Natural Resources Commission November 17, 2022

My name is Ed Nardi chair of the Natural Resources Commission and I am calling this public meeting to order at 7 pm tonight's NRC meeting will be at hybrid in person and zoom meeting we have a microphone set up on the commission table and plans will be projected through the TV monitor if you are presenting via Zoom please turn on your.

Audio and microphone when it is your time to speak following the presentation by the petitioner and questions from the commission members of the public will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide public comment please identify yourself with name and address for the record.

You can also raise your hand from your phone by dialing star 9 and use star 6 to unmute all video screens will be turned off with the exception of the Commissioners Delia and the current petitioner once the commission has acted on this app on an application the petitioner is free to leave the meeting.

This meeting is being recorded in the event of any technical difficulties all matters on the agenda that have not been heard will be automatically continued to the December 7th meeting at this time I would ask the Commissioners to introduce themselves Sarah Greenwood Nick Nick Pappas Gary.

Gary clyman and Bill uh Bill cremation thank you all all right jumping into the agenda I think we're gonna hold on approving meeting minutes for this session and the next up is Nick Comics anybody have any comments specifically General okay we'll move to the director's update.

Uh so a couple of things um we are holding the assistant Natural Resources Director interviews second rounds this week and we hope to have somebody on board by mid-December um CPA applications updates um I did present uh additional information to cpec last night on the two applications that we've submitted.

One was the open space and Recreation Plan update that we're seeking a hundred thousand dollars in funds for a consultant to help us with that they wanted a little bit more information and also some more information on the Warner's pond dredging project and as I mentioned to the Commission in September.

Um you know so you know we we've been working on this since 2012 uh with the Warner's um Pond watershed management plan recommending dredging is the most feasible alternative so we sort of went through that process um including a dredging feasibility.

Study in 2018 that did some sediment sampling and identified locations that would give the biggest bang for the buck cost estimates were developed in 2018 it was about two 2.5 million and then when we went through the permitting process last year for order of conditions with the Commission Section 401 and chapter 91.

With the EP um and an Army Corps permit under um Federal Regulations we had additional cost estimates developed and they were closer to three but we did put it out for bid in um August we got bids back in September we received one bid it was 9.5 million which was.

Partly um due to coveted costs labor shortages inflation sediment disposal costs but I think partly it was also it was just one bid so there was not you know a lot of times you get these outliers um so the application was submitted cpc's deadline was the the next week so.

I put in an application for basically revisiting how we approach this project um and um so the application was to really to to evaluate this um and um since that time I've been working with the Consultants um trying to get them on board to evaluate the two options that we had.

Talked about at the first CPC site meeting I mean um public meeting which was to do one of two options and I'm going to um let me see if I can share my screen here uh the well there's two options and one would.

Be to um instead of removing all the sediments from the ponds and that was the initial plan was to remove all the sediments from not uh this is Warner's Pond here and it goes down to the dam here this is Commonwealth Ave here and lawsberg road.

Is down here so the initial plan was to basically from the public boat launch dredge an area um that was kind of in this vicinity and um also up by the recently acquired row parcel and then dewater those sediments over here and then once they were dewatered the prison was willing to accept them as.

Compost and they would have been trucked over to the prison farm over here um when the bids came back we decided to talk to the you know to figure something else out I mean 9 million is obviously prohibitively expensive even if it came back at six that still seems unacceptably high yeah um so the initial and this is very.

Conceptual the initial proposal is to um basically dredge the blue areas of the ponds uh here the Scout island is here and then deposit those dredge sediments in the Northwest Cove here as well as the Southwest Cove here and that would reduce the size of the ponds and creates you know some nice.

Emergent wetlands and still allow for um ponds paddling you would be able to get around Scout Islands um it would be you know much deeper than it is now it's obviously impassable now for any canoeing so that's one option and the second option would be to remove the dam here the historic pale Factory.

Dam um and those are two very very different ideas from what we had initially talked about from the very beginning and so as part of this process that I'm going to be working with a consultant with over the winter um there would be a robust public.

Discussion about that um and so what I've asked CPC is to fund right now we've got 2.5 million appropriated and set aside both in CPC monies as well as capital so that 2.5 million has already been appropriated and I'm seeking an additional 500 000 from CPC and I'm also asking for 500 000 from um.

Capital to see if you know either one of these approaches would work we have very very preliminary cost estimates the dam removal would be 2.3 million and relocating all these sediments would be 3.9 so what I would like to do and what I was talking with CBC last night about.

Was you know basically setting this money aside as we have done with past requests um when we were asking for construction funding for this initial or original dredging proposal um get that public feedback get that in advance of time meeting and decide on a path forward.

Um I should mention that the no action alternative is also going to be evaluated um that is going to mean that the ponds is you know it's eutrifying it will continue to do so um if no action is taken then the pawn will slowly fill in um so so those are being evaluated the.

CBC did have a lot of questions about the moving pieces of not really knowing where the funding would go but it would all go to funding construction of either the you know or call it construction but costs to do the work to either remove the dam or do the sediments moving around the pond.

We expect to have that worked out for Town leading to a recommendation including the discussions that's the plan okay good that's the plan Sedalia that uh the removing of the dam is that permanent removal of the dam or is it I would be so it would be a permanent removal of the dam which would.

Restore Nashoba Brook to its original riverine condition as part of what I'm asking the consultant to look at it would be can you still canoe in Nashoba Brook can you fish can you you know are there recreational activities that will still be possible under that scenario the limits.

Of the show of of Warner's ponds all that pond is conservation land um what happens to the lands once the the brook is restored that's going to be modeled so is its Wetland is it floodplain is it Uplands and if it if it is you know under how is it managed so it does it have a drawdown possibility do you have is that.

