What's up what's up peeps welcome back to my channel you guys will not believe i literally decorated my patio at least three times because i was so confused of what i wanted to do the first time i did a five below patio makeover which you guys saw in my last video and then this time i did a boho.

Style patio makeover and then the third time i did a diy pergola which you guys will see later but let me just show you guys what i did this time it came out really nice i just wanted something different so let's get into it all right so starting off i'm just trying to clean my patio.

Did you guys see that video that i posted earlier this month my patio was hideous so i got three of these chargers um from target they were five dollars each and although they're made for dinner you can like put your plates on here i love to actually use it for decor.

And hang it on the wall and it just gives me such a bohemian vibe so i'm going to show you guys what i did what i did was i just took a scrunchie i like kind of looped it through the back and as you can see i made a little hook i got these self adhesive hooks from dollar tree four in.

A pack for a dollar so what i'm doing now is i'm just hanging out these string lights that i got from five below and i think they look really nice so this is my siding i think i'm gonna put it like right here i have one up there as you guys can see.

So that's that it's pretty strong and then i'm just going to loop this around it and there you go super cute all right so that's how it's looking now i cleared off the patio so now i'm just moving this rug to where i wanted i actually found this rug from menards it was 50 dollars and.

Although i wanted some color i just really love the tribal print around the border and i just figured i can you know add some color here and there all right looking good so far so i need to clean these chairs off because they've been stored all winter long but i think i'm gonna.

Put one there and then i'll put one there and then it comes with a table i'll put that in the middle all right so that can go there and guys this three-piece set i need to put the pillows on there but this three-piece set.

I got from marshall's like last year and it was on clearance for 80 for the entire three set and i thought it was a pretty good deal what i love about these cushions they're made by martha stewart which i love her it comes with the option to unzip it so that way you can like wash it which i.

Love because my egg chairs i'm just kind of screwed with those because i can't wash them at all so yeah that's really cute and like this is kind of like a little bungee cord material but yeah it comes with the top pillow too but i don't think i'm gonna use it.

Because i bought other pillows instead so a few years ago i got this metal table from target so as you guys can see it's not in the best shape so instead of like keeping it in storage i figure i'll just kind of use it as an extra table back here.

So to cover up this ugly top i found this really cute jute uh table tray and it's like the perfect shape to just go right over here and then also it kind of breaks up the color because i have so much black going on so it just gives me a little bit of texture this is made by.

Tommy bahama and i got it from tj maxx and it was 1999 which wasn't bad at all if you haven't seen my haul where i show like all my boho decor i got this from walmart for like 15 and then i got this little planter from i believe five below so that's really.

Cute and then i'll just put two of these cups here and i just feel like it just gives it a pop of color and it's like a cobalt blue which is really cute this burlap proof seat i think i showed you guys this in my five below.

Makeover and i got this from target so so far it's looking pretty good so this artificial plant i got from home goods a while ago and then this lantern i showed you guys that in the last video but i got this from walmart and then this glass lantern i got from.

Five below i found this yellow planter from home goods it was twenty dollars and then this like tribal print planter i got from ross it was like maybe 15 and i just put an artificial plant and then i found these pillows from target and these pillows were kind of.

Expensive like i didn't want to spend like 25 dollars for one pillow but i really am trying to like add more color to my yard because i'm like known for just like dark colors so i'm trying my best so my two egg chairs if you guys haven't seen my backyard tour are ready i'll.

Insert a clip but i went ahead and moved these to my patio and then these pillows i got from five below this planter i'm just gonna put this in the middle and this came from target so i went ahead and put this rug down.

This rug i got from five below also if you guys haven't seen those videos like i said a million times i'll link them below but since the rug is down and the two chairs are up what i'm gonna do is just put this fireplace in the middle all right so since i hung up those.

Lights i was trying to hide this cord which was a fill but if you guys remember i got this artificial plant from target a year ago and it's still holding on it's not you know real plant but it's been sitting in my garage so i definitely need to clean it because i got like.

Dust and everything on there but i thought this was actually pretty cute you guys saw i put the planners right there i need to actually plant those but yeah that is actually really cute right there and this little blue stand i got this from five below and i just put like a little.

Candle holder on top and then i got these two bowls these are super cute so this one is like a gold color or a rust color and this is like a mustard color so i'm gonna put the food in here and then the water in here i need to clean them out first.

But i feel like this will give it like a pop of color these string lights i got from target for about 12 and i thought it would be cute if i just kind of tied them on the egg chairs so lastly i'm just decorating this bar cart so i actually got this bar card from.

Ikea a while ago and it was in my living room but i just bring it outside just because i'm hosting a party out here tonight and i thought it would be really cute to you know have all the drinks and stuff outside and i'm just adding some color with these towels and i found these really cute tribal print.

Candles from target and i just love all the different colors and the prints and yeah it just all came together and i'm just so happy so now you guys are going to see you know the finished results and i hope you guys like it i'm definitely getting those bohemian vibes going on if i wrote you a symphony.

Just to say how much you mean to me what would you do if i told you you were beautiful this ring here represents my heart but there's just one thing i need from you say it i do because i can see us holding hands walking on the beach.

give away my life so don't give away another woman that can take your spotlight so don't give away my life so don't give away now if would that make you wanna change.

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