my channel is realistic and not everyone has the budget to redo everything by all this brand new furniture and i do plan to buy new furniture i do plan to change this up some more but we worked with what we had and that is very realistic for my family we don't just.

Buy everything we want because that's just not my budget for my life but i did really like how this turned out so make sure you are staying till the end to watch to see what the final touches are someday we will.

Again i want to remember what's going me.

Look at my eyes don't let it fall on me make me believe it don't wanna hear it i wanna see it i'm just taking my jaws glass cleaner and cleaning the door i love this stuff it's one of my favorites to clean glass with i'm just going to take my microfiber.

Towel and clean off this whole door window the glass everywhere that we have on the back patio and just kind of get this clean because there is a lot of fingerprints and everything else all over this door there was so much build up that the glass cleaner wouldn't do it itself.

So i'm gonna go in and grab my dawn power wash this stuff is so versatile i love this stuff and let it set for a minute just so i can get everything off the film from the winner and just everything and there is one spot i couldn't get off because it was concrete that got on my patio setting so i just left it but i.

Did wipe down my furniture too because i felt like even pressure washing it didn't get all the rust off of it as you can see on my big couch back there but that's what i'm gonna be doing really quick all right that will bring us to the end of this video.

I'm officially done with how this looks i have this plant if you guys have any suggestions because it is dying like i don't know i've had to rip off you can see right here like it's just dying i don't know what to do because it's supposed to be for tropical warm climates since i live in south.

Carolina and it's just dying i i don't know what else i water it probably like twice a week if that because it says not to over water it i've tried over watering i've tried underwater in it i i don't know what to do if you guys have any suggestions.

Please leave some below for me i'm trying to get more of a green thumb i finally cleaned that door and that window it's definitely gonna need some paint because of my children and my dog scratching it did you get these lights up and i did already show you guys what it looks.

Like with them on at night and this is a metal roofing we got this there we go now let's we got this with sam's club and it was on sale so i had to jump on it these are premium lumber but they are hollow inside so if you're looking for.

Something really heavy it is really heavy i have to give it that but it is hollow on the inside of those legs but very sturdy you can even drill them into the concrete i just didn't do that and then i got these two target chairs you know they were in the dollar spot.

At target and i didn't get the table because they were always sold out but i thought those are super cute for the boys when we're out eating and i do plan to get a different patio set this one will probably most likely end up around the fire pit and then i'm gonna get like a little circular table.

In here so the boys have somewhere to sit eventually like because we like to eat outside during the summer so we will see and i got these ferns from home depot and i will link the brackets that we put into the siding to hang them on they are from amazon and they're very.

Heavy duty because we do get hurricanes here and then we got that blackstone girl earlier this month at walmart i really do love it and i like that from the cover and everything and then you saw me put this together my husband but that's pretty much it for.

Today's video we are finally just almost done i will be adding more stuff like i said as we go this summer but i could not add it all in this video so i really hope that you guys enjoyed it and i hope to see you guys back in my next video

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