Is that damn have a drawdown possibility yeah I mean it does have a drawdown possibility that's helping so the the mate no it doesn't I mean that's the major problem is the the amount of sediments that pond is a couple of feet deep right now who is jurisdiction over the dam um or is it more local.

Um so public it's public works that has ownership of the dam um but office of dam safety you know reviews it for its um condition and Public Works has to submit a report every three years but the town could vote for its removal in other words the town has control over that right oh that's important yes for.

Sure and and so this public process would be not only you know getting all of the community input but you know the stakeholders so public works I've already talked with them and they sort of say you know it's a dam and dams are maintenance and they can be catastrophic failures in massive storm events and so very preliminary conversations.

I don't think they would have an issue um with a damn rule except that it was replaced less than 20 years ago and that's substantial cost so that's you know I mean that's a consideration that the town would need to take into account consideration is what is the impact on the jural land you know the town has just made a significant investment right.

Right in the Euro land and does that become Upland as you say instead of you know from Swamp that you can't like you know you get to the edge of the gero lands there's a steep drop-off and then what um so it it would I mean if the dam was removed you wouldn't be able to you know there.

Was talk I think there's less talk but I think there's still some interest in the potential for swimming after all but at least paddling and you know recreational programs so Recreation would be at the table Boy Scout Islands you know what does that look like you know so the Boy Scouts of America you know we have a contact with them.

They they've been invited to all the public discussions and they would continue to be um so it was uh an interesting discussion um with CPC because it's a little you know it's it's complicated and um but we have had a lot of public support town meeting has approved this.

Um on many occasions in terms of funding um and um you know there's been a lot of public discussion up to this point and it certainly isn't something that's you know I feel staff or 10 people or you know this needs to be a community discussion on.

What happens to correspondence so the transportation must have been a huge driver over that business right yep moving all the material to from drawing to the right permanent home Etc right because that's nine and a half million and you discovered there was a limit to how much they can move per day oh that's right yeah yeah and that's right there.

Was a limit on so the prison can only accept into their facility three trucks it was something very very limited like 50 trucks a day to be efficient or something once it gets going and you're talking about a thousand truck trips yeah because it was originally going to be 35 000 yards of material thirty thousand.

That was transported there was going to be a wetland shelf that was that's constructed you know north side of um of scout Island that's super inefficient too right in terms of piecing it together right right so uh that's um remains to be seen where that's.

Um where that ends up um I'm not I don't have in front of me to schedule for CBC but they'll be recommending in December or you know before January before the alarm closes what you know projects they recommend for uh town meeting approval uh and just the last thing is that the town is uh hosting its Hazard mitigation.

Plan updates uh a meeting is scheduled for November 30th and um that is by zoom and that is a meeting for the town to assess and reduce its vulnerability to Natural hazards such as flooding hurricanes winter storms um and it is an update to the prior plan.

Um but we're you know trying to get as many people from the public to come and you know give their thoughts on that meeting so that is Wednesday November 30th from seven to eight and it's Zoom if you want information on that just let me know thank you lots to do.

Uh question for you application withdrawing is that just a note uh do we know no action necessary there's no action necessary the applicant has chosen to withdraw that application and proceed with an amendment to the prior approved um application okay all right so we'll move on to our first new application.

This evening um and that is the request for determination of applicability kind of Concord RDA file number 22-16 and let's see is Jeff with us this evening yeah come on up Jeff how are you doing good how are you thank you.

Likewise a year and I haven't been before though here you go all right so I think we it's like a fairly I think just a general overview fairly straightforward it is fairly straightforward it's a water main replacement project uh the project will be taking place within the uh public.

Rights of way of the butternut neighborhood streets uh Butternut might not uh black duck uh Fox Fox Lane that's approximately 4 000 linear feet the main size is eight inch and it's a 1950s vintage asbestos cement water main pipes so that's that vintage and that material type is been known to be problematic to.

The town and is prone to break risk and we're also trying to coordinate uh work that we do with the engineering division who plans the road roadway improvements project so that we're doing a project ahead of the roads Paving program so that we're not tearing up a brand new paved road so we're coordinating that effort uh.

Assisting Public Works Water and Sewer division is uh the Consulting engineering firm environmental partners and Lauren Underwood Underwood is with us from environmental partners and she can speak to the application and do any details or any questions you may have on the design and what do you plan on doing the work.

Is it 23. it would be 23. it's I don't I don't know what you hear about the construction industry but sometimes construction material is very hard to come by so we've actually uh done a number of things to try to expedite the process but we've also done materials procurement separate so that we ordered water main piping which will.

Be ductile iron water main piping bends fittings hydrants valves uh service tubing curb stops and so forth so we'll be getting we've already gotten some of those materials shipped to us and we've yet to receive the pipe but the plan is to get the material shipped to us ahead of the project so that we will hopefully be constructing at the.

Beginning of the construction season and calendar 23. um I just I just it's it's out of our purview but I just had one question about the asbestos pipe just for my edification or general identification in terms of it's how do you guys track that that.

Stays in the ground right and then I you know 25 years from now there's some Street Works got to be done and you know somebody goes out and excavates the street and you know there's the old pipe and they might not know it's old pipe and I just don't I just don't know how it works well we have a um archive library of both service.

Connections as well as Mains so we know where Mains are what main diameters are what years they were installed uh so we will have records that this main is remaining abandoned in place um okay so we will have a record and log of that in certain amounts of especially the cement pipe will have to be removed in order to make the interconnections.

Between the new pipe and the old pipe piping system big safe officer I have a record of that well we are when uh the 811 digsafe is called we received that call so we're a member community of Dig Safe so when someone goes to college they say if it would be Water and Sewer Personnel that's going out to Marco.

Materials and conditions in the in the street is there an as built plan that's done at the end of this yes it would be and would that show the abandoned in place line uh yes it would I mean Lauren can confirm that but that would be my expectation yes that'll be provided okay thank you.

