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(*_ An outside kitchen isn’t a common feature nowadays, which is a little strange considering how people used to spend their most time outdoors.

outdoor kitchen

Most of the daily activities used to take place outdoors and that included cooking.

Then, we were obsessed with building large and huge structures that could hold everything. The kitchen was pushed into the house, along with many other functions.

Outdoor kitchens aren’t common today, but they are highly appreciated because they bring us closer with nature.

What is the average size for an outdoor kitchen?

The size of an outdoor kitchen will depend on the amount of space you have. The use of the kitchen should also be considered.

What is the average size of an outdoor kitchenView in gallery

If you plan to spend a lot of time out here cooking or entertaining, make it big. A small kitchen is best if you want it to be an accent piece.

A small outdoor kitchen measures at least 10 linear feet. This allows for the basic features and appliances.

A slightly larger one measures between 12-14 linear feet. You can fit all the appliances you need and add a few extra features.

Medium-sized outdoor kitchens are 16 feet long which adds more storage and countertop space.

Large outdoor kitchens are 20 linear feet long or more. This allows you to store more than one type of appliance.

What’s in an outdoor kitchen?

Outdoor Kitchens typically include a grill, a stovetop, a refrigerator, a sink, storage, and counter space. You can add additional features if space permits.

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Pick and choose a few outdoor kitchen must-haves such as:

  • a pull-out trash cabinet for an easy cleanup
  • an outdoor grill hood in case the kitchen is not open
  • floating shelves for additional storage or as decorative elements
  • a smoker which can complement the grill
  • a pizza oven for delicious home-made pizza
  • a griddle for delicious al fresco breakfasts
  • ice storage for beverages
  • a wine cooler for guests and for yourself
  • a pergola or roof for shade

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

Outdoor kitchen and pool combo

Outdoor kitchen and pool comboView in gallery

Industrial Cemenet kitchen Design with Bar StoolsView in gallery

The Spring Valley House is a residence designed by StudioMET in Houston, Texas. The Spring Valley House is a two-story structure that offers spacious indoor and outdoor areas. It also has a modern, comfortable outdoor area with a swimming pool and kitchen. The outdoor bar can also be used from the kitchen island. The roof partially protects it.

Small modern backyard with a kitchen and seating area

Small backyard with a kitchen and seating areaView in gallery

You don’t need a big yard to have an outdoor beautiful kitchen or any outdoor space for that matter. A small backyard can be cozy and inviting. This one is a good example. This is an outdoor kitchen and lounge area that was designed for Belgravia House in London, England. It was created by Staffan Tollgard Designs Group.

Modern Outdoor kitchen with a minimalist island

Modern Outdoor kitchen with a minimalist islandView in gallery

The North Bondi House designed by MCK Architects doesn’t have a big yard either. The designers still managed to incorporate an outdoor kitchen. The island is a minimalist, simple design that seamlessly matches the indoor kitchen cabinets. It feels and looks like an extension of the indoor space.

Waterfront lounge area with a cool view

Waterfront lounge area with a cool viewView in gallery

When you’re living in a gorgeous waterfront house like the one designed by architect Ralph Choeff, you want to spend as much time outdoors as possible and to be able to enjoy the views and freshness without obstructions. It seems natural to include an outdoor kitchen in such a design. It can be seen here with casual lounge areas and a sunken seating area.

Indoor and outdoor modern kitchen symmetry

View in gallery

The outdoor kitchen designed by Kim Duffin of Sublime Architectural Interiors seems to beautifully match and even mirror the indoor one in a lot of ways. They have a similarity and the island and outdoor dining area are perfectly aligned.

Small kitchen and outdoor dining area

Small kitchen and outdoor dining areaView in gallery

Kitchen around the pool with sinkView in gallery

The Story Pool House is a beautiful residence designed by Lake Flato. It is located in Center Point, Texas. The property is surrounded by greenery and nature, with views of the hills nearby. It is a large outdoor space that can be used as a social area or open plan with only one roof. Here you will find a small kitchen as well as a dining area.

Outdoor entertainment area with a fire pit

Outdoor entertainment area with a fire pitView in gallery

An outdoor kitchen goes hand in hand with an alfresco dining area and usually, they make a great pair. McClellan Architects has created a contemporary residence. There are many other great features, such as a green roof and stunning waterfront views.

Rooftop terrace with an outdoor kitchen

Rooftop terrace with an outdoor kitchenView in gallery

You don’t even need a yard to have an outdoor kitchen. You can have an outdoor kitchen on a rooftop terrace. One that overlooks Chicago was designed by dSPACE Studio. The view is of the trees and buildings to the distant.

