My husband has made me VERY HAPPY with this AFFORDABLE backyard idea! 😆

Foreign laughs foreign wow.

Foreign just because something costs dollars don't necessarily mean that it makes sense how many of you remember when I directed The Wastewater to the mahogany tree as the Queen Mother of the farm and all the world according to Grandpa here at our farm everything has a.

Purpose even the dust that lies under our feet I still can't get over the plumbers moving my stones out of the way I don't think they understood the vision foreign.

dry season has been a beast we've done our absolute best to keep our trees and plants alive judging by these Sahara winds in Hamilton Haze the rain is on the way.

Foreign foreign must create better drainage stuff.

Foreign foreign foreign I have a kitchen inside of our home but I enjoy cooking outdoors I love the Smoky flavor which is rendered by the wood fire I'm not big on coals so my.

Husband is going to create for me a natural grill no need for anything fancy I've had those in the past they're great smoked grills and all but right here at our tiny little farm I have to have myself a natural grill which has cost us absolutely nothing I've always had a fascination with working with Cobb or natural Earthen.

Materials right here we're working with the gravel that is found right here on the land some say there's iron within it possibly they're bulletproof nothing is mixed in the formula no cement no cow manure only water and a little foot action that was.

So much for you so this one I was talking about it we'll add this one after they broke out to choke it to straight it like this yeah we stretch it and we chop it the one just you need it here you can just raise it like this now I want to I want everything to perfect it's like complete so raise it like this.

You can see it could be something good that was good thinking welcome up and we take first floor yes we take the second floor the second floor is software you.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign.

Foreign so remember the clay pots that I was working with many of them I painted and put them outside and added plants to.

Them they are so fat but I have this one cooking Clay Pot which I painted on the outside because it had so many burn marks anywho I filled it with water and let it sit overnight and it became an instant refrigerator guys it has kept my tomatoes cold it is so cool and I got this technique from ma she has created three Clay Pot refrigerators it is.

Awesome please let us know in the comments section if you want to see how it works take your time into the rocks foreign.

I want to fill it in to balance to come Cafe all here he's feeling gravel yeah I think you have done an excellent job an excellent idea using the natural gravel yeah I'm doing for you all right now.

Bye now bye but now forever forever around the world forever yeah I like it foreign foreign.

foreign foreign if you want to see me cook a delicious meal with my new natural grill you're gonna have to subscribe alright guys see you in the next video and have an.

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