Appreciate that my pleasure um any other questions from the commission or oh really all right okay go to the public any any questions comments from the public are you seeing anybody doing I am not all right I think we have a recommendation here you want to take that on.

Um well there was one question about erosion controls at the end of the black duck cul-de-sac I don't know we wanted to just ask if that could be relocated down gradient of the proposed curb stops and the hydrogen removals we try to get revised plants showing that okay so that's already been yeah we did get that.

In the 25 foot notice or its own waiver those were provided great and um if nobody else do you want to do public comment or I did we did okay then yeah I would move to um to close an issue um let's say for RDA number 22-16 Town of Concord uh closing issue a positive uh 2B.

Determination uh not approving the resource area boundaries and a negative determination three for work in the buffer zone with following conditions one pre-construction site visit shall be held with the applicant DNR staff and the contractor to review erosion controls silt sacs and limits of work two after the project has been completed.

Uh applicants will submit a letter to the NRC stating that all work has been conducted in accordance with the conditions of this determination of applicability any changes from the RDA should be described second thank you Sarah and we'll take the vote Bill hi Gary hi Nick hi Sarah hi and I am I as well.

Thank you Jeff thank you Lord my pleasure thank you for the project thank you let me get all your materials timely yeah thank you so much have a good night all right moving on to the next applications uh Concord Public Schools 120 Mary Road noi file number 137-1619.

And we have good evening James good evening all right Jim desil goldfish Preston Ringwald all right I think again another I think relatively straightforward project if you want to just touch on it that would be that would be appreciated uh sure yeah um.

So um on behalf of the applicant uh the Concord Public School uh we prepared a nose intent for the property at 120 Miriam Road um uh public school is looking to redevelop uh the exterior walkway throughout the um.

Area around the public school the courtyard and Associated access and utilities but the purpose of the newest intent is to cover the portion of the existing walkway that runs through the buffer zone of the wetlands the wetlands were delineated this past June by Matt Morrow and the existing walkway is about.

Um four or five feet and it's closest from the Wetland um and it's uh kind of just in a poor State it's starting to uh the walkway started to crumble crack and kind of Heaven areas so um the school is looking to remove the existing walkway and replace it um it's just going to be replaced in.

Time though so um no clearing of brush or trees is proposed no encroachment to Wetlands and um grades will remain the same so drainage patterns are anticipated to be the same um we're also proposing straw waddle erosion control on a down radiant side of the walkway.

Um to protect the resource area and we have heard back from the state we've received a dep file number and their only real comment was um regard to natural heritage because you will see that there is a call on the left side of the page for a line type nhesp priority habitat for rare species so basically the area of the walkway.

Within the buffer zone is um within that rare habitat area but we have heard back from division of fisheries and wildlife um and they've given the okay that the current project will not adversely affect the actual resource area habitat of the rare species so they're okay with that.

Um yeah and aside from replacing the existing walkway there's three bollards over by um Ridgeway Road at the top of the page um those will be removed and replaced at the time of the installation of the new walkway but uh that's uh just a general overview of that but if you guys have any questions or comments that'd be more.

Than happy to address those thank you um any any comments from the commission I'm just interested do we know the best species just out of Interest that's protected that let me check the letter I don't know if we didn't send a letter and um don't worry if you don't know off the top of.

Your head at the time I'm just intrigued probably with Landings okay they're right next to the swamp right yeah yeah that makes sense I'm noticing that the staging area is Right Between the 50 and the 100 is there a reason that the staging area and materials can't be sort of outside the hundred just I don't know whether I mean.

What kind of materials are going to be staged errors could be foreign the walkway and it's all you know nice grass out there so trying to like minimize the disturbance while having the most direct access to the walkway itself um that was seen as the ideal location.

To access the area without um you know causing any more disturbance than this all right I'm just out of curiosity what what what is the walkway made out of what's being replaced with or just by two minutes it is being replaced with a two minutes walk um I do have some pictures that um are.

In the notice intent that I can share of what it looks like currently but uh or I don't know if um you have the noi available to pull out the picture that's fine yeah no we're we're probably pretty good yeah thank you um any public comment regarding this application okay seeing none I think we do have a.

Order of conditions yes so um I make a motion to close the hearing and for 120 Miriam road which is noi file 137 1619 and this year in order of conditions um with findings A and B.

Standard conditions 1 through 20 and special conditions 21 through 51. yes dealer um I just uh need to add the finding about the rare species um but there's no significant impact usually I put in a finding that says um that they've opined there's you know.

I put in the date of their correspondence like neglected to do that for this one so I just two findings okay for this findings a b and c right yes yes all right second thank you Gary Come on take the vote Bill aye Gary hi hi Sarah aye and I am and I as well.

Thank you all good luck with the project thank you thank you thank you all right we are moving on to 59 Walden Street uh noi file number 137-1618 good evening Rich good evening how are you very good thank you you're welcome to join us yeah I sent the presentation email I'm not sure.

Um just something before the meeting but you can use with some files but good evening Richard everything from American associates engineer Chris Hill Edie Hill and um Frank from the applicant and the future owners of the property that cover known as the property and marked by another.

Um as far as a is also in the audience um we are here to discuss 59 Walden Street and it's an existing property which this commission has seen back in 2006 and as bill was performed in order conditions is perpetual being instructing the current owners how to maintain the maintenance of the.

Drainage facilities that was approved by the previous Commission that is the as Bill plan from 2007 which was a requirement of the last order of conditions issued by the commission it shows on the bottom of the page Walden Street there is a bank that was constructed about in late 1950s his sex steel.

Veterans building and it's within the limited business district for this specific property there's about eight of them in town and it sounds like that my observation is they tweaked and adjusted all the knobs and everything they could possibly could to adjust and blend out of one District into the other so it's.

