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Hi guys welcome or welcome back to my channel if you're new here thank you so much for stopping by and i would love it if you would consider subscribing and if you subscribe hit that notification bell and set it to all so you won't miss an upload and to my returning subscribers you know i love you so much what we're going to be doing today is i .

Want to decorate my farmhouse hutch that i redid in our last video you can see i already have the top decorated and we're going to be decorating the rest of it but before we go on i want to announce the winner of the 300 hobby lobby gift card i'm so excited for you now if you did not win don't feel .

Sad there'll be plenty more opportunities going forward on my channel for giveaways so the winner of the 300 hobby lobby gift card is darlene mullins darlene i'm so happy for you now all you need to do is just email me and i'll put my email address .

Right here and in the description box below the video your address and i will mail this right out to you so congratulation darlene mullins on winning this 300 gift card i'm so excited and i wish i could give given everyone a a 300 gift card but that's not possible .

But like i said don't feel sad there'll be plenty giveaways going forward and opportunities for you to win okay so let's go ahead and style this farmhouse hutch now i'll show this better to you later but i've gone ahead and i've put some greenery there and there that i had and then that's a diy that i did and i'll link everything that .

I can find that i use to style my hatch if i can find it or my videos that i've made in the description box below then i've had those for a long time i got those baskets at walmart years ago and i love them and then that came from michael's a long time ago but like i said that's a diy so let's get started .

With this farmhouse decorate with me my hutch for 2022. okay the first little item i'm going to be using on this farmhouse hutch is this adorable sign i picked it up at walmart i think it was last fall and i only paid 6.98 for it it's metal and it just says historic farmers market don't you love .

That rooster i do okay and i'm just going to put it right up here in the center and just lean it okay and you can either tuck that little string behind it or leave it out i'm not sure what i'm going to do just yet okay then the next thing i'm going to be adding is this little close you get a set of two cloches on amazon like i said .

I'll link everything just in case you're interested and these candles now these candles you get i think it's like seven or eight i really don't remember got them on amazon they come with i think it's two remotes and with timers and different things like .

That and they're heat resistant so i like that sometimes i use them outside so that's what i'm going to put right here you can one the other lantern is just a little bit taller than that one now most of this i've had but i did pick .

Up a few new things from target oh my gosh the hearth and hand studio mcgee the dollar spot everything is just unbelievable but look at this five dollars look at this adorable little plant i love it okay you could put it in a different pot if you wanted you could paint this pot but i like it like it is .

So i'm just going to stick it right here and i'm loving that so far okay okay my next three finds are from walmart the same time i bought that big sign i bought these three plates so i think it was last fall but here is the first one .

And it just says morning coffee they were 5.98 and they are glass but i love how farmhouse they look they just live to a beautiful farmhouse look then i think this one is my favorite look at that little pig sunshine sweet ham .

And then this little chick i think it is adorable okay so simple so farmhouse looking okay the next couple things are from target as well these were five dollars for two look at that look how beautiful sorry about that ring glare you get two of them .

I just love it and i'm going to put these right here and just stack them i think that just adds such farmhouse flair so you know me i had to pick the blue and white up too these are so adorable and um let's see stoneware dishwasher safe microwave safe .

But it says it might get hot in the microwave i mean you can use these for so much and i love how it plays with all the colors in there i just love it and i picked up the pink love this i got everyone but they had a white that had .

Some flowers and my target didn't have it i'm going to try to find them though but these are by threshold love them okay so i'm going to put this i think right here i think then i picked up this little planet target so adorable .

4.99 can you believe it and it's just a mini plant you could paint this i love it just like it is i think i'm going to put this right here i think like that then i'm getting out my little picture that i had recently from hobby lobby 79 7.99 but 50 off i'm going to go back .

And try to get some more of these little beauties loving this okay then target once again i think this was five dollars can you believe it gorgeous and very large so i'm just putting this in i've .

Had this from target a long time i think it was hearth in hand i'm just going to put that in there and set that right in there and then prop that little lid up it just looks so cozy then i've had this from hobby lobby a long time it looks like rosemary to me i'm going to set it right here i think .

And then this i picked up at hobby lobby a long time ago isn't it gorgeous looks like it belongs right here in this little farmhouse area okay and then the last thing i'm going to add i picked this up this basket at walmart last i think it was .

Summer uh and i love it and then i'm going to put this little chicken from hobby lobby always get it when it's 40 off and then i just have a wreath in here with a little bit of raffia down in there and it's gorgeous let's take a closer look but i'm loving .

This now i'm going to be going to get some more little things so i can change it up just a little bit but this is what i had on hand and i absolutely love it okay we'll start up there i just love how that looks that wicker baskets it really warms the area up and then i love that galvanized tin .

And then that was just a milk can not a milk can that was just a paint can that i picked up it was plain got it at lowe's for a little bit of nothing in their paint section and i embellished it with molds and paint and then i just stuck some greenery in there .

And then right here is that greenery cascading down and then just look so farmhouse so perfect i'm loving it and i love that green against that green i debated whether to put this over here because it's kind of tall and you can't see that plate but i really kind of like .

The symmetry i'm so i'm such into symmetry small short short tall so i don't know might change it later then there is that then we'll come down here and here is this so adorable .

Okay that's how it's looking i think it looks like it belongs right in an adorable little farmhouse okay that's how that looks then if you come over here i thought i'd just give you a really quick little glance right now i had pictures there a picture .

But i took it down because it i want to get something else and i may get something else to go right here so that's why that looks a little bare but right in here for now i think i'm going to add some fairy lights into my lantern um i just have my little brick mold that i love and then these .

Flameless candles and i just put some greenery in that lantern kept it really simple i think i might add fairy lights and then that's one of my farmhouse little diys i made i think it is adorable i don't know if i'm going to change this corner up i may depending on .

What i put on the walls okay but i wanted to give you a little glimpse of that put your faith we got good things don't go looking for reasons .

so let me say once again congratulations diane mullins you're the winner of the 300 hobby lobby gift card i'm so excited for you and all the shopping you get to do at hobby lobby if you didn't win like i've said don't feel sad there'll be plenty more opportunities going forward .

For giveaways so if you enjoyed this video please give it a big thumbs up it really helps me out on youtube and if you're not already subscribed to my channel i would love it if you would subscribe and become a member of our family and if you subscribe hit that notification bell and set it to all so you won't miss an .

Upload so i will see you tuesday and i'm not sure what we're going to be doing where i worked on that hutch so much i had to sleep with my brace on my thumb and switch off on my middle fingers because that trigger finger is really angry again um i want to do some .

Valentine diys but i might try to do a decorate with me in the kitchen or i have some things i found at target i may like i said the hearth and hand and studio mcgee and all that unbelievable and they won't last so i may do that on tuesday we will just .

See so let me go get maggie and let her say hi to you well here is the baby and she was sleeping on the couch maggie were you sleeping yes she was sleeping and she said i grumbled a bit at mama i said i'm so tired say when we went to get up this morning say i crawled back under my covers didn't you did you crawl back in .

Your covers in bed yes you did she says i'm tired so until next time bye guys so .

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