Open kitchen with a great view

Open kitchen with a great viewView in gallery

Both the interior and the exterior living spaces of the Zeidler Residence were designed to maximize the views and to make the most of all the natural light and the refreshing ocean breeze. Ehrlich Architects designed the residence that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Its outdoor kitchen is shown here.

White outdoor kitchen with a minimalist design

White outdoor kitchen with a minimalist designView in gallery

A lot of times, outdoor kitchens are designed using raw materials that don’t necessarily suggest the best attention to detail. Daniel Lomma’s residence is a great example of this. It is located in Derby, Western Australia. The house’s design is modern with a touch classic charm.

Wooden kitchen in a small garden

Wooden kitchen in a small gardenView in gallery

Sometimes a major change needs a trigger and sometimes that involves unpleasant events. This home was severely damaged in a hurricane, but its owners didn’t give up on their pursuit of happiness. The owners redesigned the house and created a beautiful garden that includes an outdoor kitchen, dining area, and custom furniture. New Eco designed it.

A small outdoor bbq area

A small outdoor bbq areaView in gallery

It’s hard to come up with a perfect home design from the first try. It often takes several renovations to get the home you want. This is an example of this.

The new design combines warm and natural materials, including natural stone and recycled hardwoods. It also features beautiful layers of fabrics. This small outdoor kitchen/grill area was also added to the renovation. Mr. Mitchell completed the project. Mitchell.

Large kitchen with wood-burning oven

Large kitchen with wood-burning ovenView in gallery

Outdoor kitchens make life more enjoyable. Outdoor kitchens make life more enjoyable. They place an important part of a person’s home in an unfamiliar setting, making it seem fresh and new. The environment must be considered when designing. This applies to materials, finishes, colors, and textures.

A modern concept for sustainable living

A modern concept for sustainable livingView in gallery

A two-year long collaboration of over 50 students from Budapest resulted in a project designed to encourage people to spend as much time outdoors as possible. A sustainable house design was created around a courtyard. This space can be used for many different activities such as cooking, lounging, and dining.

Covered porch with kitchen and dining area

Covered porch with kitchen and dining areaView in gallery

Isn’t this porch just lovely? Peter Block, an architect who is well-known for his innovative interpretations of traditional architecture and design ideas and his ability to update and reinterpret them in modern ways, designed it. The outdoor kitchen and dining room have the warmth and charm of a traditional home, but the modern and elegant beauty of a modern one.

An indoor kitchen then extends outside

An indoor kitchen then extends outsideView in gallery

Surry Hills House Outdoor KitchenView in gallery

The house designed by Benn & Penna offers an interesting solution for the lack of space in a small home and the desire to connect with the outdoors. The kitchen opens out onto an unbroken counter with cabinets underneath. The line between outdoor and indoor becomes blurred.

Outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and grill

Outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and grillView in gallery

Think of the outdoor kitchen as an opportunity to add some elements to your home that wouldn’t fit inside the house, such as a pizza oven, a grill and maybe even a fireplace.

Compact kitchen with a casual design

Wood and cinder blocks outdoor kitchenView in gallery

The grill can be the major component in an outdoor kitchen. If you are really interested in an oven, you might consider adding one. It shouldn’t look too formal. Outdoor kitchens should be casual.

An outdoor kitchen built from natural materials

An outdoor kitchen built from natural materialsView in gallery

Pure and natural materials such as stone and wood or concrete suit outdoor kitchens very well. Natural, earthy colors work well too.

Outdoor kitchen with a roof and walls

Outdoor kitchen with a roof and wallsView in gallery

An outdoor kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be completely exposed.

Inviting outdoor space with archwaysInviting outdoor space with archways508.

Inviting outdoor space with archways

Inviting outdoor space with archwaysView in gallery

Certain elements and accent pieces can make an outdoor kitchen or any outdoor space for that matter feel more like home. For example, a chandelier can make an outdoor space feel more homey.

Ample counter space and comfortable seating

Ample counter space and comfortable seatingView in gallery

It wouldn’t really be practical or enjoyable to have an outdoor kitchen without also adding some comfortable seating, a dining table and maybe even some lounge chairs or a sofa.

Small multi-functional porch

Small multi-functional porchView in gallery

It’s important to look at the big picture when you design a space. You can see the dominant colors in your area. Then you can decide if you want to add tones with similar tones.