Harmonious with the butters which is that two-story is a residential dwelling on the right hand side what this shows is and it's a one and a half story existing building the criteria for parking spaces in this district is 20 spaces so probably 250 square feet on every floor in that building footprint we need one space so.

We need 19.2 so we round up to 20 spaces that's why you see 20 spaces in the backyard on that 2007 plan when that was updated by TD Bank North before they moved over to West Concord they had an update and provide a sidewalk up the left-hand side and the compensation was that Archway on the top of the edge of the.

Pavement which was a stone Trench and the green that's shown is a little bit of a berm a grass berm of a three inch lip so that all the water that flows in the back of the pocket line get stopped by that Berman settles into the stone trench that is the area that we're required to maintain and refresh and make sure there's no Leaf litter in.

There when that was done there was a catch base in the end with a pipe that went into the wetlands directly so that was removed so this site has already been scrubbed cleaned and fixed and improved many times so it's difficult to be the third one in line saying what can you do.

Better rich after Al Easter day and all those that taught you back about in 2006 or 14 years ago what's important about your buffer zones so what they also required was those two existing trees and those about eight to ten shrubs that required to be planted and now just above that green is a little bit of shadow that that is now a.

Stump so what we're observing in the current conditions is the purplish Bridge that's up to the top left in that picture that goes over from walls of the street to the church our butter and what's happening is the water is backing up and it's exceeding higher than the Bank full conditions of the of the of Mill Brook and so you're seeing.

Some seasonal flooding in that area between the the highlighted blue and the green berm so there's some backing up of water so as we talk about plantings or the Landscaping plan there's some seasonal areas where that grass area is that that is it's a it's an impediment to the flow that bridge I've seen the bridge or down.

There's a series of something so it does back up with the bridge it's flowing any there there's some other rocks that fell down and then you have the underpass on East Main Street so what I'm saying is the behavior we watch the behavior of the stream to find out what was adequate for improving the area which is one of our criteria and then the client is also.

Fasting to try to look at what we can do as far as improving the drainage around the building as well so as we move forward you'll we'll show you that area on the next page um so what we're looking to do is our current proposed is no change to energy pavement we're proposing to.

Refresh the stone trench so this is the existing conditions so required to we update our survey based information from Paul Campbell they lowered the floodplain line so what you're seeing from the top right is you have Millbrook you have the triangle on the right hand.

Side which is the green that's your bordering vegetative wet ones you can scroll down a little bit daily to show the top of the page or someone just one click that area that's like highlighted uh that is up to the Desi area that is inundated by water you know above the the bank that.

Was deleted by Dave Crossman so that area there is a staining mark on the bridge which I had them locate my survey and the labels are just above so that area there as we move forward that's where now that tree that you approve before is now stopped 14 years later so we just want to take some care in that area as far as what.

Playing things you're looking to do and propose in that area I think that area gets wet yeah yeah I mean it's just normal it normal flows it's it varies yeah so um and then all of a sudden it's down in inside the bank and it's you know no issues there so what I'm doing basically want to call out is basically after.

Observing for over a year that area just want to make sure that we when we do proposal plantings in there or there is a stone trench there I mean in the pay for prep from above so the entire blue area that you see is the current floodplain line it extends and you'll see that every parking space that's there today and what will be there.

Tomorrow is in the floodplain yeah so we're charged with doing the best we can to not we can't fill fall plane so it's the extent that we can remove pavement a little bit and work with planning and the zva to maybe um reorganize some spaces or move the pavement away from the edge of the book we're certainly willing to do that and.

We'd be kind of discussing that with staff involving Delia um the driveway on the right hand side is driveway in the driveway you loop around counterclockwise and then all the pink areas around the building and the sidewalk that's basically general landscape areas or where your AC units are or other typical.

Plantings around the building so we're charged with keeping a sidewalk along the driveway on the exit on the left-hand side we have front steps at the primary entrance along Walden Street and then we have a handicap ramp that we ended his way up to the front on the right hand side there's stairs going down to the basement and those.

Will be changed out for a side porch on the right hand side so in overview they're proposing to convert this from a bank that is no longer a community meter asset in this area to a professional office they're adding a second story but they're not increasing or expanding the footprint of that building that building.

Is only in the riverfront area the footprint of the building it's outside the buffer zone it's outside the inner 100 riparian Zone and it's outside the floodplain it just extends up to the edge of the back door entry that little vestibule in the back so as we move forward any additions of plantings and things of that nature.

Around the building or improvements to side entrances or improvements for the building code for the architect is all in just in the outer 100 feet of the riverfront area um in addition there's a historic historically the basement has a sump pump it has flooded on occasions if.

There's a you know power outage or something like that so we'll be adding a generator right behind in that pink area right behind the building outside the floodplain and so that's that's the elbow view of the resource areas and what's there on the ground today and if you scroll down to the next page Delia thank you.

This is our site plan which gives you the overview of your 25 foot you know we got these two shade magic River Millbrook the neckline the stone trench that was required for the last Commission in a couple of the parking spaces are currently in the 25 foot you know Disturbed Zone which wasn't in effect the last time this was issued.

By the commission you see a 50-foot with some additional spaces in part of the travel Lane to turn around at exit's property and then this shows 20 conforming spaces per current zoning relined and reshaped with a little bit of a sliver of payment added on the left-hand side just have a 24-foot Iowa we're not anticipating doing this.

Um the preference and what we've been observing is the angle parking and relief from the non-conforming status it is today is the best way to kind of maneuver and operate in this parking lot but we could restripe it and keep the parking spaces within the existing footprint of the pavement to meet the criteria for 20 spaces.

