Must SEE Trendy DIY Project Ideas

Hello everyone welcome back to design trendseeker my name is danielle and today we are going to check out some diy project ideas all of these creators can be found listed throughout the video so if you are interested in seeing more from them be sure to check out their instagram so the first diy .

Shows you how to make this gorgeous ladder as you guys know ladder decor is still trending you can place this in the bathroom or you can also place it in the living room and just pretty much store blankets as well as towels so moving on to the second diy it looks like they are doing the macrame technique .

And they are placing the yarn around this wooden piece so they did a crochet effect in the middle and then they created gorgeous wall art so moving into the next diy this one also features a bit of yarn so it looks like they are kind of .

Crocheting with this one oh looks like they're making their own pillow design oh wow so they added tassels and everything wow very cool so moving into the next diy you're seeing some wooden pieces being painted .

She added some material to pieces as well as little wooden levers oh so she made her own storage boxes wow that's pretty cool so moving into the next diy so she is placing the wooden sticks on this one i think this one might be a drawer or something too yup wow .

Decorative end tables with wooden sticks that is a really cool idea i mean that is a great way to just save money if you want to just kind of decorate the outside you could also use the contact paper that they have on amazon you can use marvel i've seen that before where they decorate the drawer with the contact paper that's .

Also a really cool idea okay so this next one she made her own key ring holder oh those flowers are so pretty oh wow she made her own table tray very cool i am loving her ideas so this one she's decorating an old table tray or some type of tray .

Old glassware gluing the pieces down very cool wow next diy is going to be of some old jewelry boxes and the contact paper that i was talking about earlier this is the marbled version .

And she made her own decorative kind of statues with that or a place for the statues to go on so the next one starts off with some wooden beads and some yarn i think she might be making coasters with this oh maybe not because they're kind of too small for coasters .

She put little magnets on the back of those so now she has the wooden beads oh so she stacked them and arranged them with the beads cool so here she is repurposing this planner board oh my gosh wow .

Very innovative how did she come up with these ideas this is insane so now she made her own towel rack and her reels are so fast too like you can't even if you wanted to follow this you wouldn't probably be able to because they're so fast but she has some really innovative ideas .

So here we have the next diy she's using clay oh i think i saw the uh previous clip of where she had made this into a vase so she's painting it now oh she's using the toothbrush to get like that splatter technique wow this is so cool i love this vase .

And you know what's great about these diys is that you are pretty much creating one-of-a-kind pieces in your home that you know nobody else is going to have because even if somebody was to replicate this design like we were watching these and we could replicate it if we wanted to they would still come out different they .

Wouldn't come out exactly the way hers did and that's what i love about diy projects so with this next one she's using clay and making this candle holder so she's painting the clay oh this isn't a candle holder okay what are those things called pompous i don't know if i'm pronouncing that .

Right and i don't know if that's the name but she decorated it she used that as a vase so that was really cool so next up we're seeing that macrame technique again i'm guessing they are doing some more wall art oh wow that came out so pretty so .

Gorgeous i just love watching these diy projects all right you guys i hope you enjoyed this video be sure to comment rate and subscribe and i will see you in the next one

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