Simple, practical, and uncluttered

Simple, practical, and unclutteredView in gallery

Don’t overdo it when you’re putting together an outdoor kitchen. You want it to be practical and easy to use. Too many details could make it difficult.

How to build an outdoor kitchen

This is a project of moderate difficulty and can be done in 4 days assuming you already have the materials and tools needed.

How to build an outdoor kitchenView in gallery
Illustration by Gregory Nemec

You should also take into account the planning phase and the time required for it. These estimates are for the design shown on thisoldhouse. This outdoor kitchen features a stainless-steel grill and a stone and plywood base.

The countertop can be made of any material, but it should be stone. The frame of the island is made up of three boxes made from plywood. They are each built separately and then screwed together.

The outside of the island has been covered with cultured stone. It is lightweight and easy-to-install.

The whole project can be done in 12 steps:

  1. Build the frame using a drill, a circular saw, and deck screws. You can adjust the dimensions.
  2. Sheathe the frame by first screwing the 3 boxes together. Attach the plywood panels to the frame using the metal feet. You can leave openings for cabinets.
  3. Cover the frame with the builder’s felt and attach a sheet of wire lath on top using nails.
  4. Trim the lath so it’s flush with the top of the frame.
  5. Apply mortar to the lath with a finishing trowel. Cover all mesh with mortar and allow it to cure for at least an hour.

  6. Score the mortar horizontally with a notched trowel. Then let the mortar cure for another 24 hours.
  7. Butter the back of one of the L-shaped stones using a pointing trowel and mortar.
  8. Set the stone in its place by pressing down on the corner of the frame.

  9. Shape the stones using a grinder with a diamond blade to they fit together tightly.
  10. Trim larger stones using a miter box with a diamond blade to give them straight edges.
  11. Add the remaining stones to the four sides. Let them set for 24 hours. Install the cabinets, countertops and fixtures.

The Best Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

The best outdoor kitchen countertopsView in gallery

The most important thing to look out for when choosing an outdoor countertop is the material. There are some that are suitable for outdoor use and others that are not. These are your best options:


Granite countertops are very durable and can withstand weather conditions with ease. To prevent staining and increase durability, seal them. They are available in many colors and patterns, and require very little maintenance.


Not to be confused with quartz which is an engineered stone. Quartzite countertops can be used in outdoor kitchens and are made from natural stone. In terms of durability and maintenance, they are very similar to granite countertops.


Concrete is not as durable as granite or quartzite but is still a great choice for outdoor kitchens. Concrete colors that are darker can yellow and fade in the sun. A roof can be added to your outdoor kitchen to prevent this.


It can scratch easily but other than that soapstone is great for outdoor kitchen countertops. It is heat and stain-resistant, and can be sealed to increase its durability.


This is a perfect material for outdoor countertops. It is durable and low-maintenance, and doesn’t require sealing. Porcelain doesn’t fade in sunlight.


Marble countertops are not great for either indoor or outdoor kitchens. Although marble countertops are more durable than natural stone, they can still be damaged by acidsic foods and beverages. Marble countertops require regular maintenance.


Should I have an outdoor kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen gives you lots of benefits. An outdoor kitchen is great for entertaining and increases the property’s value. It also expands your living area outside. An outdoor kitchen is a great option if you enjoy entertaining and spending time outdoors. These things may not be for you.

Should I put a sink in my outdoor kitchen?

Yes, you should. An outdoor kitchen needs a sink. It is convenient and saves time. The kitchen can be used when you are working outside or in the garden.

Does an outdoor kitchen add value to a home?

An outdoor kitchen increases the value of a home significantly. Even if you invest in expensive appliances and materials, surveys show that it is worth it.

Do outdoor kitchens last?

An outdoor kitchen can last you 10 or more years. It all depends on how you care for the space and the materials you use.

It also matters whether the kitchen is covered or open to the elements.

Do outdoor kitchens need to be covered?

Not necessarily. However, covering the kitchen will make it last longer. Even though the materials are waterproof, they can still be damaged by the elements.

Can you put a BBQ under a pergola?

You can put a BBQ under a pergola as long as you don’t place it against any of the beams. Heat can cause damage to surfaces near it. The BBQ should be placed halfway between the posts and at the outer edge.

How do I protect my outdoor kitchen from the weather?

The best option is to cover an outdoor kitchen with a canopy or a roof. Stainless steel appliances are also a good investment. You should also consider outdoor furniture and flooring that is weather-resistant.

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