The nine spaces that we're talking about for adding the Second Story are only really to keep the basement the basement active so we have enough spaces for the first floor remodel adding the second floor that's that's 20 spaces and then the nine that we're chasing would just be kind of what what's needed for the basement to keep that active also so.

Nine spaces we're going to seek relief off the property off the property and then so when you some of you might have been involved with the parking um improvements around the entire area the electric vehicle charging stations in the Center parking lot the bicycle racks outside the post office so um they're a willing participant in the.

Community effort for sustainability as opposed to sticking things in a private lot you know using and participating as a community within the central area all that parking in those sustainability items is is um what we're hearing from staff as a potential benefit of the community needs so all we're seeing again is in the back.

Of the building of the expanded platform for the AC units and the generator there was a dumpster there before so we provided dumpster behind the building that's outside the floodplain it could go on back in the corner of the pavement but it seems best to put it where it was before just behind the building outside the flood plain and then on the right.

Hand side we're going to move that current basement floor entrance further away from the edge of the water of the of the brook and have a side porch on the right hand side and then just um upgrade roof leaders Etc so if you can that's the overview of this work um.

One other aspect is there's five existing roof drywalls two on the left side and three on the right side as you go in um each has each downspouts go into them they're currently clogged the roof leader so we need to basically dig up and replace each pipe and then we would refresh the blue drywalls and maybe.

Connect the pipes together to them so there's a little more capacity and we keep that recharge active for the roof drywall so the roof will continue to be recharged so and there'll be no change to the footprint of the roof in the outside the floodplain and outside of the buffer zone only other thing that we're fearful for.

Is the behavior of the stream over time we're Reliant upon those Downstream to maintain their aspects so the water doesn't backline to our property we're currently seeing that occur now from a couple failures of a wall Downstream and with the everyone has to maintain and do their part along the way to keep it cleared away in flowing properly so.

Um that's the overview who's gonna tie the sun pumping into a dry well to the right just outside the floodplain and and then um and have some pre-treatment for that also and then upgrade the vegetation to the best we possibly can and um the next page dealer please this just shows you the proposed flow.

Layouts that you can see that there's no change the actual or expansion of the current building the lower levels on the left hand side you can see the dash stay well in the exterior that's being removed in the middle is these is the new first flow level where you can see the porch on the side right hand side with the stairs.

And then on the upper level that's the new level which would be all office space for the professional office and so we're not we're working within the current footprint we're not expanding it in the riverfront area at all and we're just upgrading it around the perimeter of the building part of the building code requirements and maintaining the.

Handicap accessibility from the back space to the front door and one more page you think thank you this is our roads control plan um Mark can speak to this not tonight but basically when you're adding a second story to some free space that you'd like to have.

Around the building itself so when I designated the hatched areas I do recognize this in the 25 foot to 50 it's all within payment uh so as far as any stockpile materials or other structures I was trying to provide a level space of about 30 feet of pavement around the back of the building so if there is staging or setting up of a crane or.

Something like that you could have some space to work in that area obviously that can be worked out as well but the goal is to maintain the trench is active protect that abl is on the left and right and then working to minimize any type of disturbance of surface but um repave and Patch the areas that we.

Have to and then um on the top right hand side of that page um I cut and pasted the detail of the original drain trench drain um next because right there in the top right the stone trash drain detail.

When that was dug out basically they removed a two foot fingernail paved on the on the Outer Edge provided a two foot wide Stone trench or some Filter Fabric with instructions to maintain it there was some balls put in place to keep people from going any pro closest to the wet ones you sell a little bit of a berm.

Detail of that little bit of a stone so it is actually working it's separating and keeping the parking lot runoff in the stone trench and it's keeping the River from backing up onto the into the pavement so it is an effective way an improvement above what was there before which was the pipe and the catch Basin straight into the water.

And so the landscape plan is the next one I think that takes us to the tour for tonight so Deb Powell we went to Historic and she has this Landscaping plan one is a replacement for the new tree her belief is that the other Majors treats are the right one of the limbs is damaged and.

She's recommending replacing that um where she has additional plantings proposed and in that area they talked about being some flooding in that area she has a Mossy Sheriff proposed in the top left of that area so that that area is half on is just the grass burn you know on the back of the gravel strip and then that area is just it there's.

Some fluctuating water that might be there for a few weeks at a time so um if there are more plantings that are adjusted to that area then on the right hand side is a very defined berm um it's a little bit steep on the back side so uh that is has some pretty good strength as far as keeping that berm.

Intact um it's just when you get closer to the bridge and it flattens out that bank is a little more sensitive to um the water and you know keeping that bank wet all the time is kind of a little bit of a deal you know delicate area as far as we feel as feature plating uh the highlighted whole lights located on left.

And right in the back um we'll review that further with planning there are two street lights to the left of us along the path that the town maintains one the one closest to the bridges is about the other one's a newer LED and um so those are all her plantings Etc that you can look at further.

Um within the inner 25. as you scroll down to the front it'll just show you the new the new site entry um the utilities she copied the the pavement Stripes that were on the original plan uh will basically um resurface that and re-stripe it is the best we can and we can trim off any.

Pavement that um if it is of benefit to the resource areas and then it's just uh all the plantings around the building you know it's very narrow areas to work with mostly ground cover because of the snow storage Etc and um and that's that's the overview you know it's thank you that's nice and thorough appreciate it.

Um did just a couple quick questions just to start off with um all the plantings in the back are they native species speak to that I know she may or may not be on the zoom meeting right now okay um she was supposed to be on so I think she's yeah look at the intentions are to have.

Them if they're not then we could you know make some adjustments if it's so it does seem like the the planting Focus has been around the building which is you know typical but with the you know commission's Interest being and um you know preserving in the rear protecting the rear um and like you have the comments that.

You know staff has um looked at that and it was just to provide a robust um planting plan so to provide the area of the area you know in that 25-foot no disturbs out adjacent to the brook um.

Right she does show you know yep so there are some plantings shown here but we need to know what the area of that is that's being replanted and then um I mean Mossy Turf we don't know what that is I mean there's no species yeah but but really it should just be some a pretty robust native.

You know that should be a good riparian card or if there's interest in having some access I think that's fine but you know this doesn't seem like a you know really an improvements the you know yeah we're going to have access and prove it if you're not yeah plant it.

Yeah okay they do some you know some preference some ideas of having a little bit of a multi-purpose area maybe if it's staff or someone was going to sit out there or whatever you know just to kind of yeah you know it or something of that nature but we can look at it further so what are you asking for there to.

Provide a robust robust mean I'm sorry it means um to beef up the plantings in that area so that it provides okay yeah good native with Native planting yeah absolutely just identify yourself and address for the record Katie Hill 88 Pine Point Road in Stow and I'm one of the owners of the.

Building what we're planning and I'm really excited about this it's um it's sort of like um what word am I looking for saw that's rolled but it's um blueberry bushes and they they're in Maine.

And they cut it and bring it down and roll it out and for the first couple of years it's a little bit of Maintenance pulling out the weeds but after that it just it's very naturalized and it generally has Ferns and other kind of stuff in it I just think it's the coolest sounding stuff and I can't wait to see it yeah.

Again if you could just um you know provide on the Landscaping plan you know that that information so certainly staff can look at it and yeah planting schedule so you know what the what the numbers are what the area that it's going to cover what type of blueberry is this High bush is it low Bush right so just to provide that.

Information in a schedule so that you know it's it's clear what is being list um if you get to look at now well we can just well so the planting lists um is as I said it's primarily for around the building and what's proposed there I mean we need the areas good so the square footage so we understand what the.

Coverage is going to look like um and then the you know the species and the size and all that and what about anything I think you're right I think that that list of I don't think it has as much detail as we need and we can talk about that sure fine and then well I'm sorry um the fate of the tree to the right uh you know a.

Stump was obviously easy to replace those have you looked at that tree or maybe so are you talking about this one that's yeah which I mean that's a lot more than a stump so the other ones are stump there was two trees before one has to stop there one's a tree that has a limb that's um recommended to be cut down yeah yeah and.

I mean that's that's fine invasives in there that need to be managed so there's some big Buckthorn and some multi-flora and some bittersweet um so we need a a plan that addresses how those are going to be um taken care of and then you know where those are removed then something else.

Would go in its place certainly yeah Dave Crossman had looked at that before when he donated so we'll have him go back out I have one question at the back of the building I just wanted to understand so I thought I heard some sort of deck area but it looks like it's a it's a Concrete.

Utility area and I think the deck is to the right yeah um and is it at ground level or is it part of the second floor no it's all around this one right now on the back of the building it's just a first floor entry um the back of the building on the right side sorry the back yeah yeah the back.

Of the building right now there's a there's a concrete pad with AC units on it which is that footprint there that's going to be stretched out to include a generator pad and then we'll put put the dumpster over there also um which was it was there before I don't think it's shown on her sketch but as far as it was all there before yes it is.

The reason I was just interested is because is that in the nutting area just outside okay oh yeah just outside right okay thank you so what about snow Roots the snow are you gonna pile of snow on the pavement rare fall is just um in a windrow you know around the edges.

Where where it falls you know it's um we have a fence on the right hand side and it does get pushed down into the back of the property the back of the property down towards 20 no yeah so so it can't be within 50 feet yeah oh it's um I know we always it's a pre-existing non-conforming condition that's been.

There since 1950 we're required to have 20 spaces on the property and from my observations that snow plowing is in it's already in the buffer zone and it's going to you know we can't push it outside because then it'll block a driveway so it might be still available and that's what that's what they're doing across here and that's been there.

For a long time um but you know as times change and you know more information is you know uh to have it remain on site to the extent to Canada if it starts to you know block the spaces and they can be removed from the property so um just a question again I was a little confused about what you said.

About the spaces did you say you're reducing the number of spaces uh no so it's um when we're there's a domain for increasing parking when we had the story presoning we're providing we're asking for relief from that and utilize the public parking spaces around the street the parking requirement is going from 20.

To 29.99 and you're proposing to keep 20 20 yes and are you keeping 20 or are you going to 19. I thought you were 18. I mean what that iteration was showing you know kind of a couple ideas of what what it could be um and without layout takes away a couple spaces which which isn't ideal.

You know so it's um it's interesting because yeah it is very kind of planning but you know with the realtor's office to have um 29 spaces required is you know and with all the opportunity parking and it is maybe it's just that the zoning you know regulations need to change to reduce the.

Amount of parking but I think there's you know a good argument that can be made that that's you know it's not realistic to to require that number um people don't go to visit Realtors offices anymore I mean there's a lot more online stuff and you know people.

Are out in the field and you know right so regardless what relief the planning board is willing to give you on parking based on usages I mean from our perspective it's the amount of pavement right and so we're still proposing to keep the same amount of pavement that's going to yield the same amount of runoff to the resource area so it has to.

Improve under the stormwater right right so that's right no questions what are we doing to improve that runoff and the six inch crunch I got a little confused between the uh existing versus the proposed condition for that trench that's right staying exactly as it is expanding it the best I could around on.

The edge um yeah because I mean there was a number of different plans that were submitted um right so we played um AutoCAD Fund in the sun with um but I mean just in terms of yeah English explanation is that trench being expanded is it staying exactly as it is.

Is it being all re you know so our starting point was is right here was was maintaining it and then expanding it up to the left side to for that close on the left-hand side yes okay um that's our starting point if the board playing award and zba agrees to relief from parking spaces um we've provided a couple plans to deal.

Here in in the town planner you know for instance I can get 20 spaces here just like this yeah and that's the extra Green Space or extra trench or recharge areas that you could benefit from right which is not not preferred with putting all this new parking which is so right now there's two and a half spaces in the 25 foot so yeah um.

This was this was the other one but there's there's enough another one that sentence I don't know how many plants came in on this but there were a number of plans and there was an additional one that showed uh um I can't remember if it was 18 or 20 spaces but it was an improvement.

Um it was greeting up more of the 25-foot notice so this one was 18 just to show that if you start to trim off back and loop around that's in only a property in the middle it's 18 and doesn't meet the 20 that's there today so um we're encouraged to see if we could sneak a couple off the side and ask for.

Some relief and what are you scheduled for planning uh we'll we'll get on their agenda um and um you know we'll just work in tandem with with your your hearing schedule right so I mean I I think I mean we can go through the rest of the you know comments yeah um but I think in terms of moving.

Forward that you need to go to planning and understand what they're going to require right right we start because but in terms of giving guidance like obviously it's up to you in in Delia and planning to you know coordinate the schedules but yeah we're looking for an improvement in terms of protection for the resource area right and yeah to the.

Extent you can cut back the parking you know I I don't know how the town feels about that or how planning feels about that but to the extent that you can extend that six in that six inch trench and um but also provide some additional buffer on the inside of that to absorb um you know runoff and things like that before it gets that finished that's.

Great from our perspective right so if we can walk so that's the so having that kind of consensus of the the preferences from the commission as we move forward to yeah to have that memorialized that would be awesome you know excellent I for instance with that tree removed right now that's more of a hump if that gets lower down then we could maybe do.

More of a rain Garden such as like you know the train station um there's a little bit inside the trench yeah yeah so you can turn that trash press a little bit further and make it more of a bowl um so that we're not we're actually increasing storage and treatment so that would be that would be in on this thing.

I'll be on to the to the right hand side it's 25 foot so right like where that Green is right and then where the tree stuff is we could lower that area oh over there and so it's almost like okay you're learning each okay what are my limitations I can now the tree's going to go okay here's a couple options there that we can look at and work in unison.

With the planning staff and improve upon it and just an observation I this is a planning thing it doesn't I don't know if it helps but you said your required 19.2 and you rounded to 20. why did you have to round up you have a minimum requirement so if the minimum requirement is 19.2 spaces you can't say I'm proposing 19. I mean.

Unless you get relief thank you all right okay we have to find out um yes okay now I understand it's the random bit too many parking spaces they need to have the rest of my life now um so what the reality is with everyone using this property over 50 plus years slightly angle parking is better than.

Having 90 degree on the other side sure pick up some green space travel aisles just keeping that same footprint and maybe now and things by half a foot and um restriping the handicap in a loading area we can do improvements in that 25 foot and work with that area where the tree is going to be removed and I think the commission will be seated of.

Improvement in that area okay just out of cure I said you mentioned that three inch Farm is that a is that a grass sperm or a stone yeah it's just grass it's just a grass subtle and that's held up after all these um it's more of a so you go the right hand side of the other like this outer side.

Is strong because it's more of a higher point but on the left-hand side where the the mid block that's kind of flattened out I mean I used to park illegally there to go to First Parish and you know you it's muddy in the spring and kids are tramping all over it so we'll say 12 I was in a Hail Mary.

Absolutely so right that area is we're a neighborhood the neighbors before worked with each other where you have electric lines in the ground going back and forth between properties you're sneaking some conduits over there that's why the water has that excellent Lane before it goes to the bridge onto the property with that little Pace whale.

Um that protects the bank from eroding it's not a runoff but it's it's more from the budding property so um so and they have an easement I assume coming across yours so it's just a Cooperative I think it's just we're all good neighbors over there in the past and um it's we both share and benefit from each side of that with utilities or.

That runoff so um to the extent that that continues um it's we're not looking to change that or all to that that um original decision for that which is on the left side of that poster mail fence today you see it would be helpful to take a look at that farm in the future though because it's the stone trench is supposed to be doing.

Its job it's got to stop there and if it's crushed down or you know just trampled on over the years just if you get some thought about how to make that a little bit more durable going forward so that is working properly it's it's um but especially if you're talking about you know Mossy turf or whatever like you know it depends on what that is.

If it's going to be something that's going to be you know more like a low blueberry bush that people aren't going to be tempted to walk we'll make sure there's a grass strip in between and that that landscape yeah I'm sure the trench picks up 90 but if there's a real storm surge and it's shooting over that it'd be nice to have a that kind of stop.

If you will or as much as you can certainly thank you for that feedback um any other comments from the commission well quick question given with the bridge is there and that only has that one opening I would think that area must get much more flooding than the rest of the millbro area does it.

Or not I I've never known that to be a pinch point there were some stones that had fallen in the Hinds um like the the barber shop yeah straight the concrete embankment there yeah and those but I don't even think those would necessarily impounding water um I mean I think the water just Rises I.

Don't think anything is constraining it it's what we're just saying is it's more Downstream it's just yeah where I mean it doesn't have much further to go before it hits the river so when you're on the back side of the bakery yeah you know that that culverting the road that's that's filled up to the top and it's just it's confined you're saying.

That that is there's no freeboard under that during an iron storm event so it's flooding during what a regular regular monthly no range but then it then it dropped down so there's different things occurring you know so maybe I mean that's does that show on the flood maps as a.

Drop in the flood elevation right does this drop between outside and it drops down but then it does it does recede down further yeah so like what I guess I'm saying is it the behavior of it is is not just always consistent so I just want to observe my bank and that area in the 0 to 25 foot so that we had a good.

Historic observation all right right okay um any public comment I've earn this application okay oh there's one more thing sir uh so we're proposing two poll lights for safety reasons for the people in the accessing the parking lot then we have a ball of light on the entrance because.

The Neighbor Next Door and with historically they want to keep it a little bit darker than typical because you're transitioning in that area so um if there's any feedback on that or just we'll work with planning stuff on that you know just so what where where are the I mean they're outside the 25 foot there right so we had more the.

Architect had more lighting but then we reduced it and scaled it down and so um we're just just going on record that we've lessened the amount of lighting and we're looking you know to the extent that everyone is in agreement um that's a baller like there Hostess so it's it's all motion sensored things like that nature they'll shut off at.

Night um and then those two there just when it starts to curve so you can see on the yeah I mean definitely not dark sky compliance exactly okay that's encouraging you know that's all good with us okay so it's also 25 on the right just like 26 27 feet and then the 50. so um those.

Are the two you know 14 foot high or whatever similar to what's already in the street so great that's um anything else very thorough thank you all right and so you're good continuing to so just just to confirm that there there was there were comments that I had provided you with in terms of.

Um uh performance standards um o m plan 25 foot notice serve Zone waiver request um stormwater management just to sort of update the O M plan um stock filing ads that we talked about together in stock price.

Yeah okay so so you'll get that to us for the next iteration I do think I mean so we're seeing a new presentation that we haven't seen some of the same information um but we got five plans with the filing and I think it would be helpful just to get it down to the landscape plan and you know your existing conditions and.

Proposed conditions you could do that on one plan you know if it's or or do it on two if you prefer but to have five plans I think it's just confusing right right very good okay and you guys want to come back 12-7 they need to go to planning first so you don't have a planning date yet no no they'll be all scheduled and worked on um so we wanted.

To get to here and get some additional feedback okay so that we know we can um basically focus on the triangles on both right sides as far as increasing the trench and the treatment parts and okay so you'll let staff know once you hear from family and kind of sync up on that yes absolutely okay so 12 21 is the next meeting after that you want to.

Continue to that okay getting to see this being redeveloped I was on the planning board when we were looking at the zoning changes yeah all the time and coming I think yep yeah I think a lot of people did you consider residential on the second floor I think there was a lot of Hope when we did the zoning changes that.

People would build residential you have tenants for commercials business number two allows combined business residents they're commercially stable covenant not as many people really well we were finding a lack of commercial in the area.

All right so I think with that or on to close an issue yeah and we uh so Palm Realty um the floodplain is still being worked out between the applicants and um Public Works um Public Works just got the revised information over to some verified information uh this morning so they'll have their review by uh within.

The week sure um so this will be on the 12th 2012 7. and we're holding on concrete Concord Academy um I suggested that they wait until they go to planning to get a recommendation just to make sure just in case anything changes um then they won't have to amend their permit if we close here so we were fine.

With that okay so that's off as well so now we're on to cocs okay you know we've got a bunch of them we do so lechulis uh tear down and rebuilds uh lions um was an addition and some driveway work um weissable was fiber optics Chase Bank um was the new bank there in West Concord when Stanley is off because we.

We still haven't figured out how that goes on the agenda but we have already issued you I've already issued the certificate so that's that's us and um let's see Acres was a septic um I think I skipped one okay Silver Hill Association so that was for pond management for an old permit they now have a new one but they never.

Closed out the old one okay um so so that is um uh all set to go I should mention with lions this did come to the commission um recently and um I suggested holding off on that because when I had gone out to confirm that that the driveway had been removed there was some material.

That you know it was debris that was in close to the wetlands um the the property has since changed chance it was the builder who did the work and when the person who did the site visit initially went out to look at it they only flagged the driveway and I I talked to the homeowner about it and.

They're like I don't know anything about this and so I I don't feel like we can put that on a homeowner hopefully they can you know hopefully they would like to take that out um for their own you know sort of backyard improvements um but that's that's the only one that's.

Just a little um it's not perfect yeah a little fuzzy on the edge there yeah okay um certificates of compliance for latulas 108 Laurel Street be file number one three seven one two five six Lions 42 Birch Drive dep file number.

1371528 bicycle 38 Anna snack Hill Road dep file one three seven one three nine two Chase Bank 1134 Main Street dep file number one three seven one five three six acres 169 Laurel Road dep file number 1371603 and Silver Hill Association Silver Hill Pawn dep file number 1371062 excellent thank you Sarah and.

We'll pick the vote Bill all right Gary hi Nick hi Sarah hi and I am and I as well last order of business other business Helia uh I I uh just slightly revise the follow-up letter on the violation for the old calf pasture we had talked at the last meeting about whether there was any.

Restorative measures um I don't think that there's anything that is going to really be um you know it was not an area um where there's a large Violet there aren't any violence right there um I think the hybrids the question is is going to be we have.

To figure out how we're going to manage that if that's how we decide to approach it so I I just revised this slightly um to you know strengthen it a little bit um but I don't think there's anything more that I would advise at this at this point in time yeah yeah I I appreciate you giving it a lot more.

Direct you know implication of the third strike if you will um towards the end you know I wouldn't want to say are your letters fine I saw the draft one thing which I would like just to mention at the meeting um it's it's stunning to me that a person who had a violation before wouldn't even call your the office and.

Say this needs I think this needs to be mode or or may I mow it which of course you wouldn't I mean but just knowing that she's already had this problem before I'm kind of stunned at that seems much more intentional than uh than um but I think your Letter's fine I'm okay thank you letter I do too but I agree.

With you Bill especially I got that sense in reading her response letter right almost like the town should should have been doing this yes and remind us that the sound should have been doing this instead of just taking it upon yourself and doing it or understand why we did it exactly absolutely right that's what you would.

Have heard right yeah right that that attitude if you will well thank you for putting that together all right and I think with that we are adjourned

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